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Shadows and Lace – tekijä: Teresa…

Shadows and Lace (vuoden 1996 painos)

– tekijä: Teresa Medeiros (Tekijä)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioMaininnat
278571,691 (3.52)4
Lost to Sir Gareth of Caerleon in a game of dice, Rowena becomes his servant and manages to charm him with her spirit and beauty, but rumors of his murderous nature make her eager to find the truth before she volunteers her heart
Teoksen nimi:Shadows and Lace
Kirjailijat:Teresa Medeiros (Tekijä)
Info:Bantam Books (1996), 340 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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Shadows and Lace (tekijä: Teresa Medeiros)


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näyttää 5/5
The lady saves herself in this one... ( )
  Kittyfoil | Sep 5, 2020 |
Well, that was painfully stupid, and it didn't even have the benefit of being short. I don't demand much from these silly novels, but Shadows and Lace was unpleasant, unromantic, confusing and a little creepy. Gareth and Rowena both seemed to be of below-average intelligence, I kept hoping they wouldn't end up together and produce offspring. You expect a certain amount of absurdity in the plot but this one made so little sense that I can't even summarize it.

I think there is a maximum number of times per novel (one) that you can use the " beautiful heroine is about to be raped but at the last minute the unusually large and muscular and handsome hero comes out of nowhere and rescues her" plot device. ln this novel it happens twice. I'm so annoyed that I wasted precious hours of my life on this.

I think I have read others by this author and thought they were above average, but maybe I am confusing her with someone else. ( )
  AngeH | Jan 2, 2020 |
Rowena's father has always left his children to survive on their own for the most part. He has a weakness for gambling. And with the roll of a dice, he sold one of his children for a year for servitude to the Lord of Caerlon. When Gareth, the Lord of Caerlon finds that his nemesis has a daughter, and a beautiful one at that he takes her as payment. Rowena is a protector of her brothers and she knows that if she resists too much that Gareth might harm her family. Rowena has no idea what to expect from this dark and dangerous lord who is an enigma to her. He threatens but she doesn't feel she needs to fear him but she knows there are truths he is keeping from her. Gareth blames Rowena's father for a betrayal from the past. But Gareth is captivated by Rowena, her passion and fighting spirit and protectiveness of her brothers, But the past is what is standing between Gareth and Rowena, and trust and honesty will be vital for them to find a future.
The Hero
Gareth, the Lord of Caerlon was blamed for the death of his stepmother, who practically seduced him when he was young and manipulated him since he was a boy. But even though Gareth wasn't able to find the real culprit, he took the blame with pride and no fear. For years he has been wanting revenge on the man he blames for everything in the past, Rowena's father, a gambler and a lecher. Gareth is a hero that I was uneasy about at first. He has quite a few alpha like tendencies. He is a warrior and a medieval lord, but is feared more than respected. But Gareth surprised me in this book, because there are some hidden depths to him. I did like that he proves to be honorable.
The Heroine
Rowena is protective of her family. Even though her father is rarely around and is always gambling away what little they have, she still is devoted to him and loved him. Its her brothers she will fight for though. I love how Rowena has a bit of "tom boy" in her. On a daily basis, she hunts for food so that they will survive. I like how spirited Rowena is but when faced with Gareth, even though in the beginning she fears him, she doesn't let fear control her actions. But I also respected the way she handles Gareth and stands on her own even if the consequences wouldn't end good for her.
Plot and Story Line
In Shadows and Lace we are introduced into a story of mystery and passion set in the Plantagenets Era in England. I did have a blast with this book, and it definitely had Teresa Medeiros written all over it so it was fun to read this author again. I did have a blast with this book though, and it was quite entertaining and lively in many ways. The chemistry between Gareth and Rowena is pretty strong even from the beginning. What I liked however, was seeing the way that Gareth is with Rowena. Once he brings her to his home, he pretty much gives her free rein. Which Rowena isn't a fan of, she doesn't want to be a lady of leisure at all. So goes about hunting since it's the only thing she knows how to do to contribute. I love how she isn't afraid to stand up for herself or what she believes in or who she protects. We are introduced into some fun characters....Gareths friend and Rowena's brothers. The actual romance is pretty wonderful to see grow in this story. Its not a easy one, since Gareth and Rowena need to resolve events and secrets from the past before they can fully be together. But I love how they are with each other and seeing their bond deepen throughout the story.
The Cover
I do like the oldie like cover....with the intricate font here!!!
Overall View
Shadows and Lace is a story of redemption, forgiveness and an abiding love worth fighting for!!!! FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN!! ( )
  addictofromance | Mar 31, 2019 |
1.5 stars

