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Lauren Elizabeth
About My Library
I don't own all the books in my library mostly because I cannot afford to (books are expensive, not to mention my text books) but I will own them all someday. At this point in my life I make pretty good use of my local library (plus they are building an even bigger one! yay!).
About Me
I am a college student majoring in English, and I love to read (obviously, otherwise this would be a terrible major!) but now my recreational reading time is seriously limited; at the same time I absolutely love the reading I am assigned, so it's kind of a trade-off. Since deciding to take the English path, my taste in literature has definitely evolved, and although I am still a die-hard fantasy fan, I also love a wide range of fiction, including classics. However, I also dabble in genres such as steampunk, romance, young adult, mystery, sci-fi, and even non-fiction. So, I'm basically open to anything as long as it's a good read!
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