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The Swindlers Daughter

Tekijä: Stephenia H. McGee

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3026737,189 (4.3)-
"When she learns the father she thought long dead has died in prison, Lilian Doyle is left with an unusual inheritance occupied by a standoffish cowboy. Setting matters straight sends her on a path of dangerous secrets and a choice that will change her life forever"--

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I loved this wonderful story. I loved the romance and the bits of intrigue. I loved Lillian and Jonah. I also really liked Alma. I did not want to put the book down. I enjoyed learning a little about bootlegging. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will. ( )
  Virginia51 | May 26, 2023 |
How would you feel, and how would you deal with learning that your father had recently died, instead of years ago? Could you adapt to a small backwoods town after being a city dweller all of your life? Lillian Doyle's life turns upside down after she learns that her entire existence has been filled with secrets and pretenses. Her "widowed mother" wasn't married to her father, her father recently died in jail, and she may just have become "a swindler's daughter and heiress"!

The Swindler's Daughter is listed as historical fiction but it's also a study of emotions. Lillian is shocked to learn the truth about her parents, and she's forever changed by the startling revelations. Is it any wonder that she thinks that "her entire life was a sham"? Stephenia H. McGee grabbed my attention from the beginning with this intriguing story that's set in Georgia in 1912, during the time when Prohibition was law, bootleggers thrived, and corruption existed. This is a captivating book and I recommend it to all who enjoy historical Christian suspense.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. There was no obligation for a favorable review. ( )
  fcplcataloger | May 26, 2023 |
Title: The Swindler’s Daughter
Author: Stephania McGee
Pages: 352
Year: 2023
Publisher: Revell
My rating is 3 out of 5 stars.
Lillian Doyle has arrived in Dawsonville, Georgia, to claim her inheritance from a father who has recently died. However, Lillian’s mother has claimed him dead for all of Lillian’s life. She longs for a family as her relationship with her mother is cold and distant, even though Lillian loves her mother. Upon arrival in town, she discovers the house her father left her is already inhabited by a woman who claims the house was promised to her son, Jonah. The woman, Melanie, refuses to leave. Lillian doesn’t want to throw anyone out on the street, so she agrees to let the family stay while she sorts through her father’s belongings. Lillian has no plans to stay once this task is done.
As she sorts through her father’s things, she discovers a ledger with mysterious notations. She has no idea what they mean but thinks it might be important. Jonah has helped her sort through some things while his mother continues in her insistence that God has told her to plan on opening a bakery on the first floor of the house. Lillian once had a dream of opening a bookstore, and as she listens to Melanie begins to think she might be able to realize her dream. She might decide to stay in Dawsonville and never return to Atlanta. Then, an intruder surprises Lillian one night. What was he doing in the house? On another occasion, the house is ransacked. What is going on?
Negatives: The title of the story is misleading as there was no swindler, which is someone who cheats someone else out of something. Jonah whined a lot about his plans never working out. The story spent too much time talking about home renovations that slowed the pace of the story, making it boring in some portions.
Positives: I loved Alma. She was welcoming, compassionate, sweet, and a good friend to Lillian. I also liked how the relationship between Melanie and Lillian progressed to that of a loving mother and daughter, a relationship that Lillian never received from her own mother. Melanie voiced godly wisdom, sometimes through funny analogies.
Note: The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. ( )
  lamb521 | May 25, 2023 |
A society woman's world falls apart when she discovers that her mother kept a HUGE secret from her. Her father had been alive her whole life and had only recently passed away, living her his entire estate. Her mother refuses to answer her questions and forces Lillian to go to his hometown, settle the estate, and bring back the money. When Lillian arrives she discovers that her father's house has already been spoken for by her relative's friends and that her father's business partner seems less than scrupulous. While trying to get to the bottom of everything she starts to get a pang in her heart and wanting to stay. She has new found family, she is loving the independence she has without her overbearing mother, and there is a certain handsome man that has entered the picture. A slow burn historical romance with intrigue. A wholesome inspirational read that will enchant readers and open hearts. ( )
  ecataldi | May 23, 2023 |
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a story of romance, adventure and a bit of mystery to make the story interesting and hard to put down.
  starbritejan | May 19, 2023 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 25) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
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"When she learns the father she thought long dead has died in prison, Lilian Doyle is left with an unusual inheritance occupied by a standoffish cowboy. Setting matters straight sends her on a path of dangerous secrets and a choice that will change her life forever"--

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