Gareth's stepmother seduced him when he was a teenager, his father died, he caught stepmother in arms with another knight, got jealous, stepmother found on bedroom floor run through with a sword. Her newborn and knight go missing, everyone blames Gareth for their deaths.

14yrs later
Gareth wins Rowena from her father in a dice game. Neither Rowena's father, her brothers (except for the youngest), or her betrothed cousin fight for her. Gareth takes her to his castle where Gareth's sister Marlys hates on her, his knightly friend sort of makes plays for her, and Gareth himself sort of falls in love with her.

This is where I'm going to step in and save you all from the endless filler and get to the gist, Rowena was the stepmother's baby but no born of Gareth's father but the knight that escaped that night. Gareth knew this and was going to punish Rowena's father by raping her and sending her back pregnant. She was too good, he fell in love, blah, blah. Turns out Gareth's sister Marlys killed the stepmother letting Gareth take the blame. Gareth and sister have confrontation, Marlys disappears into the night. Gareth and Rowena live happily ever after.

Seriously, that is all of the storyline.

This book was broken up into three parts and for you visual learners out there, here you go,

Part One:

Again, let me save you all endless filler, nothing happens in this part besides Gareth and Rowena meeting and him taking her to his castle.

No really, NOTHING happens.

I start to get moody

Part Two:

Rowena runs away...

for a bit before Gareth catches her and he decides,

Wink, wink.

and Rowena decides,

Translation: They be hitting the sheets hard but Gareth still maintains he doesn't want to marry her.

A whole lot of this,

Part Three:

Rowena's brothers, her betrothed cousin, and her father sort of come to rescue her. First off, Rowena is like dude, we're cousins, no.

One down. Then Gareth agrees to squire her youngest brother and they all become friends. How/Why? No idea. 4 down. Rowena steals Gareth's horse to sprint her father away.

Gareth not happy. However, with her savvy 19yr old deduction and intuition she explains to Gareth that it was not her father who killed the stepmother but Marlys!

Marlys tries to kill Rowena...sort of.....Gareth rescues her.....sort of......Marlys rides away.......sort of.....and then our happily ever after......sort of.

And I'm sort of sitting here like,


Save yourselves and read Thief of Hearts. ( )
  WhiskeyintheJar | Feb 14, 2019 |
Lindsey Fordyce gambled until he lost all he had and then gambled some more. His debt was to be paid with one of his 8 children to be in service to Sir Gareth of Caerleon for a year. Right when he tells Gareth to pick a son (from his 7 boys), his beautiful and only daughter Rowena walks in and Gareth promptly picks her. Her brothers, father, and cousin (her betrothed) try and say nay but the only one to try and physically stop Sir Gareth is her youngest brother Freddie. Despite their rocky beginning he does not rape her or be cruel to her. He takes care of her and although he doesn't always say the nicest things he is clearly a kind man.
Rowena starts to believe he cares but when he acts on his plan for revenge he deliberately treats her like a whore in front of her family and she flees with 2 of her brothers and her cousin. Rowena is not welcome in her father's home and they are forced to live in the wild and it is not at all easy. They becoming starving and desperate.
Gareth won't let her go that easy and after a month hunts her down which is actually wonderful timing. He brings her back home and love starts to bloom but Gareth has not given up his revenge plan.
I really enjoyed this book! It was my first Teresa Medeiros and I fully intend to read more of her books. ( )
  SweetLiar | May 5, 2016 |
näyttää 5/5
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To Kim Poo, who writes her own happy endings, and to Michael, my hero.
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The boy slipped into the bower without a sound.
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Lost to Sir Gareth of Caerleon in a game of dice, Rowena becomes his servant and manages to charm him with her spirit and beauty, but rumors of his murderous nature make her eager to find the truth before she volunteers her heart

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