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This group is for readers who like to explore through books from around the world. We arbitrarily cover everywhere except UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand; discussions of those countries have a home in our sister-group READING GLOBALLY II. If you are a compulsive literary traveler, you've come to the right place! Our quarterly and standing theme read threads are full of great reading ideas, please join in and share yours there too.

Current Quarterly Theme Read

July to September 2023: Reading around the Black Sea

"Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere." ---Jean Rhys

Planned theme reads for 2023 :
(provisional titles — see the planning and voting threads)
—Reading around the Baltic — Q1
—Banned books around the world — Q2
—Reading around the Black Sea — Q3
—New fiction from around the world: books originally published in 2014-2023 — Q4

Classics in Their Own Countries 2.0
Starting in 2019, we revived the year-long "classics in their own country" theme read which we first did in 2012. This runs in addition to the four quarterly reads. You can find discussion and suggestions for classics on the following threads.
Asia and the Middle East
Africa and the Middle East
Europe and Turkey
Latin America and the Caribbean


You are still welcome to add to these "old" quarterly threads, if you read something that you think other members might want to know about.
April to June 2023: Banned books around the world
January to March 2023: Reading around the Baltic Sea
October to December 2022: Prize winners in their own language
July to September 2022: "When alphabets collide" - books written in the Slavic languages
April to June 2022: Outcasts and Castaways
Jan - March 2022: Around the Indian Ocean
October-December 2021: Translation prize winners
— July to September 2021: The Lusophone world: writing from countries where Portuguese is or was an important language
April to June 2021: Childhood: Books for or about children in different cultures around the world (there's also a suggestion-gathering list for this topic)
Jan - March 2021: Notes from a Small Population: 40+ places with under 500,000 inhabitants
- October to December 2020: "Russians Write Revolutions"
July to September 2020: "Travelling the TBR 2.0"
April to June 2020: "Writing from Southern Africa"
Jan - March 2020: The Rise of the Far Right in the 21st Century
October-December 2019: Mitteleuropa (Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Poland)
July-Sept 2019: Turning the Tables - Postcolonial Writers on the Colonizers
April - June 2019: Speculative Fiction from around the World
Jan - March 2019: The Mediterranean World
Oct - Dec 2018: Tradition and Change
July - September 2018:
Between Giants: Central Asian Border Regions
April - June 2018:
Japan and the Koreas
Jan - Mar 2018:
Travelling the TBR Road
Oct - Dec 2017:
The Nordic Countries
July - September 2017:
Non Majority Language Writers
April - June 2017:
Travel Writing by non European and non North American Writers
Jan - March 2017:
The Benelux Countries
Oct - Dec 2016: Dictators, Dictatorships and Other Forms of Tyranny
July - September 2016: Soviet and Post Soviet Writers
Apr - Jun 2016: Writers at Risk
Jan - Mar 2016: Literature from the Caribbean Islands
Oct - Dec 2015: Women authors who didn't write in English
July-September 2015: Nobel Laureates Writing in a Language Other than English
April-June 2015: The Iberian Peninusla
January - March 2015: The Indian Subcontinent
Oct - Dec 2014 Postwar Germany (1945-now)
July-September 2014 Mexico and Central America
April - June 2014 Travel and Travelogue Literature
January - March 2014 Sub-Saharan Africa
October - December 2013: South American literature
July - September 2013: Francophone literature (excluding Europe)
April- June, 2013: Southeast Asian literature

Jan - March 2013: 20th and 21st Century Eastern and Central European literature

October - December 2012 China and Its Neighboring Countries There is also a wiki with background information and reading lists for this theme read.

July - September 2012 Middle Eastern Literature

April - June 2012: Closed and Selective Societies
January - March 2012: Turkey and the Balkans
October - December 2011: Migration/Immigration
July - September 2011: The Sea
April - June 2011: War and Regions in Conflict
January - March 2011: "Journeys"

MASTER THREAD & List for the NEW regional threads is HERE. Please read this FIRST.

MASTER LIST of REGIONAL THREADS with links (abbreviated as necessary, full list on the master thread):

***1. Eastern Africa I: Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe...others.
***2. Eastern Africa II: Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda
***3. Middle Africa: Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo ...others
***4. Northern Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco...others
***5. Southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa...others
***6. Western Africa: Cote d'​​​​​​Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone...others

***7. The Caribbean: Anguilla, Antgua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands...others
***8. Central America & Mexico: Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico...others
***9. South America I: Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela...others
***10. South America II: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay...others

***11. Asia I: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan...others
***12. Asia II: China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet.
***13. Asia III: Japan, Korea, the Phillipines.
***14. Asia IV: Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia...others.
***15. Asia V: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan

***16. Middle East I: Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel
***17. Middle East II: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran...others.
***18. Oceania: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea...others.

