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Antikristus (1888)

Tekijä: Friedrich Nietzsche

Muut tekijät: Katso muut tekijät -osio.

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Philosophy. Religion & Spirituality. Nonfiction. HTML:

Tangle with one of the most astoundingly vexing minds that the Western philosophical canon has ever produced. In The Anti-Christ, Nietzsche first defined his concept of the will to power, the animating force that he sees as the motivation behind most human behavior. Whether you are a non-believer or a committed Christian, Nietzsche's detailed critique of the Christian ethos is a masterwork of rigorous discourse.

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The war (if you like) against religious oppression and religious sickness (one might almost call it the sick god, whatever he chooses to call himself), is no hasty matter to be acted out willfully and imprudently, without regard to what the military like to call (in this case, psychic, I suppose, but the whole thing is nobody likes ill aggression and acted-out sickness) ‘collateral damage’ or casualties, right. Everything in its proper time. In the end, that is far more productive. More prudent.

Anyway, I don’t expect this is to be ridiculous, retarded, racist crap like the Downfall Dawkins book I read. That said, although I don’t think that Freddy is what you might call a trivial elitist—you just ~fancy~ yourself an expert on life, based on ~~nothing~~—although obviously some random person who recommends the book could be…. I mean, he is not I think a loser head-person like Kant, but he is a philosopher, and might be open to the charge of being an elitist (in the unhelpful way). The 19th was a very elitist century, for the book people. Perhaps Freddy wasn’t as bad as some. We shall see.

At any rate, I shall see, I shall try to work out by going through the book (among others), what bad things about Christianity are pretty accurate charges, and what charges against Christianity aren’t so much the case; one doesn’t want to say things that could be extended to other systems that aren’t so sick (perhaps even Christian systems, who the fuck knows), because the criticism wasn’t just, wasn’t solid, you know.

And obviously, with criticism there’s always the danger that it consumes you…. On the other hand, the world is sick, and the Christian world’s sickness, one might almost say ‘the sick god’, who often is Christ, contributes to that considerably, and it might not be such a bad thing, assuming you go about it with prudence, both relative to your internal state and your levels of disclosure to an illness-aggression world, what maybe those symptoms of the collective illness are. I mean, the principal thing is to cultivate health, you know. With research into personal mental illness—schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and so on—far, far too much emphasis is placed on definitions of symptoms, and too little on psychic cures. They do teach some about meditation even in the secular schools of thought, but it’s still rather peripheral to much of their systematic process. But research into symptoms isn’t ~entirely~ wasted. Assuming that there’s something you know how to do, when you become a little ill, noticing the symptom is something that sends a signal that you need to initiate personal care….

So in that sense, the book could be like a study into noticing (very common) signals of spiritual ill health, which can aid you to see what kinds of things aren’t safe and what kinds of signals need to initiate amelioration.

So those are my reasons for reading the book. I’m not interesting in waving it under the nose of a robed Catholic priest, you know. (I actually got the Kindle version. I feel like the Kindle is a better product than the nook, incidentally. They’re always running deals. Nook just kinda shows up to work, you know, a little red in the eye.) Every proper thing at the proper time. Every proper thing at the proper time, even if it’s not conformist; but nothing intemperate, should be our goal in life.

…. I might be able to offer it a qualified approval.

I am still concerned about a sort of elitism. It is true that the mob isn’t gentle or good. It’s often violent and awful, sometimes smothering and ‘correct’. The very falsity of the mob, in allowing graces to be bestowed on those not worthy of them for superficial reasons, and graves to the others, gives steam to this sob story about how wonderful ordinary failures are, that people are afraid to put a stop to and be happy in one way or another, because they don’t know how. But I am concerned that the elite considered by a philosopher, even if not a vain, idiotic philosopher, a man of the typical German/Kantian type, might be a little too much in the head, not enough in the heart, too slow to relax and be happy, to slow to compromise and make friends—too much in the head, too little in the heart. In other words, the elite as considered as basically male in character. But, it’s also true that while the healthy woman might differ in many cases from the healthy man, and in almost all cases at least, be treated with less decorum, both the healthy man and the healthy woman, with some variations in practice but springing from the same root, are at the bottom considered fearfully and as enemies by Christianity, at the very least, the Christianity of consensus. Christians, in their less ill manifestations, do often seem charming, charitable, kind, in small things even allowing and unbothered. But it is to be a great heretic to affirm that ANY mortal can have agency, strength, or even worth apart from submission to and the allowance of the universal/tribal (we know it’s one or the other!) Father….

It is odd, but nonetheless true, that in a world with so much injustice, so many people prevented from ascending the temple steps to earthly godhood because of the petty insanity and petty prejudices of the mob, that one of these great injustices is the injustice against strength, capacity, wellness in all its forms, itself.

(shrugs) Although it’s still not clear that Freddy himself was uncluttered enough—although he was quite uncluttered for a philosopher—to drop the notions of hardship and enjoy life, as the strong woman or the mighty man do in this world, you know….

And whether you make a million dollars by playing the game of strength or singing the song of love, the socialists and the Christians will both be against you, the only difference being whether they object more to the means or the end, and possibly as to whether they consider one worse than the other, although they both usually consider the more feminine route to wealth to be worse, both being forms of exaggerated, false, unstable masculinity, right….

And certainly Freddy’s sister could have done more for him than any admiring American man, (reading the H.L. Mencken translation, which is probably a good one, you know: he wasn’t the one wrote The Devil’s Dictionary, but he was probably that kind of guy, right: “the polls say that our families don’t have any inherited trauma because our babies are beautiful, and it’s our neighbor’s fault because fuck him, right: I say, Fuck, ALLLL you people, bro!”) but, (shrugs), the daemon of the days was evil, certainly.

…. Threads: I am a poor, broken person, more like a homeless person than a billionaire…. This explains my inherent superiority!
“A homeless person is a sleeping god. A billionaire is a god who has started to awaken.”
Projected response: (thrashing, biting sounds) 👹
“Never mind.”

…. He is very brave, and I do think that not all his bravery is excess. You do have to be brave to be yourself, and not “merely humanity”, merely conformists, merely normies, and not a god. You have to be brave, because people try to beat, try to shame it out of you, not least the Christians.

…. I wouldn’t always express myself like this—at the very, very least—but this is a LOT more fun than Richard Dawkins and his lame-o vaguely racist average vibes, you know.

…. The healthy man “has appeared often enough in the past: but always as a happy accident, as an exception, never as deliberately *willed*. Very often (he) has been precisely the most feared; hitherto (he has been regarded as) almost *the* terror of terrors….”

