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Sisältää nimet: JL Merrow, J.L. Marrow


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Muscling Through (2011) 169 kappaletta
Pressure Head (2012) 116 kappaletta
Pricks and Pragmatism (2010) 111 kappaletta
Hard Tail (2012) 102 kappaletta
Slam! (2013) 69 kappaletta
Relief Valve (2014) 62 kappaletta
Camwolf (2011) 62 kappaletta
Caught! (2014) 55 kappaletta
Heat Trap (2015) 52 kappaletta
Fall Hard (2013) 44 kappaletta
Wake Up Call (2017) 44 kappaletta
Blow Down (2016) 43 kappaletta
Trick of Time (2013) 39 kappaletta
Wight Mischief (2011) 39 kappaletta
Don't Read in the Closet Volume One (2011) — Avustaja — 33 kappaletta
Tortoise Interruptus (2011) 32 kappaletta
Permanently Legless (2012) 32 kappaletta
Lock Nut (2018) 30 kappaletta
Spun! (2017) 30 kappaletta
Played! (2015) 24 kappaletta
Midnight in Berlin (2012) 23 kappaletta
Out! (2016) 22 kappaletta
To Love a Traitor (2015) 21 kappaletta
Lovers Leap (2016) 21 kappaletta
One Under (2018) 21 kappaletta
Good Breeding (2012) 20 kappaletta
It's All Geek to Me (2014) 19 kappaletta
Love at First Hate (2018) 18 kappaletta
Bear Naked 16 kappaletta
Sex, Lies and Edelweiss (2011) 16 kappaletta
I Do Two! (2010) — Avustaja — 16 kappaletta
Batteries Not Included (2010) 13 kappaletta
Stop Cock (2021) 12 kappaletta
Counter Culture (2019) 12 kappaletta
Raising the Rent (2014) 12 kappaletta
A Flirty Dozen (2015) 12 kappaletta
Light the Fire (2013) 12 kappaletta
A Calling for Pleasure (2012) 12 kappaletta
Poacher's Fall (Midwinter Manor) (2009) 11 kappaletta
Lonewolf (2018) 11 kappaletta
Two Tickets to Paradise (Anthology 15-in-1) (2012) — Avustaja; Avustaja — 10 kappaletta
Stroke to His Cox (2011) 9 kappaletta
Boy Meets Boy Meets Boy (2016) 8 kappaletta
Stronger Where It Counts (2012) 8 kappaletta
Dulce et Decorum Est (2010) 8 kappaletta
Hairy, Horny, and Over Here (2011) 7 kappaletta
Angel (2017) 7 kappaletta
Help, My Boyfriend's an Alien! (2016) 7 kappaletta
2016 Top Ten Gay Romance (2016) — Avustaja — 6 kappaletta
Face Blind (2022) — Tekijä — 6 kappaletta
Aim Higher (2019) 6 kappaletta
A Real Boy (2009) 6 kappaletta
Love Found on Lindisfarne (2015) 6 kappaletta
Epiphany 6 kappaletta
Alpaca My Bags (2019) 5 kappaletta
A Glutton for Punishment (2013) 5 kappaletta
Snared (2010) 5 kappaletta
Mad About the Boys (2013) 5 kappaletta
Dead Shot (2012) 5 kappaletta
Good Company 4 kappaletta
Becoming the Spoils (2010) 4 kappaletta
Jack in the Green (2010) 3 kappaletta
A Blast from the Past (2010) 3 kappaletta
A Wish too Far (2011) 3 kappaletta
2015 Top Ten Gay Romance (2016) — Avustaja — 3 kappaletta
Capture the Moon (2016) 3 kappaletta
Just Like Santa (2019) 3 kappaletta
Pleasures with Rough Strife (2009) 3 kappaletta
A Summer's Day: Shakespearean Anthology with a Twist (2016) — Avustaja — 2 kappaletta
2014 Top Ten Gay Romance (2015) — Avustaja — 2 kappaletta
2019 Top Ten Gay Romance (2019) — Avustaja — 2 kappaletta
Brass Rags (2016) 2 kappaletta
Hot Summer Nights — Avustaja — 2 kappaletta
Back from the Future (2019) 2 kappaletta
The King's Honour (2019) 2 kappaletta
Face the Truth 2 kappaletta
Kit Bag 1 kappale
2017 Top Ten Gay Romance (2017) — Avustaja — 1 kappale
A Ghoul Like You (2010) 1 kappale
Toy Box: Kitchen Sink Menage (2010) — Avustaja — 1 kappale
Mine 1 kappale
Like A Girl 1 kappale
A Feminine Flirty Dozen (2020) 1 kappale
Wake up all 1 kappale
All At Sea (2012) 1 kappale
Bloodlust and Bylines (2020) 1 kappale
London Lark 1 kappale
Her Particular Friend (2020) 1 kappale
Spread the Love 1 kappale
2020 Top Ten Gay Romance (2020) — Avustaja — 1 kappale

