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Weekend – tekijä: Christopher Pike

Weekend (vuoden 1986 painos)

– tekijä: Christopher Pike (Tekijä)

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4301043,466 (3.46)9
A brief vacation trip to a beautiful oceanside mansion in Mexico is turned into a nightmare by a mysterious plot for revenge.
Teoksen nimi:Weekend
Kirjailijat:Christopher Pike (Tekijä)
Info:Scholastic (1986)
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
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Weekend (tekijä: Christopher Pike)


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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 11) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
While this is an overall good book the ending was just not believable to me. It's also very reminiscent of Pike's other book Slumber Party, like he just switched up the names and a few key points. This would have been a 4 star book if the ending wasn't so dissatisfying. ( )
  LynnK. | Aug 4, 2020 |
I'm not sure when I read this, I wanna say around 1997... but lets just say i read the shit out of my copy that I had to start borrowing from the library. It's so weird this was one of my favorite two books ever when I was a pre-teen. Seriously, this was number two back then. I still remember just about everything about it too. :P ( )
  RozzieReads | Jun 5, 2018 |
Sorry folks. I really should stop reading these books. But this one was available at the library. I was helpless. And I can’t promise that I won’t be going back to the library for more; apparently there’s a five-book vampire series that came out this century, so I kind of feel obligated to check it out.

But back to this one, brought to you by the year 1986. Same basic premise as Slumber Party – a bunch of friends are getting together for a weekend away, and one of them was seriously injured (poisoned to the point that her kidneys no longer work) at a party a few months prior. This takes place at a beach, not a lodge, and there are guys already part of the group. It is set at a fancy house on the Mexican coast (Mr. Pike seems to enjoy his super-rich kids). There are cat-fighting girls. There is a mystical man (one guess as to his described ethnicity). There are snakes.

This one had one twist that I saw about two chapters in; there was another twist that took me maybe four chapters. What I’m saying is that there isn’t a lot left to the imagination. And sometimes the writing is kind of hilarious – Mr. Pike is clearly trying to paint pictures with words. Sometimes he is really successful (I have to say I have no problem conjuring up his worlds in my mind) and sometimes he just goes overboard.

Am I glad I read it? Sure. Can I recommend it? Eh. If you’ve got 90 minutes to kill and want to dive into a little YA fun, you could do worse.
( )
  ASKelmore | Jul 9, 2017 |
Lena Carlton invites her classmates to spend the weekend at her family's mansion in Mexico. Lena's gravely ill sister, Robin, is already there. Seven other people arrive: Sol, Lena's boyfriend; Kerry, the girl Sol dumped to be with Lena; Park, Robin's ex-boyfriend; Angie, the girl Park dumped Robin to be with; Flynn, a mysterious new student from England; Shani, Park's childhood friend who's nursing a not-so-secret crush on Flynn; and Bert, an agreeable guy who's either secretly brilliant (according to Shani) or just massively lucky (according to me).

The weekend fun kicks off, as much as possible considering Robin's condition and the volatile combination of attendees, most of whom were also at the fateful party that resulted in Robin's kidney damage. Supposedly everything that happened that night was an accident, but what if it wasn't? Shani, in particular, can't quite banish that thought. What if one of her friends had purposely tried to kill Robin? This becomes an important question when the weekend takes a sudden turn for the worse. The garage blowing up is only the beginning.

I read nearly everything Christopher Pike wrote prior to 1996, so I assume I read this too, although I didn't remember one bit of it. I'll count it as a reread anyway.

So, this one actually held up pretty well. I don't know that I'd recommend it to someone who didn't already have the “Christopher Pike nostalgia” baggage, but the combination of characters worked well for me, and I had lots of fun when the action really got going.

There were some disappointing aspects. The supernatural elements were extremely light, limited to a mysterious shaman who told Robin a story that fit her situation eerily well. The book was also incredibly talky – Pike took his sweet time setting the stage, laying out everyone's histories with everyone else and showing how they all interacted. It wasn't until the story was more than halfway over that the action started and, even then, the characters spent a lot of time talking (there was a very long attempt to recreate what happened the night of the party that landed Robin in the hospital). I was able to put up with it because I actually liked all those messy relationships, even though I couldn't quite figure out why some of the characters had agreed to spend the weekend together, considering how much they hated each other.

