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A Wrinkle in Time – tekijä: Madeleine…

A Wrinkle in Time (vuoden 1976 painos)

– tekijä: Madeleine L'Engle

Sarjat: The Time Quintet (1), Kairos (1)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut / Maininnat
32,46884761 (4.05)4 / 1086
Oli synkkä ja myrskyinen yö. Outo vieras yllätti Megin ja hänen perheensä juuri heidän ollessaan yöpalalla. Vieras kertoi, että tesserakti, hyppy ajassa, oli mahdollista. Tavallisuudesta poikkeava fantasiaseikkailu.
Teoksen nimi:A Wrinkle in Time
Kirjailijat:Madeleine L'Engle
Info:Laurel Leaf (1976), Edition: Reissue, Paperback
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):
Avainsanoja:fiction, novel, science fiction, young adult/children's literature

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February 2020 - At first I was all into it thanks to that obnoxious little Charles Wallace and his mad sandwich making skills (adding liverwurst, cream cheese & onion to my grocery list). But then the story got all weird and magic-y in Chapter 4 so I was out.
  Jinjer | Jul 19, 2021 |
After finishing the book several days ago and thinking about it a lot since putting it down, what stands out most to me is L'Engle's bold choice in 1962 to publish a book with so many strong female characters. In that early post-50's era in America, most women stayed at home to raise their children and did not work outside the home. Mrs. Murry, however, is a brilliant scientist who ponders some of the universe's most challenging questions in what appears to be an equal partnership with her husband, such as in their joint consideration of whether tesseracts exist. She is also a loving mother who cares for her children while keeping something back for herself -- an important lesson for girls, particularly, who are frequently raised with the idea that Prince Charming will come along and sweep them away to a life of happiness if they only give themselves over completely. Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which are not necessarily female in their true
essence (hence the description of Mrs. Whatsit's transformation on Uriel into a centaur-like creature with "a head resembling a man's"), but they choose to appear as female to Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace. Although their undeniable power is limited on Camazotz, they do give Meg powerful instruction and advice. L'Engle turns gender constructs on their head even further when she describes Meg's desire to have her father save the day ("Father will make it all right, Meg thought. Everything will be all right now."), and her anger and disappointment over his inability to meet those ingrained expectations. After being nurtured by the clever Aunt Beast, and given the gift of unconditional love by both Aunt Beast and Mrs. Whatsit, Meg then comes to the powerful realization that she (not her father, and not Calvin) must be the one to save Charles Wallace, and she does so using a unique combination of her head and heart: she figures out the riddle that love will be the thing that brings her brother back.
While some of the deeper themes might be difficult for elementary school age children to grasp, certainly they could understand the concepts that 1) girls can do everything boys can do, sometimes better; and 2) unconditional love, given and received freely, has unlimited power to transform even what appears to be the most hopeless situation. While many critics have discussed the clear Christian overtones of L'Engle's story and its parallels to God's unconditional love for us, I believe L'Engle took it one step further than Christian doctrine when she has Charles Wallace, Calvin and Meg identify the "others" in addition to Jesus who have provided "lights ... to see by" to the world. In this regard, Calvin specifically includes non-Christian leaders Gandhi (a Hindu) and Buddha, suggesting L'Engle's inclusion of other religious traditions in the fight against evil. I found this refreshing in the current climate of "us versus them" perpetuated by some in the Christian right, particularly in light of my own hodge-podge belief that Jesus died for all of us, but God was smart enough to know that billions of billions of us wouldn't buy the same story to get to Him, so we have other faith traditions enabling an understanding of the divine. ( )
  jgmencarini | Jul 11, 2021 |
OK, so this is an odd one. I'm marking it down as "read," which is technically true. Well, it's true in every sense, except that I was rereading it and haven't finished the reread. And I'm not gonna.