Re: the Christian, the weak man, as the “domestic animal”: this is almost exactly the language used by one of the Native authors I’m reading, who talks about the “domestication” of man—taking the wild out of us, you know…. I hope I don’t have to point out how different it is from Dawkins and his “liberal atheist idea” of “let’s turn the screws a little harder on Native North Americans”, right…. Holy shit: what a loser…. The weak isn’t supposed to triumph over the strong, bro….

…. Incidentally Freddy hasn’t mentioned “plutocracy” yet like Henry did in the intro, although this is strongly implied in his demeanor: not cutting deals with people, the ‘civilization of the Renaissance’ brain bomb, etc. I sorta feel it; it makes sense—not in that I agree with it, but I understand how he would think that: I guess how it fits in with his other beliefs, which is more than I say about people sometimes…. I guess the answer for me is called ‘playing the long game’, right. Hermes Corporation: founded 313 BC. 😙

…. I follow him merrily down the path of him saying that the general run of humanity is full of a “rottenness” not indicative of a “moral” failing, you know. I think that the majority of atheists or whoever wouldn’t go this far. For most of them, “religion”—so “objective” a term, and so indicative of a leftover loyalty to the parental religion that they’re seething in rage at, that they decline to name it specifically as having hurt them, decline to offend specifically the tribe that they’re boiling in rage at, right—is rejected because it cannot purge itself of sub-normal tendencies, live up to its stated values, or basically stop bragging about its vices. This is not at all what Freddy is doing, and I think I can understand the reasons why.

But I do not think I would call the rottenness of the masses “decadence”. It seems to imply a sort of idea that they desire too much comfort, and possess too little intellect. For me, not being a real man—comfort, etc—isn’t a problem, and although Christians tend to brag about being stupid even when they are insufferably bookish, as most of their saints ARE more bookish than the 49th percentile person, even the non-‘leader’ ones, since they are more comfortable ‘leading’ the godless to salvation than, say, playing sports or something, or even eating—but I go along with the stated Christian doctrine, albeit that this is not usually lived Christian doctrine, here as elsewhere, that the average person probably has enough intellect for their purposes, if they would only strive to use it: to expand it, yes, but even to USE it—but a sort of laziness, ‘If I realize ABC, I’ll have to do or feel XYZ’, prevents them from using the intellect they have. That that is true also of the Bach freaks should be obvious.

But I don’t think it’s decadence. That implies that poverty is a virtue, and we’re back to the monastery. To me rottenness, is basically throwing away the good, because the thing in question is your thing and you can do what you like with it. To carelessly do a bad job at work even though you don’t ~really~ hate your boss and you’re not tired or anything, but simply prefer idleness, or carelessly denounce capitalism to your co-worker at work—I admit, that CAN be funny, you know—or randomly insult people even when you’re not in a bad mood just because you’d rather not be especially well liked, or to post on Threads—and this was almost funny; had it been IRONIC, it would have been a Very GOOD post, you know, to the effect of, “We’re the old poor here, not the new poor; we know how things are done”, and we’re proud of ourselves, you know: which is probs even how many comfortably-paid professionals/intellectuals, who don’t like money, and anyway, they can’t afford to go on a “really good” vacation, like the “bad” people, right. All this is rottenness, like building a bad house, a bad life, for yourself, right. (To get vaguely Masonic.) I think it should be clear it would be misleading to call it “decadent”, like we’re scaring away the precious little angels of the intellectuals by ordering good food or watching a TV show with attractive actors/actresses, right. But it should also be very clear that calling the rottenness “moral”, I agree, would be VERY misleading, you know. Maybe your boss DOES NOT care if you secretly think he’s a schmuck, right. (As long as you don’t punch him in the face.) Sometimes your boss is just punching the clock, too; not every boss spends all that much time hypothesizing about personal branding, or bothers too much about what he looks like, or even whether people might like him better, and be more useful to him, if he was more caring towards them, right. There’s rottenness on the top, too. Perhaps rottenness on the top Does sound a lot like “decadence”, but I don’t think the term is sound. I don’t have much use for the word “decadence”, you know. Even if you showed me people chaotically using illegal drugs and ruining their lives, I don’t know that I’d agree that the —very real—trouble was “decadence”, you know. Lack of hardness and intellect, or whatever. Not useless qualities, those two, but perhaps the greatest problem is simply evaluating everything—everything, all, more or less—as useless, worthless; whereas Hermes would teach us to find the use in ALL things, right. Certainly that includes people without the ability to take a top-level selfie, you know. But to see value in everything is to perceive wealth everywhere, and to forget this word, “decadence”.

…. But I follow him a lot farther than I did when I was simply seething with unprocessed rage at Christianity, you know. (And incidentally, if he really fell out with Wagner over some sort of absurd Christian romanticism, a tendency so much more common than pastors might imagine, perhaps also more common than the lovers themselves might perceive—that is childish, you know. Operas are not philosophy classes. Let the children play.)

But as to terms—whether it’s a thing called decadence which is rottenness—this bad thing, whatever it is, is surely “preferring what is injurious” to you—not for a season or for a deal, but simply choosing what is basically just harmful, to help you on towards your bad end, because you’re out of your fucking mind, you know…. That’s the problem. I wouldn’t deny the existence of moral faults, but I don’t think they come first. You wouldn’t need to cheat your neighbor if you weren’t bent on getting yourself in trouble, because you’re out of your fucking mind, you know.

And as to pity, Victorian pity, people probs have not written enough about this illness yet—a sort of gentle cancer-bed, it’s true—despite people assuming that they have. A lot of socialism and radicalism is just Victorian pity, you know. You don’t have to deny other people’s pain if you can do something about it. But “pity” is what “makes pain contagious”—consider “the case of the death of the Nazarene”. It doesn’t always lead to actual literal anti-Semitism, you know—anti-Semitism against the Jews, you might call it, or against the Muslims or ‘Semites’ or whoever—but I think none of the Christians, perhaps, and perhaps least the ‘Victorian pity for the poor’ street leftists for Jesus, you know, have come to terms with how much the average Christian’s attitude towards the ‘world’ and the outsider to their faith, is conditioned by this feeling of pity, useless pity, for Jesus, and consequently rage, suppressed or expressed, for the world that did him wrong—or whoever it was that started the boat sinking: your pity for cousin Yehudin who died in the war against Moab (and perhaps this is how the average Christian views Jesus, like Lord Nelson or something), then makes that pity contagious. It must not decrease; it must increase. What was it John the Baptist said? “He must increase; I must decrease.” Pity. But of course, it never works like that; worth is not really transferable or finite or whatever…. I mean, we have friends; I have friends; but Christian pity is like, you get sick, so I’ll get sick, to help you out, right. ~She has decreased, so I must decrease. ~Right? It’s like, you give the Native American the pox blanket, and then you feel bad, and you sneak in with her and snuggle, and you tell her what you did, and you say, “But it’ll be ok, baby. I love you, now. We’re in this thing together—whatever happens.” It’s like the history of America, right. It’s a Hollywood movie. Too bad it’s fucking cracked as cant, you know….