Associated Works

Fairytales Slashed 4 (2012) — Avustaja — 23 kappaletta
Sindustry II (2009) — Avustaja — 22 kappaletta
Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations (2011) — Avustaja — 20 kappaletta
Best Lesbian Romance 2012 (2011) — Avustaja — 18 kappaletta
Sindustry (2009) — Avustaja — 15 kappaletta
The Touch of the Sea (2012) — Avustaja — 13 kappaletta
Best Lesbian Romance 2014 (2014) — Avustaja — 12 kappaletta
Capital Crimes [Kindle] (2015) — Avustaja — 11 kappaletta
Summer Lovin' (2013) — Avustaja — 11 kappaletta
Best Lesbian Romance of the Year, Volume 1 (2015) — Avustaja — 7 kappaletta
Taste Test: Shot Through the Heart (2010) — Avustaja — 2 kappaletta

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England, UK



Relief Valve (The Plumber's Mate #2) by J.L. Merrow was a very fun read for me. I want to thank Netgally Riptide Publishing for my advanced copy of Relief Valve. When I picked it up I didn’t realize it was the second book in a series but it flows so nicely that I didn’t feel bothered by not reading the first one, but I do have plans to go back and read the first one. I love Tom's narrative voice. He's funny and sometimes snarky but in a good-hearted way. He's not pretentious, and he has a fair bit of tolerance for the quirks of others, even as he complains cheerfully about them. Phil is so cheeky that this was a joy to read. I loved all the British terms in the story and loved the mystery that was wrapped up so nicely. All and all I am glad I picked this up and will be continuing the series.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
b00kdarling87 | 8 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 7, 2024 |
Tip has been cursed by a witch to turn into a tortoise, mostly at inopportune times. He is tortoise-napped by a little old lady. Trying to escape her, he finds the most exquisite man ever who reads the same authors. Will he run when Tip turns into a human? Why was he tortoise-napped?

I enjoyed this short story. It was funny. I would like to see it developed into a longer tale or this be the prequel to a novel on Tip and Steve. It was sweet. Poor Tip! He is lost as to what happens to him and when. He knows the why. I liked Steve trying to reassure Tip as to why he was tortoist-napped. This story made me feel good and that's okay for a rainy day.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Sheila1957 | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 13, 2023 |
Simone has an imaginary friend only she can see. Eros or Eric, as he prefers to be called, is trying to find Simone a boyfriend. As a high school student, she does not want a boyfriend after watching her parents split up. Simone's father also sees Eric when he goes to her room to talk with her. What happens now? What will Simone's father do?

I enjoyed this short story. It was fun and light. I liked Simone and her reactions to Eric and his stunts. I loved how the story ended. I just wish this would have been longer as I enjoyed Simone's reaction to Eric and his obliviousness.

I look forward to more of these short stories.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Sheila1957 | Jun 2, 2023 |
Reviewed on Hearts On Fire...

A fun story about Niall who's a ghoul who only eats rare meat, never flesh and Jamie a vampire slayer. Niall and Jamie meet at a bar called The Pit where they strike up a conversation and Jamie follows Niall home where he promptly stakes him thinking he's a vampire. It seems that Jamie is killing vampires out of vengeance over his boyfriend. Some fast sex in an alley one night brings the two guys to a trusting friendship and more. I loved Niall's quirky sense of humor and was pulled into the story right away. As different as the two guys were, they shared a lot in an odd kind of way. Narrated by Niall in the first person, the story puts a new spin on the zombie story. Pick this good book for a quick, entertaining read.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Connorz | Jan 4, 2023 |



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