On the advice of a student, I'm not going to ruin my memories of reading this book again, and that is what I was in danger of doing. When I was in middle school (or the equivalent thereof-- middle schools may not have existed when I was that age, but they for sure didn't exist in the town I was living in) I remember reading this series and loving it. My best bud was equally enamored, going so far as to name his Siamese Progonoskes (we, or at least I, called him Progo for short). Long story short, I was much more forgiving when I was a dumb little kid.

And I'm fully OK with the possibility that I'm a dumb old adult, but I just don't dig this book. I think a couple of factors are involved: first, I've taught courses on YA lit and can't help but read [b:A Wrinkle in Time|18131|A Wrinkle in Time (Time, #1)|Madeleine L'Engle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1329061522s/18131.jpg|948387] in that light. L'Engle falls prey to what my students and I discussed on a number of occasions, namely that YA lit can have a short shelf-life in part because for verisimilitude, the characters have to speak in a particular way that is realistic for that age group. Unfortunately for L'Engle, that way has changed since 1962 or whenever this nugget was published.

Second, I was rereading because I was considering this book for a class I'm teaching in the fall on science fiction. Not happening. It's too close to fantasy, for one thing, with precocious little shit Charles Wallace (even his name is unbearable) somehow psychically connected to various characters. Granted, that's just one thing (I can go on, but won't-- I don't want to risk the wrath of my wife who is the YA aficionado in the house, and professes a love of this book that approaches [b:The Outsiders|231804|The Outsiders|S.E. Hinton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1314327508s/231804.jpg|1426690]). With other YA novels that are much more provocative, such as [b:Feed|169756|Feed|M.T. Anderson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327891005s/169756.jpg|163928], to choose from if I want to include YA lit at all, I just can't spend time on something that just screams SILLY as each page is turned.

But really, this book still holds great memories for me, and I don't want to lose that. I haven't read far enough to completely ruin it (only 50 or so pages, or about a third--I'm reading it on my iPad so it's hard to say), and since I definitely won't be teaching it, there's no need. I'll settle for my memories instead. ( )
  allan.nail | Jul 11, 2021 |
I'm tempted to say that I might have liked this better if I'd read it when I was a child, but I'm starting to understand that there's a reason I didn't read books like L'Engle's as a kid. I prefer realistic fiction now, and did then too. But it's not the fantasy elements per se that marred A Wrinkle in Time for me. The bones of L'Engle's story are good and her characters engaging, but she takes such a heavy hand presenting her religious themes that those passages are jarringly incongruent with the rest of the narrative. Her message on the power of love is sufficient without loading a lot of vaguely Christian theology on top of it, and the book would be as good (better, IMO) if whole speeches were edited out. Disappointing, but I'm glad I finally know the story.
( )
  CaitlinMcC | Jul 11, 2021 |
children's fiction classic (fantasy with God/Christian references). I'd forgotten most of the plot aside from the tesseract bit. I know this is a favorite of many, but as an adult I think I might enjoy the new movie more than the book. ( )
  reader1009 | Jul 3, 2021 |
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For Charles Wadsworth Camp and Wallace Collin Franklin
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It was a dark and stormy night.
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"The tesseract--" Mrs. Murry whispered. "What did she mean? How could she have known?" [p.27]
Well, the fifth dimension's a tesseract...In other words, to put it into Euclid, or old-fashioned plane geometry, a straight line is not the shortest distance between two points. [p.75]
“Maybe I don’t like being different,” Meg said. “but I don’t want to be like everybody else, either.”
“You mean you’re comparing our lives to a sonnet? A strict form, but freedom within it?”

“Yes.” Mrs. Whatsit said. “You’re given the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself. What you say is completely up to you.”
The middle beast, a tremor of trepidation in his words, said "You aren't from a dark planet, are you?"
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(Napsauta nähdäksesi. Varoitus: voi sisältää juonipaljastuksia)
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Oli synkkä ja myrskyinen yö. Outo vieras yllätti Megin ja hänen perheensä juuri heidän ollessaan yöpalalla. Vieras kertoi, että tesserakti, hyppy ajassa, oli mahdollista. Tavallisuudesta poikkeava fantasiaseikkailu.

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