I mean, you could have made a million dollars and given the cousins of the Blackfeet nation bitch, the one you gave the smallpox blanket, their own publishing company or gym or something, set them up. Instead you snuggled with her in the smallpox blanket, proving only that you were as cracked as a cup, you know. And I suppose that Jesus was the third person with you in your psycho monogamous marriage, right…. It is true that there is compassion, separate from pity, which is characterized by help rather than harm: willing the good, not receiving harm. But Freddy, for one, seems to have been a bit like Jesus in that he tried too hard to save the world. “I shall have to figure it all out myself. I shall have to write in my new German language, and describe the whole history of the world in it….” Or go do a waltz, you know. Tempt an already wicked woman; shock her. You won’t remember in five years if you “waste” a day, but you shall remember if your nerves snap, right. You shall remember if you let God sacrifice you to the heathen nations for their “salvation”. (Was there a mix up at the bank? ~Oh, no, the bank Recognized the mix-up: that lot there isn’t Jesus!)

You know? It raises questions….

…. But yeah: many other things could be said, but the obvious thing perhaps is that, if you’ll ‘forgive’—lol—the unscientific and impressionistic rather than I don’t know, inflammatory-in-intent use of the term: this god Jesus is yours is not such an easy ‘devil’ to escape from, you know…. One man’s deva is another man’s asura, perhaps, and while it is easy for the Caucasian to take himself out of the church—sometimes the church practically bites and kicks him out—it is not easy for her to get the church out of herself, you know: it seems never to happen, really, in the end.

…. I’ll try not to frighten you too much by explaining what I think of Therese Martin—dead about a decade from the writing of this, her short, painful, and, upon her testimony, unworthy life finished—who probably not many Christians would consider worthy of repugnance rather than sainthood, unless they were being very dishonest, you know. Perhaps a sort of lazy Christian, you know. “Oh, I just sip at the poison, and if it doesn’t work, I figure there’s always tomorrow.” A sort of false strength is needed, the strength not unlike the suicide’s, to drink the drink of death to the dregs, even when it hurts, ~because you consider life UNWORTHY, you know…. Ah, I lied; I went and scared the Christians. But they are easily frightened, you know. The ‘leaders’ mask it with an aggression, easily triggered, but really…. How can you not be afraid when you consider Earth unworthy! How must everything frighten you, then!

…. I also see Kant as basically a fucker, you know. The worship of the ‘impersonal’ principle turned into ‘universal validity’, which then means that your life has nothing to do with you personally, that there are no choices to be made, nothing unique to be experienced, and in return, you get to do your duty—🥸—which is just whatever generic duty falls to you that has nothing to do with you. But if the Content of Kant fails to inspire—there’s always his inimitable style! “And if my ~manner~ has been in any way reprehensible, then I sincerely apologize.” (Mr. Collins)….

In some hands the impersonal principle does better, but with Kant, it is very much a case of the song of love being already so beaten and bloodied and banished, that the impersonal principle need not consider its rival, and can rest and take its ease, and build a shoddy house at its leisure—and whatever Christians say about their (persecuting, of course) ‘personal god’, this is all very much an outgrowth of Christianity…. Fred is right that Immanuel and his cant is very much an example of the theological principle outside of what is called Christianity…. A Christian childhood is not such a pleasant thing, nor such an easy thing to put behind you, by such a facile expedient as a few tricks of the mind, a few disagreements in doctrine or whatever….

…. It is funny or whatever that Christians spend so much time denying women, denying the female principle, making women sick, and then also immediately thereafter spend a lot of time becoming like, and ruling over, those sick women, right…. “I don’t really give a fuck about you, darling: but it’s important that we get along….”

I don’t view prostitution (or whatever), as the highest form of sexuality; I suppose that is non-controversial enough. I also willingly concede that it is usually very sick, at least in our society. “If you consider it to be wrong, then for you it is sin”—didn’t the brother of their god say something like that? Some of his dictums were very wise sayings of Neptune, really…. But I find it VERY curious that “Saint Paul” as he is styled, takes it as his unproved/unprovable axiom, that the prostitute’s employer views her with disgust, right: he denies the female principle; he denies her; he denies all women; at the bottom, he hates her—“And you unite yourself to THAT, to that, ~filth~?!”. Although that is, of course, the prototype of the ‘correct’ Christian marriage, with necessary concessions to chastity, (according to theologians, this applies to both, although I suppose both need not be policed in quite the same way: isn’t inequity the very soul of Christian love! It is the natural way! Not that nature is good, mind, but UNnatural: wow….), obedience, (for the woman, and for the man also, I suppose—to the priest, the third person in their monogamous relationship), and, if necessary or possible, (some people are too weak to drink poison, although their body thanks them), poverty…. Nothing like poverty to keep those whores away, right boys! (chuckles) That and a certain personal demeanor, right….

…. Of course, I suppose it is true that from a certain point of view there are multiple female principles, right…. But, up, I guess that’s doesn’t easy the weight on the monotheists, right…. lol…. “There can only be one universal principle, children” 😠

…. But yeah: I’m a Six, which as Enneagram numbers go is quite a ‘Christian’ type, so sometimes I have to remind myself not to be moralistic in my head, right. Like in the bank, there’s the one guy who’s very friendly: if there were infinite TV stations, he’d be on TV, presenting something. The other guy, another guy—I’ve never had him disrespect me or anybody else while I was there, but he has a lot of agency, you know, in a different sort of way. The literal words he uses don’t give you the sense of it, but he carries himself differently. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to get moralistic with him in my head, right….

(Re: the above) So yeah, I feel like I get how ‘capitalism’ can seem contaminated by Christianity (or whatever it is), especially to strong men (or whoever), even though I feel like the two tendencies are more opposed than allied, at the heart of things….

…. Although probs my favorite Threads post was the one criticizing “capitalism”: interchangeable with “the red states”.

(Duo in car of church mission trip to Manhattan or Beverley Hills) If only we could bring capitalism to this god-forsaken wasteland….

