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Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Tekijä: John Green, David Levithan

Muut tekijät: Katso muut tekijät -osio.

Sarjat: Will Grayson (1)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioMaininnat
7,2123351,211 (3.88)175
When two teens, one gay and one straight, meet accidentally and discover that they share the same name, their lives become intertwined as one begins dating the other's best friend, who produces a play revealing his relationship with them both.

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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 335) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
I may up my rating after I have had a chance to mull this audiobook over. I found it slow at the beginning but the last third was excellent. ( )
  leslie.98 | Jun 27, 2023 |
I would give this book 10 stars if i could. Will Grayson, Will Grayson will speak to a part of yourself that you have bottled up. Every once in a while there will be a book that will gently force you into seeing the world a little bit differently. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was that book for me. This book, this story of lives and how they become intertwined, is the story of what it means to grow up. It is the story of loving yourself and loving others, for exactly who they are. ( )
  AylaJayne | Apr 21, 2023 |
I don't really want to write this review because I know I am in the very slim company of people who didn't totally love this book. Don't get me wrong - - it's a good book, and I can see why people might absolutely love it. I just didn't.

The book is creatively told in alternating chapters by two different teenaged boys, both named Will Grayson. Apparently Green authored one Will Grayson and Levithan authored the other. I much preferred Levithan's chapters to Green's although I should forewarn you that he's not big on capitalization or punctuation. But his Will Grayson was darker, and yet also funnier, and his character arc was more poignant. He also happens to be gay.

The Green's Grayson has a best friend, Tiny Cooper. Tiny is very large and also very gay. He's an intriguing character who is full of life and love for his friends and passion for writing a play called Tiny Dancer. Which is really a story about himself.

The two Graysons do not know each other, but end up meeting midway through the book, and from there, the story revolves around their relationships with Tiny Cooper.

It's very hard to explain why I didn't love this book without revealing spoilers. I couldn't help but feel that the whole book was like an episode of Glee (a show I similarly enjoyed a bit, but didn't love). The character of Tiny Cooper is just a little too unrealistic and over the top for me to actually empathize with him, and because I really didn't, the ending wasn't powerful for me. If you loved this character and read more into him than was actually written, you were likely to find the ending very moving.

I was MUCH more invested in Levithan's Will Grayson, and I felt like his story was sort of unfinished and less wrapped up. Something really horrible happens to this Will Grayson, and I felt as though it was treated seriously initially, but then later was seen as something Will should just forget and move on about. I just didn't feel quite satisfied with the treatment of his storyline.

Green's Will Grayson explores the themes of teenage love, and how you often want what you can't have as a teenager, and then when you can have it, you don't want it. It's a true coming of age tale, and it has some very well written moments.

But I found myself just not really liking this Will Grayson so much. He just didn't seem masculine to me. In fact, none of these characters really read as "male" to me (except Levithan's Grayson when he talks about sex) - - which was one of my big issues with the book. I just couldn't really embrace the way these characters were communicating as really evoking the teenage male (I live with two of them). I supposed that the gay characters might be more feminine (I guess, I really don't know from any personal experience), but this character was not gay, and I still felt like his dialogue was feminine. Which is even more strange because the two authors are male. I'm probably reading more into this than I should have, but I felt as though the target market for the book was female, and that the book was written with that in mind . . .I had given it to my teenage son to read (prior to reading it myself), and he (the same one who loved Prince of Tides) didn't care for it/finish it. After I read it, I could see why he probably couldn't relate.

All in all, I commend the book for its creativity as well as its willingness to write about mainstream gay characters. It's definitely a fast paced read, and there were some moments of brilliant writing in there (loved the whole interaction between Green's Will and Jane and their discussion of Schroedinger's cat).

