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Skies Over Sweetwater

– tekijä: Julia Moberg

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In 1944, eighteen-year-old Bernadette (Bryd) Thompson leaves her Iowa home and attends training camp for the Women Airforce Service Pilots in Sweetwater, Texas, where she hones her flying skills and befriends women of different backgrounds.

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näyttää 5/5
Birdy dreams of being a pilot during World War II, so she leaves home to join the Women's Airforce Pilots, where she'll make friends, face prejudice, and chase her dreams. This offers an interesting look into history that readers may never have been aware of. The author’s note at the end describes the story further, explaining how unknown the story is and why this should be changed. The characters are a little clichéd, with a braver than life girl finally achieving her dream in death and a snobby rich girl concealing a misunderstood and kind heart. However, these characters have a charm to them that allows readers to forgive this. Birdy herself is equally full of doubts and dreams, as most children this age are, and readers will find themselves absorbed in her story. Some events seem almost abruptly dealt with—Birdy’s fears seem to disappear once overcome, the story builds up to a flight that ends up never being fully described. In addition, the story is slow at times, detailing an almost ordinary life. Girls will enjoy the empowerment this story provides, though, as these characters will face fear, prejudice, and unfriendly peers in the attempts to achieve their dreams. ( )
  MartyAllen | Nov 26, 2011 |
Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.com

Byrd's father loved flying and spreading the joy of flying. When he died in a flying accident, Byrd's mother refused to talk about airplanes or even let her daughter near one. Byrd disobeyed, and found herself when she flew. Soon she obtained a pilot's license and gave lessons.

During WWII, she heard about a special school for women pilots to aid the war effort. She immediately took the entrance exam, never dreaming that she'd be accepted.

Byrd leaves small town life and travels across the country by train to attend WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) training school. Here, the girls sleep on cots, share a bathroom with twelve other women, perform calisthenics, and enjoy excellent food during a time where rationing food swept the nation.

Then the real day begins when they attend flying lessons with men who want them to fail.

Bi-weekly tests secure a girl's place at the school, and if performances are not acceptable, girls wash out and go home. Byrd and her friends are determined not to let that happen to their squad. For these girls, flying is in their blood, and they feel at home in the air.

Julia Moberg writes about a little known fact in American history when the women ruled the skies, testing airplanes for the Air Force, ferrying planes for male pilots, and doing their part for the war effort. ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 13, 2009 |
Story of the first women pilots of the Women Airforce SErvice Piliots (WASP) during WW2
  lindamamak | Sep 7, 2009 |
If you never heard of W.A.S.P, this book introduces the reader to extraordinary women who were the first to fly for the airforce in WWII. Moberg does an excellant job of letting the reader feel the wind on their face, the movement of an AT-11, and the sadness, courage, and victories that men and women endured in this time in history. ( )
  rampeygirl | Oct 26, 2008 |
In 1942, Eleanor Roosevelt said that female pilots were "a weapon waiting to be used." Not many people agreed with her, but some did, and the WASP was founded. Out of many thousand applications, 1,000 were chosen to take over routine and not-so routine flying duties, freeing male pilots to fight overseas. They got the worst training facilities, hand-me-down male uniforms, abuse from male officers who didn't believe in them, but they persevered. This is the story of oneof them, 18-year old Bernedette "Byrd" Thompson, as she transitions from Iowa farm girl to professional pilot. Young women will find it inspiring and uplifting. I'm no longer young, but it inspired me as well. ( )
  shwetzel | May 1, 2008 |
näyttää 5/5
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In 1944, eighteen-year-old Bernadette (Bryd) Thompson leaves her Iowa home and attends training camp for the Women Airforce Service Pilots in Sweetwater, Texas, where she hones her flying skills and befriends women of different backgrounds.

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