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Jumalat juhlivat öisin (1992)

Tekijä: Donna Tartt

Muut tekijät: Katso muut tekijät -osio.

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut / Maininnat
20,444558219 (4.06)1 / 733
Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality their lives are changed profoundly and forever, and they discover how hard it can be to truly live and how easy it is to kill.… (lisätietoja)
  1. 223
    Special Topics in Calamity Physics (tekijä: Marisha Pessl) (kmcquage)
  2. 161
    Ilmetty (tekijä: Tana French) (tangentialine, cransell, Skippy74, GodOfTheAnthill, Booksloth)
    tangentialine: Same sense of the mysterious, same sense of intense psychological speculation.
  3. 167
    The Magicians (tekijä: Lev Grossman) (kraaivrouw)
  4. 93
    The magus (tekijä: John Fowles) (WoodsieGirl)
  5. 72
    Vetovoiman lait (tekijä: Bret Easton Ellis) (yokai)
  6. 72
    Herrasmiehiä ja huijareita (tekijä: Joanne Harris) (amyblue, ecleirs24)
  7. 62
    The Lake of Dead Languages (tekijä: Carol Goodman) (amyblue, lahochstetler)
  8. 40
    If We Were Villains (tekijä: M.L. Rio) (RiversideReader)
  9. 51
    Waking the Moon (tekijä: Elizabeth Hand) (kraaivrouw)
    kraaivrouw: Dionysian events at college ...
  10. 20
    The Raising (tekijä: Laura Kasischke) (comtso)
    comtso: Mystery, murder and angst in college.
  11. 20
    Tam Lin (tekijä: Pamela Dean) (Aquila)
    Aquila: Though it's a much nicer book.
  12. 10
    The Poison Tree (tekijä: Erin Kelly) (BookshelfMonstrosity)
    BookshelfMonstrosity: Something disturbing sometimes happens when young people congregate. These gothic tales feature young, bohemian, and intellectual characters becoming caught up in relationships that lead to tragic results.
  13. 10
    Alta nollan (tekijä: Bret Easton Ellis) (Vulco1)
    Vulco1: A look at elitist rich kids who get in over their heads and spiral out of control.
  14. 32
    A Separate Peace (tekijä: John Knowles) (akblanchard)
    akblanchard: Dark happenings at elite New England schools.
  15. 10
    Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta (tekijä: Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen) (Becchanalia)
    Becchanalia: Slow uncovering of a dark secret amongst a tight-knit group of friends. Lots of snow.
  16. 10
    Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators' Revolution (tekijä: R. F. Kuang) (Astrid3456)
  17. 10
    Ystäväni Owen Meany (tekijä: John Irving) (urban_lenny)
    urban_lenny: Similar New England setting, some similarities between the characters of Owen and Bunny, both stories told with the foreshadowing of death.
  18. 21
    Petturin muisti (tekijä: Elizabeth George) (DAR1102)
  19. 10
    A Fatal Inversion (tekijä: Barbara Vine) (Bookmarque, KayCliff)
    Bookmarque: Reminiscent because of the group of students, but this murder is more shrouded and the supporting characters more distinct.
  20. 11
    The Bellwether Revivals (tekijä: Benjamin Wood) (kraaivrouw)

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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 550) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
“They understood not only evil, it seemed, but the extravagance of tricks with which evil presents itself as good. I felt they cut right to the heart of the matter, to the essential rottenness of the world” (547).

I love a good dark academia book, and this backlist book about a group of cultish scholars who spend their days studying esoteric literature and their nights trying to recreate bacchanal rituals—which as you can imagine, doesn’t end well—enraptured me from the beginning. This dark, twisty story is told entirely through Richard’s point of view, an older Richard reflecting on a fateful year at Hampden College in remote Vermont. Richard, an only child of working-class parents, never felt like he fit in in his California childhood, and after spending two years in a college close to home where he stumbled upon Ancient Greek studies, he transfers to Hampden in hopes to escape the misery of his home life by studying ancient literature in a bucolic setting. This decision of chance sets in motion Richard’s involvement in a murder that first year at Hampden, and it’s his telling of those events unfolding that is utterly hypnotic.

This is a story to get lost in.

Atmospheric: Like any good dark academia, this mostly takes place in small, elite liberal arts college. This one is tucked away in a remote part of Vermont and includes shrouded woods, isolating winters, gothic estates, and austere academic corners.

Anachronistic Characters: While I was aware that this small group of students is in a mostly modern time period, the book—maybe because of the insular nature of the students—seems to take place outside of time, this niche academic group who studies a dead language.

Psychologically Thrilling: Each of the characters—Richard, Charles and Camilla, Francis, Bunny, and, most especially, Henry—is someone to examine from psychological lens with their dark eccentricities and questionable morals.