Although my real favorite post was, What’s your ‘blues name’? Mine: Big Baby Smith.

It’s one of the great tragedies of history that Fred didn’t live to see the blues leave the plantation, you know. He could have learned the harmonica; accompanied Howling Wolf.

He would have been playing the devil’s music.

And the Episcopalians say they’re so woke; they’re so full of shit, you know. They’d sooner let you draw a giant pentacle in the middle of the church, than let you play Howling Wolf, you know. 🤣

“Rejoice with those who rejoice.”
—UNLESS: it’s capitalism.

(voice of god in crappy church play) Big Baby Smith: you have violated my Holy Law! (ghetto special effects) Have you not heard it said from Holy Writ, Leviticus 16:66–Thou shalt not buy thy bitch shiny baubles?! I AM THE LORD!!! (“special effects”)


…. About half of the lines of that Supertramp songs are cringe lines—all Supertramp songs are like that really; (incidentally the name came from I think an Edwardian memoir)—but I love the line, “I’m playing my jokes upon you, because I’ve nothing better to do….” That’s like Hermes with his mother the Night Mother Maia, before he goes to school for the first time and that psycho Christian harpy bitch is like, You’re not a winner! You’re a sinner!…. You’re the devil!

And Hermes is like, I’m gonna need your credit card information for when I start therapy~ right?

And Victoria Osteen writes a book, and guy’s like (conductor stick), Once more: with toxicity! And bleacher creature Boris is like, If you don’t tell my kid that he’s dog shit without Jesus, lady, Ima get my rifle!

And she’s like, I think we can all work together….

So yeah: I respect the Osteens, but basically, rejecting Christianity makes me feel good, and defending it made me feel like shit…. It actually makes me feel much better about my dad, less peeved. When I was a Christian, I was like, If Dad weren’t Hitler, the church would be a-ok! The Bible is full of prophets of justice! We’d be healing the people! We’d be lifting up the children—to God!…. But the fucker’s Hitler; fuck him.

Now I’m like, Bro, all in all, your dad was just another brick in the wall, man. Just remember: everything under the sun is in tune; but the sun is eclipsed by the moon, man.

And yeah: my dad is still alive; I actually texted him just now, lol; but he is constitutionally unable to change, so he has a very strong past tense feel to him, you know….

…. I’ve known for a long time that there’s usually a lot of naivety in anger—kinda the whole reason why the Sixties happened like that; people used to be so naive…. It’s like a joke formula, right: Before 1966, we was so naive, that….—but I guess there can also like a lot of cynicism in mercy, right. Nobody’s more cynical than Pink Floyd, but it’s hard to imagine them…. Harming anyone, basically. World’s falling apart? Bro, it’s happened before. It’s the way of things, man…. ~Talk about the revaluation of all values, bro

…. (Spock) Live long, and…. prosper.
(my dad) (smiles) [‘Spock was a white man.’]

(Joel Osteen) Live long and prosper!
(my dad) (angry) [‘That’s not what the Great White Father in Israel said in Bible Times!…. Say, have you ever been there—to Bible Times? I should take you. It’s like Medieval Times, only….’]

I mean, it’s like: if you look at Wayne Dyer and think, That’s one kind muthafucka there; you’re right. And if you think, “That’s what white people are like”: it’s like you missed the boat, and took the crazy train, right.

And with Joel Osteen, if you say that….

But yeah: it’s hard not to doubt yourself or reanalyze if you’re in a fight of mental factions—or if you’re me, I guess: but I find it hard not to come to the conclusion that my dad was right about Christianity, and wrong about life, and that’s Joel Osteen is the opposite, basically….

(I typed the order of those paragraphs “wrong” from how they were in my head: like I mis-clicked somewhere: but actually, it doesn’t matter….)

But yeah: “But people have been fighting racism in the church since the 60s. Haven’t you seen, ‘The Lillies of the Field?’” The Lillies of the Field, right. Sidney Poitier is kind to the vaguely racist nuns; an interesting movie. And you’re right: there are still vaguely racist people in the church fighting racism today….

(shrugs) And we’re all racist or whatever. Fred wasn’t ethnocentric, exactly: the Germans were at or near (near—at the very, very least) the bottom of his system, but he was like a…. connoisseur. Like to him a race or a culture was like a restaurant or something: they produced the product, and then he criticized it; he was the food critic. He didn’t have the idea we pretend to have that you “love all the children” or whatever. Like say, he thought that Chinese culture was, I think it was too regimented for him—like too over-orderly. It was like they were too Northern for him. Too many clocks. Too much punctuality. I guess you could view him as being immature in that sense, I don’t know the right word for it. He wasn’t racist in the conventional sense of wanting to steal and beat or malign all the brown people because they weren’t palefaces. He didn’t quite exoticize people, although it was a lot closer to that. I don’t know. I mean, the “love all the children” thing and the ease with which conservatives segue from dissing rap to lynching people basically, CAN obscure the fact that cultures ARE products, very imperfect ones: usually kind of awful ones, actually, even if we Northerners have some of the worst, and others tend to be less consistently bad. Like, Ancient Greek culture, or Indigenous culture today—plenty of pretty fucking awful things can happen: but they hadn’t refined it down to a fucking science like the Christians, right: just follow these 5,000 pages of churchy rules and drink your poison Every Night, and eventually, fucking bullshit WILL happen for you, right…. But if a little boy indoctrinated by the Taliban got smuggled to America, you’d have to differentiate pretty quick, you know: here is a little boy with rights, that we have no right to lynch; and here is a little boy who doesn’t have to be like the others and can keep a distinct culture, but whose current cultural incarnation is batshit shit that we’re not going to let him inflict on the people around him, right: oh and they both sit in the same seat, occupy the same place in the time-space continuum, and both little boys answer to, “Mohammed”. Right?…. And the other thing is Fred isn’t perfect. It’s only Christians and those like them devoted to stasis…. A lot of people have that in them, from their—and actually he does have that in him: Christian superstition, and as well as non-obviously Christian superstitions. I’m talking about—I hate to hate—but graphically mentally ill people can be funny, right. (I have to try to cannibalize the shitty parts of my life for parts. At least the rent is good, right.) But he’s like—he thinks he’s a prophet, although a lazy one—“In the future I do all that stuff; but I can’t get into all that yet. I’m afraid of the lifting.” ‘I’m afraid of the lifting?’ I think. WTF does that mean? Is he explaining why he doesn’t want to work on himself? He might have to carry boxes up stairs or something?—And maybe Jesus is like that, too. He’s either Lord Nelson or—like a very feeble well-wisher, who’s kinda subtly macho: “I’m just trying to protect you”, even though physically, he…. And subtly antagonistic to women, “The women done me wrong”: and with his family, he…. And very obsequious to men: straight men, you know. “Don’t worry; I’m not gay or nothing.” And very committed to avoiding hard work. If he had money—or some skill at something, you know—he could be like a hotel or restaurant manager, you know: he wants to see people eating…. But like: maybe he could be a priest, right: Because he’s superstitious about pagan shit, and believes in avoiding change. His problem is that he’s kinda a moron, although the fact that he loves explaining things would be in his favor. Christian priests love to man-splain. And he’s totally against change, you know. (He can’t buy products “that we might not be able to get again in the future”, if he “sees in the mind” a coming shortage.) Not too sure people should have to work or get excited about shit, right. His graphic schizophrenia might become a problem along his ordination path, though. “They’re telling me in the mind and in the walks…. I can’t explain it. They’re taking the words from me.” Maybe he would have to preach to a lower economic class, where a little…. He wants to be rich, though. Hmm. A difficult problem.

