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Tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä palvelujen toimittamiseen, toiminnan parantamiseen, analytiikkaan ja (jos et ole kirjautunut sisään) mainostamiseen. Käyttämällä LibraryThingiä ilmaiset, että olet lukenut ja ymmärtänyt käyttöehdot ja yksityisyydensuojakäytännöt. Sivujen ja palveluiden käytön tulee olla näiden ehtojen ja käytäntöjen mukaista.
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Water Bound

– tekijä: Christine Feehan

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Sarjat: Sea Haven (1)

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6442226,954 (3.88)8
Lev Prakenskii has been saved from the freezing waters off the coastal town of Sea Haven--but he has no memory of who he is.

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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 22) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
I though this book was beautifully written and I could not put it down. I adored Rikki and Lev. Their chemistry was enchanting. ( )
  MissEllie80 | Jan 18, 2020 |
Rikki Sitmore is an autistic sea-urchin diver who lives on a farm in Sea Haven with her surrogate sisters who saved her from herself years ago. One day whilst she's harvesting the spiny creatures off of a shelf along the San Andreas Fault, a massive wave comes out nowhere and throws Rikki off of her boat. Midway through her battle back to the surface, she encounters a man being battered against the underwater rocks along the shelf wall. In a split-second decision, Rikki saves the man from falling further into the fault line, risking her own life in the process. Rikki is a believer in the old laws, especially that of the sea. If you take it from the sea, it's yours. and Lev Parenskii is hers, come hell, fire, or damnation.

Lev is a foreign secret agent, taken from his family as a child and trained to be the dark hand of his government. While on assignment, Lev ends up underwater in the Pacific Ocean with no rescue in sight. Just as he resigns himself to a watery death, he's rescued by a woman who takes him home to recuperate. He quickly falls in love with this autistic woman with an affinity for water, but he knows that finding their Happily Ever After is going to be a bit harder than a dime-store romance novel.

Rikki has a rash of fire and death in her past and things have to work for her or she shuts down and Lev has his entire existence in the way, having to remember who he is and then making sure he remains dead to his country. Separate, the two have special abilities, and together, the pair can work wonders but are their unique gifts enough to survive everything the fates have thrown at them?

I have started and restarted writing this review dozens of time in its lifetime. I want to gush and be emotional. And I want to be distanced from it all, all professional-like. I've struggled to find a happy medium to do this review because I want y'all to see how amazing this book is. And I can't. I am emotionally vested in this book and I am definitely not a literary professional as of yet. So here it is.

Water Bound hit the quadfecta for me. I found the book because it was written by Christine Feehan, a favourite author. I took it off the shelf for the title. I fell in love with the cover and the synopsis teased me. Author, Title, Cover, Synopsis. I immediately bought the book and I began reading it as soon as I got home and safely ensconced myself in my closet (I like reading in closets). And then, dearest readers, I read the book.

Water Bound shoved its way to the tippy top of my favourite books list with the first chapter. Why? Because for the first time ever, I had a book whose heroine I could relate to. An autistic woman with tragedy in her past that thought herself a monstrous freak. I cried reading Water Bound that night and I'm not a crying person. Not only was Rikki an autistic woman, but she was intelligent, not centring herself around math and science (which I strongly avoid), and she was mistreated by 'the system' for being different. Because Christine Feehan normalised autism by having an autistic heroine, I stopped hating being different and began to love myself, autism and all. I even started dating, which I’d sworn never to do because, ew, commitment and close personal contact with a person bother me.

Christine Feehan’s descriptions were exceptional, as always. I was enchanted with the vivid description of the underwater seascape that Rikki was so in love with. I was repeatedly reminded of the times when I was younger that I would climb out of my bedroom window at night to sit on the roof and just enjoy every raindrop that fell on my skin, something I haven’t done in over a decade.

I know this isn’t a new(ish) book or a yet-to-be-released book, but I’ve seen some disparaging reviews on onilne that griped about Christine focusing on Rikki’s autistic qualities and her fascination with water and I felt the need to switch my review schedule about so that I could dedicate today’s review to this book that me feel a little bit more normal than I usually do. Writing from a point of view that isn’t neurotypical is hard – even for someone who is neurodiverse, trust me, I’ve tried. And the fact that Christine not only attempted to write from Rikki’s POV and give her a HEA, but succeeded in describing that special place we all disappear to during our ‘moments out of time’ and the frustrations of not being able to do ‘normal’ things like grocery shopping or hugging your family, it matters to me and any other reader on the spectrum. She constantly brings up Rikki’s ‘weird traits and obsessions’ because that’s a thing with us. We obsess and ‘space out’ and we stim and fidget. Many of us don’t do actual eye contact and some of us develop fake-out methods such as sunglasses or staring at a person’s nose. We have sensory issues and we have to have things just so or our entire worlds go off-kilter. For someone who isn’t an Own Voices writer (that I know of), she manages far better than certain popular TV shows to showcase autistic characters with a realness few authors achieve when writing characters with disabilities.

I give Water Bound a whole 5 stars because it is well-written and the research she put into the storyline shows from the succulent plants outside of Rikki’s home to her accurate portrayal of an autistic woman to the diving scenes that are fully developed without glossing over the 'technical' side of diving.