***19. Europe I: France, Monaco, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg
***20. Europe II: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark...others.
***21. Europe III: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania
***22. Europe IV: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro
***23. Europe V: Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Malta
***24. Europe VI: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia
***25. Europe VII: Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar
***26. Europe VIII: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein

This group was set up in 2006 by avaland. Others who have served as group administrator since then are rebeccanyc (†) and SassyLassy.

The current admin (since January 2019) is thorold

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***REGION 3: Middle Africa28 lukematonta / 28Trifolia, joulukuu 2022
***REGION 16: Middle East I40 lukematonta / 40Trifolia, joulukuu 2022
***REGION 11: Asia I24 lukematonta / 24Trifolia, joulukuu 2022
October to December 2022: Prize winners in their own language73 lukematonta / 73SassyLassy, joulukuu 2022
***REGION 15: Asia V42 lukematonta / 42Gypsy_Boy, joulukuu 2022
2023 VOTING for QUARTERLY TOPICS17 lukematonta / 17thorold, joulukuu 2022
2022 RTT Quarterly: 2nd Quarter: April-June Outcasts and Castaways58 lukematonta / 58thorold, marraskuu 2022
Where In The World Are You? Sept/Oct 202224 lukematonta / 24labfs39, lokakuuta 2022
July to September 2014: Mexico and Central America46 lukematonta / 46kidzdoc, lokakuuta 2022
Speaking to No. 4--a novel with French & Japanese themes1 lukematon / 1Ifland, lokakuuta 2022
July to September 2022 — "When alphabets collide": books written in the Slavic languages35 lukematonta / 35LolaWalser, syyskuu 2022
Oct - Dec 2015: Women authors who didn't write in English107 lukematonta / 107labfs39, syyskuu 2022
Where In The World Are You? July/August 202220 lukematonta / 20kidzdoc, elokuu 2022
October-December 2019: Mitteleuropa101 lukematonta / 101rocketjk, elokuu 2022
Jan - March 2022: Around the Indian Ocean62 lukematonta / 62Gypsy_Boy, heinäkuu 2022
Hemlokgang's Global Literary Journey 202228 lukematonta / 28labfs39, kesäkuu 2022
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April to June 2021: Childhood — Books for or about children in different cultures around the world127 lukematonta / 127Yells, huhtikuu 2022
October - December 2013: South American Literature131 lukematonta / 131SassyLassy, maaliskuu 2022
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Notes from a Small Population: 40+ places with under 500,000 inhabitants98 lukematonta / 98thorold, marraskuu 2021
Where In The World Are You? September/October 202131 lukematonta / 31hemlokgang, marraskuu 2021
July to September 2021: The Lusophone World: writing from countries where Portuguese is or was an important language80 lukematonta / 80thorold, lokakuuta 2021
October-December 2021: Translation prize winners29 lukematonta / 29MissWatson, lokakuuta 2021
Where In The World Are You? July/August 202139 lukematonta / 39hemlokgang, syyskuu 2021
***REGION 18: Oceania20 lukematonta / 20streamsong, elokuu 2021
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Japan’s indigenous minorities6 lukematonta / 6danielcheng, heinäkuu 2021
Where In The World Are You? May/June 202167 lukematonta / 67hemlokgang, heinäkuu 2021
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April-June 2013 Theme Read: South East Asia72 lukematonta / 72spiralsheep, toukokuu 2021
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2021 Theme Reads Planning170 lukematonta / 170cindydavid4, helmikuu 2021
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April-June 2019: Speculative Fiction from around the World76 lukematonta / 76Dilara86, helmikuu 2021
Boekentrol's World Tour in Books51 lukematonta / 51BoekenTrol71, helmikuu 2021
January to March 2014 -- Literature from Sub-Saharan Africa105 lukematonta / 105spiralsheep, tammikuu 2021
January - March 2020: The Rise of the Far Right in the 21st Century145 lukematonta / 145tallpaul, tammikuu 2021
April-June 2014 : Travel Writing and Travelogues Theme Read115 lukematonta / 115spiralsheep, tammikuu 2021
Interesting articles4 lukematonta / 4Gypsy_Boy, tammikuu 2021
July-September 2012 Theme Read: Middle Eastern Literature171 lukematonta / 171spiralsheep, tammikuu 2021
Oct - Dec 2020: Russians Write the Revolution 1881 - 1922137 lukematonta / 137spiralsheep, tammikuu 2021
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