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Rochelle Jones
About My Library
Eclectic. Ranging from classics to new young adult. I currently have over 200 books in my personal home library and constantly adding more.
About Me

Bibliophile. Truly. I have such a voracious appetite for reading that I have a "to read" list that's dangerously close to four digits. I like books in all forms but a real book, with all its tactile glory, is my preferred form. I collect books like a teen collects "likes" from social media: obsessively. I aspire to have a huge library within my own home. I read digitally when I travel (mass quantities of books in a portable form, duh. ;P) I listen to audiobooks on every weekday commute. I read all sorts of genres and I'm constantly bouncing between them. Fantasy and YA might be my favorites for their true escapism qualities.
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