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Mark Helprin was born in Manhattan, New York on June 28, 1947. He received degrees from Harvard College and Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and did postgraduate work at the University of Oxford, Princeton University, and Columbia University. He has served in the British Merchant näytä lisää Navy, the Israeli infantry, and the Israeli Air Force. He is the author of numerous novels including Refiner's Fire, A Soldier of the Great War, Memoir from Antproof Case, Freddy and Fredericka, and In Sunlight and In Shadow. Winter's Tale was adapted into a movie in 2014. His short story collection, Ellis Island and Other Stories, was nominated for a National Book Award in 1981. His other short story collections include A Dove of the East and Other Stories and The Pacific and Other Stories. He also writes children's books including Swan Lake, A City in Winter, and The Veil of Snows. He has received several awards including the National Jewish Book Award, the Prix de Rome, the Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award in 2006, and the Salvatori Prize in the American Founding in 2010. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän
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Tekijän teokset

Talvinen tarina (1983) 4,719 kappaletta
A Soldier of the Great War (1991) 1,788 kappaletta
Freddy and Fredericka (2005) 995 kappaletta
Memoir from Antproof Case (1995) 897 kappaletta
Swan Lake (1989) 674 kappaletta
In Sunlight and in Shadow (2012) 572 kappaletta
The Pacific and Other Stories (2004) 476 kappaletta
Ellis Island and Other Stories (1981) 440 kappaletta
A City in Winter (1996) 434 kappaletta
Refiner's Fire (1978) 411 kappaletta
The Veil of Snows (1997) 238 kappaletta
The Best American Short Stories 1988 (1988) — Toimittaja — 160 kappaletta

Associated Works

The Arabian Nights: Their Best-Known Tales (1909) — Johdanto, eräät painokset767 kappaletta
The World of the Short Story: A 20th Century Collection (1986) — Avustaja — 463 kappaletta
Sudden Fiction International: Sixty Short-Short Stories (1989) — Avustaja — 213 kappaletta
Stories of the Sea (2010) — Avustaja — 139 kappaletta
The Schocken Book of Contemporary Jewish Fiction (1992) — Avustaja — 125 kappaletta
Birds in the Hand: Fiction and Poetry about Birds (2004) — Avustaja — 33 kappaletta
The Best American Short Stories 1978 (1978) — Avustaja — 25 kappaletta

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Lovely story and illustrations.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
TraSea | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 29, 2024 |
Mark Helprin surpasses all authors I’ve read in his ability to describe people, places, things, philosophical perspectives, feelings, music, art, moments . . .alright, ANYTHING, and move me to tears in the rapturous sublimity of it all. . .but that doesn’t mean, that while listening to the almost 30 hours of this book that I didn’t experience exasperation, and sadly, in the end, disappointment---maybe even anger over having invested so much time and admiration, for a broken promise that I would put the story away satisfied and content.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
TraSea | 20 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 29, 2024 |
Listening to Oliver Wyman read this, I enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of light, skies, cityscapes, snowscapes...I guess all of the descriptions really, were poetic--I've never heard better descriptions..yet, I wasn't over-the-moon in love with the entire story because it seemed too long (22 discs/27 hours of reading) and it lost me several times with time jumps and several nonsensical analogies. Cataloged entries of this book include "reincarnation" as a subject heading: I don't personally feel that was a point trying to be made. The book seems full of mysterious illusions--sometimes like it's written in code, but it seemed more to be stressing a continuity of life, relations, love, and time; that everything is happening at the same time; and suggesting that thereby some sort of uncomprehensible justice results. But I can see the urge to include reincarnation as a subject addressed in the story---explaining why would spoil it if you haven't' read it. For all it's confusing parts though, it is worth reading (or listening to); you'll certainly want to become acquainted with Athensore! (It's a movie now too, so I guess I'll tackle that next).… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
TraSea | 140 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 29, 2024 |
Literally one of my top ten books. Nothing has ever made me love language, or New York City, or fantasy more. Twenty years later I cannot look out at the river and clouds in New York and imagine Peter Lake and his white horse galloping through the streets. Romantic. Deep. Powerful quotes on justice that I carry with me to this day. Read it!
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Bridgeboston1 | 140 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Mar 22, 2024 |



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