As for how things worked out in the end, I swear, it read like something out of a made-for-TV thriller. There were lots and lots of snakes, an annoying character who wouldn't stop screaming, and multiple possible villains. Characters were drugged and/or poisoned. It was a mess. And at the same time, not nearly as big of a mess as I expected, in large part due to Pike's decision to turn this into one giant reader fake-out.

I'll confirm one thing as true: yes, Robin's kidneys were damaged, and yes, she was on dialysis. As far as everything else went, it'd seem like you knew the truth and then it was revealed that actually something completely different had been going on. I suppose I should have felt cheated – there was so much fakery that the Carlton mansion might as well have been a Hollywood set – but instead I had a blast. I doubt I'd react so well if I had been able to remember anything from my original reading of it, or if I read another Pike novel soon after this one that did the same thing, but it was a lot of fun this once.

That said, wow was the ending fluffy. Why were any of these people still friends? Most of them should have quietly agreed to keep each other's secrets and then never talked to each other again. Or, you know, called the cops on each other. No matter the motives, the result was still arson and attempted murder. These people win the award for most dysfunctional friends ever.

If you're looking for something completely bonkers, it'd probably be best to read something else, especially if you're interested in Pike's usual supernatural elements. But if you'd like a slightly more grounded level of bonkers and don't mind massive fake-outs, this might be a good one to try.

Rating Note:

I'm probably giving this too high of a rating, but I don't care - it's how I felt immediately after finishing the book.

(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.) ( )
  Familiar_Diversions | Jul 26, 2016 |

3.5 stars

I've always been a big fan of Christopher Pike - as a reading machine teenager I gobbled his stuff up like candy. Most of his stuff still wows me as an adult, but while this was a good book, it doesn't fully hold up to my standards anymore.

A group of young adults go to visit their rich friends for a weekend of fun, drinking, and just joking about orgies that never happen. The two sisters who own the cabin are a blended group - one is a the too-pretty-to-be-true girl who can grab any man she wants, while the other is a sweet and ailing sister who is the victim of a poisoning the last time the friends got together. We have to go through her frequent kidney dialysis, and can I just say that's not a fun thing? Kidneys always bugged me, so I can sympathize with anyone who has to go through that.

'Weekend' loved to freak me out with snakes too. Rattlers are everywhere - in the first few chapters, later, and then with the ending in a big way. *Shudder* I HATE snakes, especially vipers. The ending scene was especially bad and nightmare worthy, I can't imagine much that would be worse. I'm not sure Pike was realistic with some of the snakes, though. I don't think they drip brown stuff from fangs, but who knows, they're creepy enough without it.

The first part of the book was almost dull because the gang drives and talks, stands around and talks, gets together and talks, and then is in the cabin awhile...talking. I know Pike wanted to set up the mystery that happened before, show the characters and their connections to each other, set the stage so to speak, but it would have been nice to have something jarring in between to keep the interest. The book got much better when the actual mystery part happened where they were confronted again about that awful party that went oh-so-wrong a year ago.

The ending is a little weak just because it was a bit unrealistic being so happily ever after for the characters. I expect this was because Pike was sticking true to the age level of this novel and needed to have something like that neatly wrapped up, but still it bugged me about one of the characters being let off so easily about the 'big, bad thing' they did.

Overall it's a good book and as usual, Pike shows his creative mental ability to show a twisted story a hand at a time, holding a lot of cards back until he reveals the full flush. His parable with the Dove, Eagle and Snake was also awesome, that small twist he puts in a story that makes it stand out as unique.

( )
  ErinPaperbackstash | Jun 14, 2016 |
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A brief vacation trip to a beautiful oceanside mansion in Mexico is turned into a nightmare by a mysterious plot for revenge.

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