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The Great Paper Caper – tekijä: Oliver…

The Great Paper Caper (vuoden 2017 painos)

– tekijä: Oliver Jeffers (Tekijä)

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3561654,016 (3.83)5
When tree branches begin disappearing and paper airplanes are left in their place, the forest creatures carry out an investigation to find the culprit who has been stealing their homes.
Teoksen nimi:The Great Paper Caper
Kirjailijat:Oliver Jeffers (Tekijä)
Info:HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks (2017), Edition: 01, 32 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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The Great Paper Caper (tekijä: Oliver Jeffers)



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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 16) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
The illustrations were amusing but the story was rather forced. Trying too hard to be environmentalists. The subterranean homes of all the forest dwellers including the human were clever. I also liked the suspect lineup of the different species of bears. I think more humorous story development would have improved this story, ( )
  1Avidfan | Apr 9, 2019 |
This children's book, which can be considered an ecological fable, tells the story of a bear who is chopping down the trees in the forest. The other animals do not know who is wiping out the trees, but they know that they are angry about their home being taken away. They hold an investigation into the mystery of the disappearing trees, and eventually find out that the plot is not as sinister as they thought.


This is such a cute little story about tree conservation and recycling that children can really get into. Talking animals is a silly staple in children's literature, and can really ignite interest in even the youngest readers. As the animals of the forest are looking for clues to solve the mystery of the disappearing trees, there are clues hidden throughout the illustrations that can help the students solve the mystery before the other animals do.

As conservation and recycling are a main focus in this book, the theme of forgiveness is also present. The animals of the forest are visibly upset about the disappearance of their trees. They conduct an investigation and when they discover who is the culprit, they do not punish the bear. Instead, they realize that the bear did not mean any harm, and they do not punish him. In the end, the other animals help the bear out, when they could have been angry and spiteful toward the bear. This can be a good lesson for young children as they can see that even though someone may make them upset, that may not always be the intention. Sometimes, people make mistakes and do not realize it.

Overall, I think this is a cute story to talk about paper, recycling, tree conservation, and most importantly, forgiveness.

The Great Paper Caper
Author: Oliver Jeffers
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Copyright 2008
Scholastic Inc.

This picture book is suitable for grades 1-2.
Genre: Animals - Fiction ( )
  treed9 | Feb 28, 2019 |
Truly, the best stories have talking animals! This book goes through the investigation of the lost trees in the forest, as all the forest animals search for the culprit. Who doesn't love a good talking animal book? ( )
  india_paige | Oct 8, 2018 |
The wonderful Oliver Jeffers, illustrator of such books as The Day the Crayons Quit, and author/illustrator of titles like How to Catch a Star, creates an entertaining picture-book mystery and ecological fable in The Great Paper Caper. As the residents of the forest notice that branches have begun to go missing from the trees, they attempt to solve the mystery, accusing each other at first, and then banding together to find the culprit. A local bear, in the meantime, obsesses about becoming a paper airplane-making champion like his forbears...

Only the second picture-book mystery that I have read, following upon Graeme Base's marvelous The Eleventh Hour, this engaging tale is less mysterious to the reader - the illustrations make it plain who is chopping off branches - than it is to the characters, who nevertheless enact a detective story in miniature. I enjoyed both story and artwork, and appreciated the approach to justice exhibited in the final section of the book, which involves the culprit offering repentance and making restitution, rather than being punished. The ecological message here - that our choices affect the environment, and therefore also the people around us - is worked seamlessly into a story that never feels preachy. Recommended to all Oliver Jeffers fans, and to anyone looking for picture-books addressing our responsibility to the natural world and to all our fellow creatures. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Aug 24, 2017 |
I had mixed feelings about this book. I liked this book for the story told by the illustrations. Throughout the book the animals are trying to figure out who has been chopping branches off of the trees. In the illustrations, you can see the animals searching for clues in the foreground, and there is a bear chopping down trees in the background. This adds humor to the book, in addition to the story.

I did not like this book because of the writing and the pace of the story. I felt as if the story took a while to gain momentum in the plot line. When the book finally drew me in, it was almost at the end. The rest of the story was rushed to arrive at the ending. However, I did like how the story had a nice ending. Despite the bear getting in trouble for chopping down trees, he was still able to enter the paper airplane competition. So the ending was rushed, but it had a nice conclusion.

The big idea of the story is to tell the truth when you make a mistake. The bear had been chopping down trees, and eventually went on trial for this act. Instead of lying, and getting in more trouble, the bear told the truth. He did not know what he was doing affected other people. It is never a good idea to hide the truth from people. ( )
  rthoms2 | Apr 11, 2017 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 16) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
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When tree branches begin disappearing and paper airplanes are left in their place, the forest creatures carry out an investigation to find the culprit who has been stealing their homes.

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