But unfortunately, the ending just didn't quite fit with my perception of the three characters and just felt a little to sitcom-ish to me because of this disconnect. ( )
  Anita_Pomerantz | Mar 23, 2023 |
Will & Will: Um livro sobre amizade
"Estar em um relacionamento, isso é algo que você escolhe. Ser amigo, isso é simplesmente algo que você é" (p. 293).
Inicialmente eu pensei que este fosse ser um daqueles livros leves, com um baita clichê e muito romance, o que de fato é verdade. No entanto, no decorrer da estória, percebi que tratava-se de algo muito maior, amizade.
Tiny Cooper não foi um personagem pelo qual eu me apaixonei, chegando a me irritar em algumas partes, já a evolução tanto do Will Grayson do John Green quanto o do David Levithan foram muito boas.
Este foi o último livro do John Green publicado no Brasil que faltava para eu ler, agora estou desolada e necessito que ele publique algo novo, se não terei que dar um jeito de ler pelo menos a lista de compras dele hahah
Na contramão, é o primeiro livro do David Levithan que leio, e posso dizer que gostei muito da forma que ele escreve. Aqui ele não utilizou letras maiúsculas e usou alguns artifícios que fizeram toda a diferença na hora da leitura.
Por fim, posso dizer que este é um livro leve e divertido que trata de temas sérios com respeito.
Recomendo. ( )
  hagabrielah | Jan 16, 2023 |
This is for the Audio CD Version by Brilliance Audio:

Let me begin by saying I love audio CD’s. I rarely start my car without a book in my CD player. My love for them began when my work commute was one hour each way; now it is only about 10 minutes so books take longer, but they are still a part of my everyday life.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is read/performed by MacLeod Andrews and Nick Podehl. Having 2 people, one for each Will Grayson, proved to be very useful. I thought they did an excellent job bringing together a complex duo of stories into one cohesive audio event. An especially interesting part of the audio experience was hearing some of the “singing” of the songs in Tiny Cooper’s musical.

While, for many, Tiny Cooper is the favorite character, I have to say that the Will Graysons (or is that Wills Grayson???) are my favorites. I think they represent the moody, funny, concerned, peer pressured, harried, and at times, haunted teen population.

The book illustrates that, while there may be differences (one Will is straight, the other gay), the similarities are what bind us. The need to be loved and noticed coupled with the need to be invisible and left alone - divergent needs but equally strong - are explored through the tracks of this audio book.

Two authors, one straight (John Green) and one gay (David Levithan) collaborating enabled them to explore these similarities and differences. All of this coupled with the humor and fabulousness which is Tiny Cooper. This was on my “to be read” list and I am thrilled that I got a chance to listen to it sooner than I thought I would! ( )
  Dawn.Zimmerer | Jan 9, 2023 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 335) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Romans over homoseksuelen kennen doorgaans een noodlottig einde. Er gaat iemand dood of er wordt iemand terminaal ziek. Dat moet een van de redenen zijn waarom homoboekhandels tegenwoordig veel porno verkopen om het hoofd boven water te houden, van de romans raken hun klanten depressief. Bij de jeugdroman Will Grayson, Will Grayson van de Amerikanen John Green en David Levithan is het totaal omgedraaid. Het boek is prachtig, met vaart en humor beschreven, alleen het einde is van zo’n suikerzoet Hollywoodgehalte dat het glazuur je van de tanden springt. Doodzonde. (En dan komt er ook nog een toegift: ‘We geven toe dat Gods liefde je nooit kan worden afgenomen, omdat je bent wie je bent doordat God je heeft gemaakt.’)
lisäsi PGCM | muokkaaTzum, Coen Peppelenbosch (Mar 26, 2011)
John Green en David Levithan – Will Grayson, Will Grayson

dinsdag 11 januari 2011 om 17u00

Wie vreesde dat de laatste goeie roman over jongeren al was geschreven, moet Will Grayson, will grayson van het duo John Green-David Levithan maar eens lezen.

John Green en David Levithan – Will Grayson, will grayson
Uitgeverij: Lemniscaat
Aantal pagina’s: 277
Prijs: 16,95 euro
ISBN: 978-90-477-0327-3

Uitgeverij Lemniscaat houdt de vinger aan de pols van de betere Amerikaanse jongerenliteratuur. Bij bosjes worden recente Young Adult-romans vertaald. In deze actuele fictie krijg je niet zozeer 'probleemjongeren', maar wel stevige jongvolwassenen die evenzeer de greep op het leven verliezen als hun lot in eigen handen nemen.

