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Rinkitink in Oz (Wondefful World of Oz…

Rinkitink in Oz (Wondefful World of Oz series, Book 10) (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 1916; vuoden 1980 painos)

– tekijä: L. Frank Baum

Sarjat: Oz : Baum (10), Oz (10), Oz : Famous Forty (book 10)

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1,0541114,170 (3.88)14
When all the inhabitants of Pingaree are kidnapped by the mongrel hordes of twin island kingdoms, Prince Inga and his friend King Rinkitink decide to go to the rescue.
Teoksen nimi:Rinkitink in Oz (Wondefful World of Oz series, Book 10)
Kirjailijat:L. Frank Baum
Info:Del Rey (1980), Mass Market Paperback, 281 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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Rinkitink in Oz (tekijä: L. Frank Baum) (1916)


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After months of bitter abuse on my part, Baum has finally gotten my eyes to open on the kind of wonder he is capable of. 'Rinkitink in Oz' did not start out well, I despised the jolly fat king from the start. His bitter steed, the talking goat Bilbil, was cold comfort. On the other hand there was life in this story. Prince Inga is living an idyllic life with his parents in their prosperous island kingdom until shortly after a visit from King Rinkitink they are invaded and conquered by a warrior kingdom that the peaceful folk of Pingaree couldn't withstand. The invaders have torn down every building, uprooted every crop, but they fail to capture Prince Inga, King Rinkitink and the surly Bilbil. With only the aid of three magic pearls, a family heirloom, Inga must find a way to find his parents and free his people.

Taking place outside of the boundaries of fairyland, death can actually occur, so there is already an edge of danger to the adventure. The magic pearls provide all of the power and protection and wisdom the Prince needs, but their nature allows Baum to dispense with them where needed which keeps the action interesting. The only issue is that inevitably Oz must come into the picture, but unlike in 'The Scarecrow of Oz' where Glinda dispatches the Scarecrow with some actual help and authority, backhanded aid comes from Oz simply because Dorothy felt like it at the time. Our erstwhile heroes, in the end, were deprived of their chance to triumph in their own adventure. Inga could have done it if he'd just been given a chance.

Frustrating as the end was, I can't go on being so disagreeable about these books considering I have four or five more to go before I can walk away a free man. Baum had a story that carried itself all the way through with bits of Edwardian slapstick and rhyme humor, adversity overcome, and surprising turns. This was a book that Baum was happy to be writing. Until he had to slap the word Oz on the cover and dispatch a farm girl and a basket of eggs to sweep away any progress the story had made towards a satisfying conclusion. So I'm pretending that never happened and rating the book as well-liked. I admit there is irony in complaining about the intrusion of Oz when I'll likely never read any of Baum's non-Oz books, because from the energy that clearly remained in him they wouldn't be a waste of time.


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Previous: 'The Scarecrow of Oz' ( )
  ManWithAnAgenda | Feb 18, 2019 |
If Baum had just had the courage of his convictions - or not been looking to make a quick buck - we might laud King Rinkitink as the best of his non-Oz fantasies today. As it is, we don't know why he abandoned the book originally, but he chose to revive it as an Oz story by slapping a brand new ending on that functioned as a deus ex machina, reintroducing favorite old characters and dragging everyone to the Emerald City. Effectively, it ruins what has up to that point been a superlative fantasy-adventure novel. I didn't like the book much as a child because there wasn't a lot of Oz in it, but today, I can see it for what it is. I wish I could read Baum's original version because I'm sure that was even better. ( )
  saroz | Nov 3, 2018 |
The adventures of the jolly monarch Rinkitink and his talking goat Bilbil, who arrive on the island kingdom of Pingaree only to be caught in the middle of a war between Pingaree and a neighboring kingdom. ( )
  nx74defiant | Nov 27, 2016 |
The 10th Book of Oz. This book leaves some of the beloved characters for awhile (don't worry they do show up later. You will have to figure out how) For this adventure you meet Prince Inga. He lives in Pingaree which is a country that has the most beautiful pearls. When his beautiful land is invaded by the warriors of Regos and Coregos his parents and all the people of his island are kidnapped it is up to the prince to save them. Along with the help of the King Rinkitink, from Rinkitink and talking goat, Bilbil they set out across the ocean to free the Princes people. The Prince does carry with him the secret treasure of Pingagree to help the succeed but many things go wrong and at times it seems all hope is lost. You have to read to see where the adventure leads.

It was a nice change to meet some more of the inhabitants of the lands of OZ. Baum follows bit of a formula in his writing so having new faces is fun. If this is your first time reading an OZ book you will not be disappointed. But for those who have read the other books I the series Baum does give a nod to events that happened previously without boring the reader to death.

All in all I would say a pretty ood read. :-) ( )
  mystic506 | Sep 3, 2016 |
Baum has definitely refound his footing as an author when it comes to the Oz books. He has found a formula that allows him to tell other stories, but still have them take place in the world of Oz. Some of his issues it appeared to be previously is he didn't want to continue Oz stories, but didn't recognize that he could tell stories about other countries by just including the last part of the book taking place in Oz, which is what he has done in the last few books. In this one it appears for the majority of the book oz will not be seen at all, but then finally in the final few paragraphs we see Dorothy and many of the other favorites of the series.

This story is one of his better stories as well because it is a mystical adventure where he created magic items that are simplistic in nature but also are ingenious. In this story the Prince of Pinagree (Inga) inherits three magical pearls that give him various powers. This allows him to complete many feats that others could not and as a result he works to free his family and rebuild his own kingdom. Baum created a story of friendship between countries, people, and how one can have a simple adventure story without blood and gore.

Parents would find this series to be ideal for their children because it keeps the imagination active for a child, but also teaches them various lessons about not being mean to others, not being envious, and other important lessons that children need to have. As an adult you will take some things away from it as well, but you will take less away morally and probably be like me where I just enjoyed a great adventure story that was a quick read. I highly recommend this book for anyone just wanting some good pleasure reading. ( )
1 ääni SoulFlower1981 | Jan 20, 2016 |
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To My New Grandson - Robert Alison Baum
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If you have a map of the land of Oz handy, you will find that the great Nonestic Ocean washes the shores of the Kingdom of Rinkitink, between which and the land of Oz lies a strip of the country of the Nome King and a Sandy Desert.
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When all the inhabitants of Pingaree are kidnapped by the mongrel hordes of twin island kingdoms, Prince Inga and his friend King Rinkitink decide to go to the rescue.

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