Do you remember the scene in Persuasion (2022), the Freudian scene with the dreams, where they’re like sharing these absurd bizarre hyper-individual dream crap, but then because they’re Christians/Kantians, someone’s like, “But isn’t life always like that. (Absurd universalization.)” But sometimes I do get universalization. “All One”, as Dr. Bronner’s (vegan etc.) soap says.

Sometimes, one Christian is all Christians, in a way….

I know, I know. I’m either right, or I’m being unspeakably cruel. (I’m right.)….

And I am cruel, too, you know: although I won’t tell you some of the race comments he makes. Not aggressive, exactly, but…. Being even normal-racist about race and being graphically schizophrenic don’t mix, you know. Schizophrenics get VERY weird ideas about race….

…. Although to be fair to the Christians, secularism/post-Christianity/superficiality is bullshit, you know. Mental health? Mental illness? No no: nothing like that. Stay near the surface: on the surface of life, things are normal….

—So and so, they’re telling me in the mind and in the walks, that it’s not the same on this side, as it is on my side. I feel like I’m from the other side.
—(normal voice) (Consumer X), just remember to take your pills and keep the room clean. (mutters) They don’t pay me enough for this shit.

Although, honestly, bullshit comes from bullshit, re: post-Christianity, right. The separation view is really kinda hilarious, in the end. ~That’s right; how COULD these two things be related? After all, he believes that the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl, and you think it’s the 49ers: those two things aren’t related. It’s like you’re on the other side! (Literally or wherever Trenton, NJ where he used to live decades ago is “my side”, and Monmouth County where we are now is I guess “the other side”—but really it means something else. I have no fucking idea what he means by “the other side”, right. Maybe it’s theology….)

…. And—I know you’re going to say this is bullshit—but it is funny, because in biblical or Viking times or whatever, one of our counties probably would be like its own kingdom, its own republic, right. My graphically schizophrenic friend is an exile. He’s far from home. He’s a stranger in a strange land. He has to turn his face towards Zion and remember the old ways, the old time religion—remember his old customs, his old god.

He has to keep things just the same: the way they’ve always been. After all, it’s his job to protect us, right?

…. But yeah, to return: Fred says a lot I agree with, more or less…. I suppose the reason he uses the word “decadence” is that he sees—and I suppose I did not see this before—that in a sense the whole history of what we call civilization~certainly down to the end of the 50s or whenever, although very little has changed since then~ is a story of a decline from natural values to something, I guess more simply we might just call them unnatural values, right. Almost colonial values. Certainly there were wars and conquests in the kinda red in tooth and claw pagan past, but much of the sting of British or American (Africa, Lenape-land, Navajo-land, etc.) colonialism is trying to declaw the cat, you know: not just taking away its dinner, but really trying to communicate that its looking after itself was ~bad~, you know: Not Civilized…. It’s easy to see the whole ‘my tribal god is king of the whole earth’ thing, and assume that the problem is the tribal god element, right: that’s certainly what cool Christians do, of course…. But now, I don’t know….

…. It’s curious: a lot of atheism is a little idiotic, a little stupid, really, immature, and not like grown-up spirituality; however, maybe there is something accidentally revealed in that the “ungodly/atheist” person is a “pagan” in the old formula; maybe irreligion CAN be a bit like paganism…. Perhaps the worship of the gods IS NOT “religion” in the sense that the word is given…. “Religion” in the common generic sense, being simply one or another way of denying nature….

…. I don’t know that I need to understand all of it, but it is curious: I didn’t know where the line is with Christianity—and maybe it is impossible to know—but I went in expecting him to make a point and make a point, and then go too far—like some atheist of today, some loser, some normal person…. One struggles for a better insult than that…. But actually he presses the knife down deeper than I imagined, and makes deeper points than idiots who just jump around like dummies, but without ever giving me the sense that he didn’t care if the accusations were true, any more than he gave the sense that he didn’t care if the accusations were ~deep~, or ~consequential~…. Christianity is a puzzle, in that its several hostile tendencies, you know: several hostile tendencies married to each other, almost against their will, right…. And yet it has quite a canker at the very heart of it…. Perhaps back to the very idea of building a civilization, an empire or whatever, around an individual, and one apparently non concerned with rules or whatever: the priestly impulse risen against itself, not that that always ends well, either…. But yeah: quite a canker at the very heart of it, and yet one can never say where it begins. The monster contradicts his own most cherished weapons, and one stands before the dragon, unsure whether to absolve the canker of its danger, right down to its heart, or to deny that there is essentially a very unhappy complex within it…. That’s how I feel, anyway; Fred probably wasn’t a Six, right, and I don’t have Scorpio energy in my chart really, only in my family, although there’s a lot of air/fire in both of us (Aquarius/Aries vs Libra/Sagittarius)….

Of course, beyond a certain point, it is probably not necessary to know everything—that is the great illusion of Aquinas, and many a persecutor, right—…. It is only necessary to keep certain things in mind, and to keep growing….

