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Stars and Smoke

Tekijä: Marie Lu

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Sarjat: Stars and Smoke (1)

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17420156,428 (4.08)-
Nineteen-year old Winter Young, the world's hottest superstar, is recruited by a covert organization to take down a criminal tycoon and finds himself paired with Sydney Cossette, a fierce and unpredictable secret agent, but suspicions soon turn to sparks as the two are drawn into a tangled web of secrets and deception.… (lisätietoja)

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If only the ending had not been so over the top and dragged on, this would have been one of the most perfect YA and Adult thrillers.

As it stands, both superstar singer and dancer Winter Young and superstar spy Sydney Cossette were finely drawn and unusually un-stereotyped characters. Both delivered compelling reading, notably with their mood shifts and introspections.

While their attraction was not quite predictable, with Winter still a closet gay, exploring it was still enjoyable. as the plot evolved into a new world of Under Hotel Training and backstage concert routines. Book Cover reveals were great and what a movie it will make with two lonely spy vs star balanced by Winter's wit and intelligent, intuitive awareness.

Penelope's personality was improbably concealed.

The opening Mission Logs were a fun and challenging lead off, while Necco Wafers
earn a new awakening.

Plot questions: Why would Winter EVER consider another mission after he nearly got Leo's family murdered? Shouldn't a Bodyguard have stayed with Winter and Penelope?
How did Niall and Sauda so quickly find them on the cargo ship? ( )
  m.belljackson | Mar 31, 2024 |
As an adult reader, I find YA reads are either a hit or a miss. There never seems to be an in between. I found "Stars and Smoke" by Marie Lu to be a definite hit! The characters are believable, the plot intriguing with lots of twists and turns, and the settings are well described. The storyline follows the lives of Winter Young, a world-wide superstar and Sydney Cossette, a nineteen-year-old agent working for an elite organization. Winter is recruited to join Sydney in taking down the notorious crime boss, Eli Morrison. At first, Sydney and Winter are at odds. The plot quickly changes as both realize that there is more to each other's backgrounds than they were originally led to believe. As they maneuver through spying on Eli and his associates, they quickly realize that all is not what it appears to be. I love when a novel has a surprise ending, and this one certainly did. An excerpt of the next novel in this series, "Icon and Inferno", is included at the end of this book. I love that it's set up as a stand-alone novel. It looks intriguing and another novel by Ms. Lu that I'm looking forward to reading. ( )
  AndreaHelena | Mar 30, 2024 |
Winter Young is a famous actor hired to take down a Father who is also a criminal. You might be asking why an actor is getting used to go under cover and it's because his daughter is a super fan to Winter like he is her ultimate idol and she is gets what she wants so Winter is hired as an entertainer and special agent all at once.

He gets a crash course training by Sydney Cossette who doesn't like him at first and even hates tbh him but the more time she spends with him she realizes she was wrong to judge him so quickly. They develop feels for one another when Winter has a near death experience. Someone on his side has gone rogue and tried to make an assassination attempt which didn't really makes since and it was at this pivotal moment in the book where I was hooked. Does the daughter even know her dad is a pos and how many men does this dad have wrapped around his finger?! ( )
  ikarladee | Mar 19, 2024 |
The most famous person in the world is going undercover . . .Global phenomenon Winter Young is the pop star of a generation. With sell-out tours and smash-hit records, everyone wants him, or wants to be him. That's why a top-secret government organisation think he'll make the perfect spy. His target is infamous business tycoon, and all-round bad guy, Eli Morrison. Because Morrison's daughter has just one birthday wish- a private concert with Winter Young. Winter must use his stardom to crack his target's inner circle and bring Morrison down. With him will be expert spy, and expert bad-ass, Sydney Cossette - and she's convinced Winter doesn't have what it takes. But as the stakes get higher and the tension ramps up, Sydney and Winter might find their best chance is each other.
  ggslibrarian | Feb 29, 2024 |
Musical superstar is convinced to play spy with a young bodyguard who has issues and several chips on her shoulder.
It's not a bad read and the characters were interesting, I'm vaguely wondering what happens next but I'm happy enough to leave it there.
He has a chance of getting some information about a multi-millionaire whose daughter wants a private birthday party (of thousands of guests) and of getting a spy into this situation, but as Winter and Sydney spend more time together they begin to see something in each other that resonates with potential. ( )
  wyvernfriend | Oct 25, 2023 |
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Nineteen-year old Winter Young, the world's hottest superstar, is recruited by a covert organization to take down a criminal tycoon and finds himself paired with Sydney Cossette, a fierce and unpredictable secret agent, but suspicions soon turn to sparks as the two are drawn into a tangled web of secrets and deception.

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