Oh, and I actually own three copies of this book. One is so tattered that its cover is duck taped to the binding which is also duck taped, I bought that one fresh off the shelf the first month it was available in my go-to chain bookstore in Georgia. Then I finally had the money last month to buy a replacement copy as a Christmas gift to myself and I bought the kindle edition this month, so that I can read that instead of accidentally damaging my brand-new copy that I cuddle with when I'm having an 'autistic moment'. It's calming and that's all that matters. Buy a copy, rent a copy, audio, print or eformat. Whichever. Just read this book. ( )
  OUATIReadABook | Oct 22, 2018 |
Really enjoyable! I love characters with Autism or ASD so I really liked Rikki. Lev was great for her! I am excited to continue with this series for sure! ( )
  thebookdisciple | Oct 9, 2018 |
Water Bound
3 Stars

Note: This is a spin-off of the Drake series but can be read separately. Some characters make an appearance but are not central to the storyline.

Once you get past the idiotic premise of an autistic woman rescuing a complete strange and taking him home with her AFTER he tries to strangle her, the plot is actually quite engaging.

The intense chemistry between Lev and Rikki is what kept me turning the pages, although it would have been even better if the nature of their connection had been explained more.

Lev has a dangerous and compelling past but it is not utilized to its best effect. Rikki is a lovely heroine and the descriptions of her reactions to sensory stimuli are heart-wrenching yet endearing. Nevertheless, the origin of her affinity with water needs more explanation and development rather than merely being described over and over. In fact, the writing is the main problem with the book as it is repetative and redundant with too many unnecessary descriptions of the same thing.

It is also unfortunate that the arson plot fizzles as it has a lot of potential but lacks tension and suspense, and the explanation has no real foundation.

I have the next book in paperback so will probably continue with the series. ( )
  Lauren2013 | May 24, 2018 |
I started the Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart series not realizing its a spinoff of the Drake series. I was just scrolling through my library audiobooks, and this one sounded interesting so I grabbed it. While it is not absolutely necessary that you read the earlier series, I wish I would have. There seems to be quite a bit of character crossover, and I think I would have liked this one a little more if I had the history. I would also call this "paranormal lite" - it seemed much more a contemporary romantic suspense with a few special abilities thrown in, but they were not the focus of the story.

The heroine in this book is Rikki Sitmore, a sea urchin diver and water element in the town of Sea Haven. Rikki is also autistic, albeit a high functioning one. Rikki is a tortured heroine in that everyone she has loved in the past has died in a horrible fires. Being caught in one of the fires herself, Rikki carries scars on her legs and feet. Most people see her as odd due to her autistic characteristics, and are quick to believe that she was the one who started all the fires. She is starting to believe it now herself. Rikki is not a typical heroine, or even one that has just a touch of Aspberger's or pervasive personality disorder. Rikki is truly autistic and displays a lot of the common signs and behaviors.

Our hero is Lev Prakenskii, a Russian operative who Rikki literally pulls out of the water after a yacht explosion. Lev's injuries cause him some memory loss, which he slowly gets back over the course of the book. However, even without his memory, Lev knows that he is a dangerous man. For starters, he is loaded down with weapons and his first instinct is to kill. He is also a bit broken and broody, and given his dangerous nature and ass-kicking abilities, he is the type of hero that I usually like.

I liked the idea of this book and, don't get me wrong, it was okay. I think I would have liked it more if I had read the Drake Sisters series first. But the execution and characters just didn't work for me in a way that would have let me connect and drawn me into the story. And I hate myself for saying this and have debated whether to even put it out there... but the main reason I couldn't connect was the autistic heroine.

I am a reader that likes to imagine myself as the heroine or main character. That helps me connect with the story, it allows me to go on the adventure, what have you. I was not able to put myself in Rikki's place as the heroine - her problems were just too detailed and specific for me to fit myself into the mold. I have also never been around any autistic adults, or even autistic children really. I have not watched any autistic adults on television (other than light Aspberger's cases). So I had a hard time picturing Rikki's autism as anything but what I have seen of autistic children on TV. And Rikki did display a lot of those behaviors/characteristics: rocking, fixation, hand movements, sensory problems, outbursts, etc. So relating to her character as a child really made it impossible for me to see her as a romantic figure. The sex between her and the hero just felt wrong to me. Actually, the whole pairing of her with this dangerous hero felt wrong. No matter how I looked at it, the relationship just didn't work.

The story also meandered along and started dragging. Listening to it in audio as I was, I found myself zoning out and having to rewind once I realized it. With a paranormal, that was geared toward romantic suspense, I wanted more action and faster pacing. Instead a lot of the book was Lev trying to overcome Rikki's disability, or Rikki's extreme reactions to normal situations. I think if there would have been a little less focus on Rikki's disability, then I would have enjoyed the story more. Sometimes less is more when it comes to these things.

I will probably continue the series, but not until after I go back and read the Drake Sisters. 3 stars / 3 flames. ( )
  Bambi_Unbridled | Mar 19, 2016 |
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Lev Prakenskii has been saved from the freezing waters off the coastal town of Sea Haven--but he has no memory of who he is.

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