…. But yeah: some things are clear—although there are certainly faults and imperfections in the world~ or certainly the world as it appears, right~ and I would even concede that there are moral faults, it remains that there is much fault in the Christian notion of sin, in the overwhelming majority, if not in all cases. The Christian basically believes that all pain is a result of sin, and this DOES tend to lead, Fred is right, to something like Epicurus: ‘the purpose of life is to avoid pain’. The pious Christian believes he is always at fault, right. Although, realistically, the Christian believes that OTHER PEOPLE’S sins are the cause of his pain, right: I’ve yet to see the ass of a car, I mean a bumper sticker, say, “I drive very carefully because I know I’m a sinner”, right—although there would be grief even in this. But really, pain happens, it could be the result—people are not ALWAYS wrong—of lack of mundane skill. It could also be because an evil spirit attacked you, and you lacked the skill to fight it off. Even this could not be much more different than the consensus Christian view, though—automatic guilt vs lack of agency could not be more different. And it is certainly not about blame, the real world, I mean. There are wicked spirits in the world, for some reason: the wicked spirit is simply following his dharma of kicking and biting, right. If you are still in high school or something, you might credibly claim its not your fault—the school system mostly wastes your time by teaching mostly useless subjects exceedingly poorly; your friends and parents are all idiots and you are distracted by their many quarrels. But if you are a grown-ass person, it is your own fault, if you are more than just another little baby salty cracker, for not knowing what a spiritual tool is.

But to call it “sin” is very misleading.

…. But yeah: I remember when I considered condescension to weakness—all weakness, any weakness; every weakness—to be the highest virtue, right…. Like, I couldn’t have wanted her to be beautiful and strong, like the red, red gold: because then I’d have to go online and denounce myself, right….

(Atheists of Threads) “Religious” people denounce ideas they don’t understands. ~Atheists~ treat others’ ideas with dignity, compassion: and, respect.
—“My idea is that beauty makes the world a better place.”
—(takes off his glasses, which is hard, because he’s freaking out, like, That Much) Keitel and Burgdorf and that lot have to stay and listen to this. The rest of you fuckers had better scram if you know what’s good for you.

(bitch is crying)
(her friend is like) Don’t worry, bitch: you’re ugly. I’m totes against us women, just like him. In fact, I’m the one who named that disease after the mother thing in the zodiac.


…. (Isis is crying)
(the God of Israel) Don’t cry now, my love; my only love…. Don’t you see that it’s better this way? I chose you because you were contemptible and ugly….
(Isis) (angry) I think that’s disgusting. That’s WRONG. (dishes him out some whoop-ass with her lips)

And I don’t recommend discrimination against Jews—if we copy anti-Semitism, the Christian vice, we copy Christians, indeed; and then the Master said, Is it not written in your law, Persecute the culture that birthed you, that you may dwell long in the land? And the scripture cannot be broken!—but I remember once a Jewish man saying that one of the things that bothered him most about anti-Semitism was his people being hated, not so much for their vices, but for their virtues…. I forget exactly what he was referring to, but I mean—certainly that is bad, I am eager to concede—but what of being loved, on the condition that you are vicious, vice-ridden, contemptible and weak? “Because I knew they were a faithless people, I took her to be my wife?” It’s like, Motherfucker, you know….

Although, yes: the Christian theologians took the neuroses developed in the course of Judaism and centralized and perfected them, right. “You are vicious, vice-ridden, contemptible, and weak: but have I got a deal for you! For the low low price of following 613 Very Important Rules: you CAN turn it around, bitch. ~I know you can do it~.” vs God turning not just psychiatric-ward husband who scans the personal ads and crosses out all the girls with a job or a good hair-cut, but a full-on abusive boyfriend, right. “You are vicious, vice-ridden, contemptible and weak: and by yourself, you can do NOTHING to turn it around—you are utterly and totally POWERLESS without me. You need the “free gift” of my “grace”—sorry, I didn’t mean to do air quotes; I don’t know what that was….”

I mean, when you claim to accept the vice-ridden, vicious, contemptible, and weak, (as long as they’re pious and defeated and moaning by the fire), but you can’t accept the healed or the strong…. Yeah, they’re working on a pill for that. There could be a religio-chemical imbalance in your brain; but there is hope, don’t worry….

…. (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) (has an inspiration—from God. Totes from God, right. A White Christian Hero will always be produced by the House of David, even when Christians initiate the Greater Hell Conjuration War, right: that’s the Bible promise, and Bible promises never fails whitey; that’s “the Christian view of history”…. I’m sorry: for a moment there, my theology just sounded really, really ironic in this face), I’ve got it! I see it—everything! I see the truth! Having God in you is like being with an abusive partner when you don’t have a job—everything is free, sure; but it costs you EVERYTHING. Mmm! So good. I’m gonna get remembered for this. I’ll steer Christianity away from the pothole of Hitler in the road, right. Too bad we’re going in the wrong direction…. Okay, chapter one: Grace isn’t what you think it is…. I could underline ‘you’…. I could just write, Grace is what Eye think it is, right…. It doesn’t sound humble, like the little people have to be…. But really, it is humble, isn’t it…. You just have to go to the right schools and look a certain way, and then, it’s humble…. Okay….

I mean, even Jesus’ fondest lovers Go Out Of Their Way to stress that being with him is not like owning your own business, right: you’re a worker that…. I mean, it’s illogically insulting, right: “unprofitable servant”—businesses don’t really aspire to retain “unprofitable” people anymore—it’s like when there were British servants, even if they didn’t have work for all the servants, and couldn’t afford to replace the linens because of the wages, they were just like: having dependents is Good, right: you get to suck the life out of people, like a fucking vampire, basically…. But yeah, some pope was like, Ok, Yahweh! I’m going to bed now! I did what I could to promote your brand today, but ultimately it’s your brand, you know: I’m just punching the clock, Yahweh; it’s your skin that’s on the line…. To paraphrase, but, basically that’s the sentiment. To be a Christian is to be a dependent. It’s why they hate Joel Osteen, you know; it’s like…. But he doesn’t seem, weak, you know…. I mean, you can be ~vicious~, sure: but strength, happiness…. What happened to dependence? What happened to…. (water fountains in Mississippi, or something—I mean, what are we fucking missing here about doing unnecessary work at bad wages for energy vampires, for the sake of promoting the ethic of dependence?…. You know, like: coo-coo clock shit, basically….)

…. The line would never have occurred to me, but I like the idea that, “He died for his own sins”, right. He died for the sins of his posthumous zombie body; I owe him nothing. It’s a sci-fi thing: if you watch ‘Boy Story 3: The Hell Conjuration Wars’, you’ll understand. It’s even better than, ‘The Resurrection Wars’; I recommend it highly—look it up. And then you can read the ‘Jesus’ trilogy: ‘The Death of Jesus’; ‘The Return of Jesus’; and, of course: ‘The Revenge of Jesus’…. “Wasn’t that the movie they advertised during the Super Bowl?’….