De protagonisten zijn helemaal 'nu': well informed, opgegroeid in gebroken gezinnen, vroegrijp, en in die wirwar ook nog altijd op zoek naar de liefde die vriendschap heet (of andersom). De verhalen spelen zich af op school, in grootsteden, niet zelden hebben de levensechte personages megalomane projecten in hun hoofd.

Doordat veel scheppers van die jongerenpersonages zelf zijn opgegroeid met het internet, sms, msn, blogs, Facebook et cetera, worden communicatiemedia vlotjes in de verhalen geïntegreerd. Binnensboeks hoppen van het ene genre naar het andere is allang geen trend meer, het is bijna een must.

John Green en David Levithan zijn twee kleppers van de Amerikaanse Young Adult-school. Lemniscaat vertaalde een roman die ze samen schreven: Will Grayson/will grayson.

Dat samen knutselen aan jongerenverhalen is een betrekkelijk nieuw fenomeen. Uitgeverij Querido past het op een andere manier toe in haar reeks Slash-boeken, waarbij 'gevestigde auteurs' levensechte verhalen van jongeren optekenen, in samenspraak.

Bij Will Grayson/will grayson kozen Green en Levithan ervoor elk een personage met dezelfde naam uit te werken. In het ene hoofdstuk komt de ene Will Grayson (mét hoofdletters) aan het woord, in het andere doet de andere will grayson zijn verhaal (zonder hoofdletters). Tot ze - het klinkt geforceerd maar verloopt vrij natuurlijk - elkaar als bij toeval op een dag ontmoeten en hun levens verstrengeld raken.

Will Grayson 1 is een vrij normale adolescent: ietwat teruggetrokken, behoorlijk nuchter en onzeker, maar met het hart op de juiste plaats. Zijn identiteit wordt mede bepaald door zijn allerbeste vriend, Tiny Cooper: een onrustige, vitalistische en narcistische homo die 'out and proud' een musical over zichzelf en de liefde in elkaar bokst.

Will Grayson 2 is een ietwat geïsoleerde en zwartgallige jongeling. Hij zit als homo nog in de kast en kampt met een depressie. Zijn klankbord is de al even cynische Maura, die zich dan weer geen blijf weet met haar verliefdheid op haar homomaatje.
lisäsi PGCM | muokkaaKnack, Annelies de Waele (Jan 11, 2011)
A wonderfully campy, sweet, romantic gesture in the spectacular style that readers have come to expect from these two YA masters.
lisäsi khuggard | muokkaaVOYA
Two superstar authors pair up and really deliver the goods, dishing up a terrific high-energy tale of teen love, lust, intrigue, anger, pain, and friendship threaded with generous measures of comedy and savvy counsel.
lisäsi khuggard | muokkaaBooklist, John Peters
...complete with honest language, interesting characters, and a heartfelt, gritty edge, this quirky yet down-to-earth collaboration by two master YA storytellers will keep readers turning pages.
lisäsi khuggard | muokkaaSchool Library Journal, Diane P. Tuccillo

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Andrews, MacLeodKertojamuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
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To David Leventhal
(for being so close)

To Tobias Huisman
Ensimmäiset sanat
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When I was little, my dad used to tell me, “Will, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose."
Tiedot englanninkielisestä Yhteisestä tiedosta. Muokkaa kotoistaaksesi se omalle kielellesi.
Tiny Cooper is not the world's gayest person, and he is not the world's largest person, but I believe he may be the world's largest person who is really, really gay, and also the the world's gayest person who is really, really large.
There are probably some girls who don’t want guys to show up at their house randomly on a Tuesday night with questions about Edwin Schrodinger. I am sure such girls exist. But they don’t live at my house.
Viimeiset sanat
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When two teens, one gay and one straight, meet accidentally and discover that they share the same name, their lives become intertwined as one begins dating the other's best friend, who produces a play revealing his relationship with them both.

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