Atmospheric, anachronistic characters, and psychologically thrilling, this is a perfect Fall read. ( )
  lizallenknapp | Apr 20, 2024 |
Okay, erstmal würde ich sagen, es ist ein solides Buch. Gut geschrieben, spannend, verwirrend und überraschend. Hat mir gut gefallen. Es war aber jetzt nicht so besonders, wie ich dachte. Es wird im Internet sehr in die Höhe gelobt, aber ich denke es ist solide. Kann man sich geben, wenn man Bock auf ein 500 Seiten langes Buch über Mord und Totschlag hat. Aber das Ende ist bei Weitem nicht so zufriedenstellend, wie ich gehofft hatte. Auch die Dark Academia Vibes, die mir versprochen wurden hab ich jetzt nicht so gespürt. Es war vor allem am Anfang und dann immer weniger, da sich die Geschichte überhaupt nicht um die Universität dreht, sondern um den Tod. Fand ich trotzdem ein bisschen Schade. Deshalb bin ich jetzt auf 3 Sternen gelandet. Macht damit, was ihr wollt. ( )
  idkwhattodo | Apr 20, 2024 |
Donna Tartt really knows how to evoke a mood and create a story that sticks with you. While the central characters of The Secret History aren't exactly what you'd call likable, they all feel so very real that I suspect I'll be thinking about them for quite sometime and that's a mark of good writing. Some reviews seemed to indicate that the book ran long, but this isn't so much a book about plot, although that is an important part of it. What it is is a book about mood and character and it helps to have the space to sit with those things in order to reach the pay offs. ( )
  rknickme | Mar 31, 2024 |
Ordinary guy is overwhelmed by acceptance into a strange clique of students studying Classics under an eccentric professor. He continues uncertain of his status until a confession by one member draws him into the groups dark secret. Madness segues into even darker logic.
  ritaer | Mar 20, 2024 |
everyone's said everything about this book already. its a banger and was great to re-read after actually going to college in New England. is it bad that Bunny's funeral is the funniest scene in the whole book? ( )
  griller02 | Mar 18, 2024 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 550) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
As a ferociously well-paced entertainment, ... "The Secret History" succeeds magnificently. Forceful, cerebral and impeccably controlled, "The Secret History" achieves just what Ms. Tartt seems to have set out to do: it marches with cool, classical inevitability toward its terrible conclusion.

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Tekijän nimiRooliTekijän tyyppiKoskeeko teosta?Tila
Tartt, Donnaensisijainen tekijäkaikki painoksetvahvistettu
de Wilde, BarbaraSuunnittelijamuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
Kidd, ChipSuunnittelijamuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
Landolfi, IdolinaKääntäjämuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
Lange, Barbara deKääntäjämuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
Larsen, IdaLouKääntäjämuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
Siikarla, EvaKääntäjämuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
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Katso lisäohjeita Common Knowledge -sivuilta (englanniksi).
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Epigrafi (motto tai mietelause kirjan alussa)
Pyrin nyt selvittämään filologin syntyä ja väitän seuraavaa:
1. Nuori mies ei voi millään tietää mitä kreikkalaiset ja roomalaiset ovat.
2. Hän ei tiedä soveltuuko hän ottamaan heistä selvää.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen
No niin, nyt ryhdymme tarinoimaan niin kuin sadunkertojat, kaikessa rauhassa, ja alamme kasvattaa näitä miehiä.

Platon: Valtio, Toinen kirja
Suom. Marja Itkonen-Kaila
Bret Easton Ellisille,
jonka aulius lämmittää ikuisesti sydäntäni;
ja Paul Edward McGloinille,
muusalle ja mesenaatille,
jota rakkaampaa ystävää minulla ei tule koskaan olemaan.
Ensimmäiset sanat
Lumi alkoi sulaa vuorilla ja Bunny oli ollut kuolleena jo monta viikkoa ennen kuin aloimme ymmärtää tilanteemme vakavuutta.
Tiedot englanninkielisestä Yhteisestä tiedosta. Muokkaa kotoistaaksesi se omalle kielellesi.
...how I longed to be an orphan when I was a child!
[They were] sitting at a table that was spread with papers and pens and bottles of ink. The bottles of ink I remember particularly, because I was very charmed by them, and by the long black straight pens, which looked incredibly archaic and troublesome.
[The tutor] reached for a pen in a cup on his desk; amazingly, it was full of Montblanc fountain pens, Meisterstucks, at least a dozen of them.
"Guess what," said Bunny, "Henry bought himself a Montblanc pen." ... He nodded at the cup of sleek black pens that sat on Julian's desk. "How much are those things worth? ... Three hundred bucks a pop? ... I remember when you used to say how ugly they were. You used to say you'd never write with a thing in your life but a straight pen." ... Bunny picked [the pen] up and turned it back and forth in his fingers. "It's like the fat pencil I used to use in first grade," he said. ... "Now, what kind of pens do we all use here? Francois, you're a nib-and-bottle man like myself, no? ... and you, Robert? What sort of pens did they teach you to use in California?" "Ball points," I said.
Viimeiset sanat
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Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality their lives are changed profoundly and forever, and they discover how hard it can be to truly live and how easy it is to kill.

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