…. (theologian) Okay: there’s like weak, like, poor and sick: and there’s weak like, vicious and revenge-freak-outs. Our job is to: put ‘em together.
(theologian 2) (visceral reaction) You mean like—sex?
(theologian) No! Motherfucker! No sex!
(theologian 2) Oh. (calms down) Well, okay; although it would be really hard I’m not sure I can do it….
(theologian) (exasperated) You’ve gotta be strong, bitch!
(theologian 2) (rejected) But I’m a weak bitch!
(theologian) (silenced then: in a patronizing way) It’s very complicated.

…. And Fred is right—“world-historical irony”—that sometimes the gods, as I call them, don’t take care of you. Look around, motherfucker, you know. Did you think that everything would be given to you, because you deigned to honor Gaea with your existence? Does the life of the church—of almost anything, really—give credence to this lie? Is that how it is in nature? Does the prey sacrifice itself to the predator, like Jesus for the church, because the predator deigned to exist? (Perhaps this is why Jesus is so popular—he offers to do all the work! You kept the contract, right? You read it over? You might need a lawyer….). Even the potato doesn’t like being eaten; people had to breed the toxicity out of them. But even domestication doesn’t always work well: David Copperfield’s wife has to conveniently die (no divorce! Jesus’ law!) because she’s as weak as a toy dog and Boring, you know…. No, when you move, the gods move to help you. But look at the normies, the mob. Are they happy? Does sitting in the mud waiting for Fairy Prince Jesus to rescue work very well? People don’t know who they’re waiting for anymore, but they’re sure as fuck not moving, right…. And that’s not a good plan. Life is about change. Movement. Change.

…. You have a problem: healthy counselor
—Have you considered that you spend all your time binge watching TV shows you complain about afterwards?…. You use to put in effort; ok, what happened?…. Your head got bloody? What, you mean you were banging your head against a brick wall? Ok: I’m putting you on Pseudo-Greek-language. Pseudo-Greek-language works for a lot of people just like you. We try it for two weeks, and if you don’t like it, just come back in, and….

—You have a problem: Calvinist counselor
—Have you considered you might be fucking unloveable? After all, maybe God in his inscrutable wisdom needed some losers and fuck-ups for his super plan, his perfect plan, right: maybe that’s you, buddy? Who the fuck knows?…. Why am I talking out of my ass? Hey, this isn’t my ass: this ass belongs to John Calvin. Calvin grew up in a world where the Church, the Christian community, had omnipotent power, and people had no right to limit it, and sometimes it would just murder a couple of villages where the brainwashing wasn’t completed successfully by the people trying to download the Church’s secrets, and John, like a good monotheist, universalized. This can’t be the particular: no no no. No such thing. One God. Maybe EVERYTHING is like this…. I describe it in my book, which you can get on Amazon for a hundred—ah, it’s out of print. Well, for TWO hundred, you can try to get a Used, copy. That’s what I recommend, although it probably won’t do you any good…. Oh and by the way: you offend me. Okay, same time next week?

…. “Christ I like; your Christians I do not.”

“There was only one Christian—and he died upon the Cross.”

…. “The gospel of the “lowly” ~lowers~….”

And it is not written in the book of their heart, You shall be like your neighbor?….

…. “They convert their necessity into a ~duty~….”

It is almost as if a glutton made eating cake to be the greatest duty, you know: it is not sound, what they do….

…. (quotes from the Bible)

Some of them are rather bad, but you cannot be too careful about this, this getting away from Christianity. It’s a tricky thing: it’s not enough to simply close one’s eyes and lay one’s finger upon a Bible verse, and then deny it, right. SOME things in the Bible are true, in some sort of way—but of course, they have no part in Christianity…. Simply to deny the LEAST CHRISTIAN parts of the New Testament is to fall into a trap…. “Because you came to church and were a good boy and listened to me—really you’re alright; you have dignity; nothing can ever take that away….” Does one reject, THIS? It’s a slippery thing, and yet, it’s almost true, in its way….

…. Although yeah: (Charlie Brown, singing) If you hate yourself, maybe people will love you (“we love you, Charlie Brown”), and maybe someday, if the sun stands still while the stars align, Jesus will give you permission someday…. To love yourself!” (song ends) “I hate you, Charlie Brown.” “Aww shucks, I hate me, too.”

I mean, I realize that Gen Z is recentist, but people have this naive crustiness, like they’re gonna preserve the Protestant Middle Ages like stale bread, and it’s not gonna….

(Deepak Chopra) N stands for, No To Life; just kidding; I’m not a Christian—N stands for norepinephrine, norepinephrine, and, Nidra Yoga….

…. And it was a lot worse, like classic intensity, when he doing this in 1888, but it’s still basically a civilization based on legalism and conformity, which is basically stasis, and useless analysis…. “All systems broken: press OK to dismiss”, right….

And people be like: What’s going on? People lied to us! Everything must change! What are we gonna do about it? Complain aimlessly about our jobs! ~ people get up and start taking party drugs without figuring out what they’re taking or what the plan is, like a doctor would ask, right: and then go home and watch Alice in Wonderland and moan that it’s not about math in Latin, basically….

…. And at least half, if not a considerable majority, of the various people set up as the guides of the masses, view their task as basically being that of punishing them, to one extent or another: and there are many forms of ignorance, but perhaps the worst is punishment, especially as devoid of all merely animal punishment, all such thwacking and fapping that Gardnerians probably practice, right…. “We don’t know who struck first, but we do know that it was us, who scorched the skies….”

Well might the Jesus of the Colonies, (and the first European colony was, ~Europe~, right), be called the god of “resentment”, as Freddy well calls it…. Destruction, isolated from creation; although what they call this is “light in which there is no darkness”; what this fellow does then, is ~shine the light of death on us~, whether we like it or not…. Surely something people should be enrolled in at birth, since there are no known side effects, (the reports have been carefully hidden by the forces of apathy, I guess….)

…. And, yeah:

(Athena) If you just eat cake, you’ll get sick, Hermes.
(Hermes) Sometimes I like getting sick. When I saw your face, it was like cake. I said to my soul, Bro…. Sick!
(Athena) (rolls eyes) We’re on different paths.
(Hermes) Not for long! (backs up and goes to collide into her)
(Athena) (raises her metal shield so that he crashes into it)
(Hermes) Aww, my face, my beautiful face; I loved him…. Now he’s dead. I’ll always remember you, Mr. Face!
(Athena) And you’ll always be loved, child of Maia.
(Hermes) Yeah; that’s good…. I gotta go rest my face, though.

