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Threads of Time, Vol. 1 – tekijä: Mi…

Threads of Time, Vol. 1 (vuoden 2004 painos)

– tekijä: Mi Young Noh

Sarjat: Threads of Time (1)

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411479,443 (3.11)2
"The most frightening thing about Moon Bin Kim's nightmare is that he doesn't appear to be dreaming--this high school student in the 21st century lives a parallel life in the 13th century as the son of a prominent warrior family!"
Teoksen nimi:Threads of Time, Vol. 1
Kirjailijat:Mi Young Noh
Info:TokyoPop (2004), Paperback
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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Threads of Time, Vol. 1 (tekijä: Mi Young Noh)


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This review was originally written for the website ListerX.com, which is now defunct. It can also be found on my blog, The Graphic Librarian.

While Tokyopop has probably had better covers (the kind that evokes a "WOW" response) there's nothing truly wrong with this first volume's layout. The color scheme is vibrant and Moon Bin's pose cuts smoothly across the page. The rough, blood-hued design in the background behind him does well to evoke the ancient, yet turbulent times in which most of the manhwa is set. I also found the title font to be especially fascinating, as it takes two different sized word strands and intertwines them, much like Moon Bin's life intertwines with his counter part, Sa Kyung's. The back cover's design imitates that of the front and contains a single side image of an intricate sword unsheathed in front of its scabbard.

The body proportions are very well done in this volume and the artist seems to like showing off that fact, not that I'm complaining. Noh is definitely not a stranger to the workings of human anatomy. The backgrounds are also nicely rendered, enhancing rather than detracting from the overall look of the manhwa, which can be difficult when switching back and forth between two different time periods. My only real complaints about the artistry are almost completely objective. First is the characters' hair, which is stylistically more typical of Korean art than Japanese. It looks like the artist went out of her way to try and draw each individual strand, which is not at all what I'm used to. While it works most of the time, there are occasions where the strands seem to take on a life of their own, giving their owners an odd appearance similar to that of Medusa. The other thing that quickly began to bother me was the apparent overuse of speed lines during many of the action sequences. They seemed to be everywhere, often taking the place of real backgrounds. Some may enjoy this technique, but I found it to be a bit distracting. Otherwise, all of the action is nicely rendered and flows smoothly from panel to panel. The artist obviously knows her stuff and it shows in nearly every aspect of her work.

**Possible Spoilers Warning**

Well, one thing's for sure, this manhwa certainly isn't slow getting started. The story opens almost in the middle of things and although your left wondering, "What exactly is going on here?" things quickly shift to the story's real beginning and a young man named Moon Bin. He's been having nightmares about the ancient country of Koryo (aka 13th century Korea) and a beautiful woman who wanders there. The nightmares seem to be getting worse and other strange things begin to happen as well, such as sightings of strange people and visions of long forgotten battles.

Everything coalesces one day during swim class, when Moon Bin is pulled under the water by the woman from his dreams, which causes him to lose consciousness. When he awakens he finds himself in his dream world and this time there doesn't appear to be any way to return home. Moon Bin has mysteriously slipped into the life of Sa Kyung, the son of a very prominent Koryo general. As he explores his new world, it disturbs him to find that he continuously come across familiar faces from his other life, where, unbeknownst to Moon Bin, his own body now lies in a coma. Overall, he seems to be taking his situation rather well with the most difficult adjustment being the fact that his parents actually care about him in this new world, something the teenager has absolutely no experience in dealing with.

Things step up a notch when Moon Bin discovers that Sa Kyung's sister, who has been trapped in a deep coma for many years, is the same mysterious woman who pulled him into Koryo. Shortly after this discovery, his father is summoned to the palace because war is about to break out with the Mongols. He places Moon Bin in charge of protecting their family and gives his son a sword which has been passed down for generations. I suppose it's not really surprising to find that Moon Bin is quickly starting to feel attached to this new world and its inhabitants.

The focus suddenly jumps to what I can only assume will be the female lead in the series, who remains nameless in V.01. She's furious because she wants to fight in a contest that only the Puruneree (aka Mongol Lords) can enter. Although her blood is just as pure, she is being denied the privilege because she is a woman. Dressed as a boy, she decides to risk discovery and her father's dishonor to enter the competition. However, she may get far more than what she bargained for.

Content Warnings
Language = Yes.

Violence = Yes - a bloody fight scene or two, but nothing too graphic.

Nudity = Well, there is one small scene, but nothing's really shown, it's only suggested.

Sexual Situations = Not really.

Cover - 8/10 - I've seen better. . . But I've seen MUCH worse, too. Bright, vivid colors may appeal to some, but not others.

Artwork - 7/10 - The distinctly manhwa flavor or the art may not appeal to some, but overall it's nicely rendered.

Plot - 8/10 - Things happen so fast in this volume and you're left with lots of questions - all of which will hopefully be revealed before the series' end.

Overall - 8/10 - The manhwa is a very nice introduction to what looks to be a fun & action-packed series. I'm looking forward to reading future volumes. ( )
  purpledragon42 | Jan 2, 2007 |
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"The most frightening thing about Moon Bin Kim's nightmare is that he doesn't appear to be dreaming--this high school student in the 21st century lives a parallel life in the 13th century as the son of a prominent warrior family!"

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