And yeah: you have to respect all the children, and people desire different things. But there’s no insult like, (Dora Spenlow/Agnes Wickfield) I’m weak and ruined because of YEW! (cries)
(David takes a long walk in the London rain in the general direction of Mafia HQ)

“When you’re living in the past, you have your wife knocked off, and pretend that she evaporated or something.” (The Sopranos character) Officer, I swear; I didn’t kill her—she evaporated! “It’s what you do.”

“Boys fix things; girls need things fixed.”

(Artemis) Girls need a knife; boys need to get fixed.


…. Show me on the doll where you want to be touched, Isis….

(chuckles) I mean, in one sense, my life had necessary phases, but in another: I was NEVER supposed to be a Christian…. I hated having dreams, you know: I’d wake up, like, 😨

Now I’m like, ok, well: I’m not dying in an orgy anymore; whatever. Let’s see, What’s on the agenda for today—Read about fifteen books….

But the One Church God can’t make compromises like that, you know. He’s the opening act, the headliner, and the after party, and if there’s a song you don’t like, go into the bathroom and puke until you die, basically…. He can’t compromise. In maybe a third of churches today somebody might get up to the pulpit and say, Change is coming to Zion: can I get an amen?—and then everybody goes home and tells their kids not to do XYZ because that’s not the custom, basically, and then the kids turn into little bitches and, I don’t know, but in a sense there will always be Christians, and yet the vast majority of churches will wait until their whole pool of support, where they and society overlap, has totally dried up before asking, you know: Is it okay to change…. (little Hermes) Even though, JESUS? Even though…. the children?….

Even though the mommies and the daddies might have…. They might do…. Yeah…. 😨

…. Talk about alienated Christianities, the average church fellow who sees a “Christian romance” novel says, The idea never occurred to me that sex could be part of a Christian marriage. I spend four hours in church every week and I have all power and all knowledge and speak with the voices of men and angels, but the topic never came up…. I wonder if this is a solid teaching. Maybe it should be suppressed. Ah, but she’s just a little girl; not worth wasting the bullets. This can’t change my life. ~And the wife bears all the marks of his psyche on her deluded, self-defeating mind, like she died upon his Cross, right….

From which we can only draw the conclusion that Christians are a persecuted minority that needs government support, right…. ‘Turn in your Bibles to the Book of Tribesmen, Chapter 8: the Struggle with the goddess; the struggle with the goddess can never change, because then I’d have to change. The world has to stay the same as it was when I was small and afraid: because that means, ~~I’m right~~….’

…. So yeah: punch Mark Wahlberg in the jaw this Lent. Punch him until he cries, Fuck, man! I’m just the stunt double! And I hate that Lent shit! (middle distance) Mark Wahlberg set you up to get crucified on a Cross of punches…. (grips shoulder) Come. You must join the Quest. (walks away rapidly without waiting for an answer) (to his retreating figure) I have a job you know, motherfucker!…. Weirdo.

And yeah: (Merlin guy) There is one date every year in the church calendar when sex is sorta not stigmatized, maybe…. (gets note) Up, but this year it’s the first day of Lent. Go home, bitches! (beating them with rod) Go home! Go home! You’re not getting, anything!

Yeah: it’s rough being judged every step of the way: a judgment lying in ambush for every possible choice, right…. I mean, I’m over it, right. It’s like, I get that you’re Jesus, you don’t have a dick; I’m the devil: I do have a dick; it’s my job to rape you with it so that I can be tortured to death for a million years…. But you know: it’s just boring, right. C’mon. It’s boring. Grow up, okay?

…. But certainly we all face temptation. I have to resist the impulse to shorten (I say it a lot, you know), “Hello, how are you doing today”, to “Hello today”…. (But shortcuts don’t pay in the Kingdom of God.) It would be like an Eckhart Tolle course: Hello, NOW: The power of greeting people in the present moment. “Hello, NOW.” (chipper girl) You’re so cool! What’d you do over the weekend? (finger) “No no no….” (dismayed) Oh! You had to work! ALL weekend? I’m so sorry…. (touches) “Goodbye, NOW.” 😆

…. Obvs, my criticism lies on pretty different stones than his does. “Disciplined and profound minds” lol, 😗—although it is true; if religion is just custom, then religion has to smash everything that isn’t custom: doesn’t matter if it’s impulse or reflection. God, imagine if the little fuckers tried to fulfill their impulses, and then reflected on the results! I’d have to do a Downfall parody! At the end of it, people would be dead!


(they turn his mic off) (shouts) Ima continue the review in the comments section, I just gotta edit my notes document to divide it in two…. Peace, homies! It’s a good review! Pleasure being with you guys! 👌
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Good in the beinning ( )
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  archivomorero | Jun 22, 2022 |
Reading Twilight of the Idols and The Antichrist, I feel like I'm feeling Nietzsche's abilities fading. The points he makes are very similar to those made in his other books, but here, there's a deep anger that's seeped into the prose. With the guy's migraine problems, I can hardly blame him, but the books end up coming out so much more bitter, so much more full of gravity and ressentiment than his earlier works. I'd recommend The Gay Science, On the Genealogy of Morals, and Beyond Good and Evil way above these. ( )
  schumacherrr | Feb 21, 2022 |
Considerada uma das obras mais polêmicas de Nietzsche, O Anticristo (1895) apresenta críticas ácidas ao cristianismo e a seus princípios, que até hoje norteiam os valores e costumes ocidentais. Utilizando-se de citações e teorias de outros grandes filósofos para validar sua tese, O Anticristo é mais uma prova da genialidade de Nietzsche e promete levar os leitores a questionarem a si mesmos e a suas próprias crenças, sejam elas religiosas ou não. Hoje, mais de cem anos após a morte do autor, sua obra se destina não apenas a “raros leitores”, como Nietzsche defende em seu prólogo, mas a milhares de pessoas intrigadas com seu pensamento e com seus diagnósticos da sociedade moderna.
  BolideBooks | May 13, 2021 |
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Katso lisäohjeita Common Knowledge -sivuilta (englanniksi).
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This book belongs to the very few.
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In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point.
What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome.
Christianity is called the religion of pity.
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Tangle with one of the most astoundingly vexing minds that the Western philosophical canon has ever produced. In The Anti-Christ, Nietzsche first defined his concept of the will to power, the animating force that he sees as the motivation behind most human behavior. Whether you are a non-believer or a committed Christian, Nietzsche's detailed critique of the Christian ethos is a masterwork of rigorous discourse.


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