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Hiding from the Nazis – tekijä: David A.…

Hiding from the Nazis (vuoden 1997 painos)

– tekijä: David A. Adler (Tekijä), Karen Ritz (Kuvittaja)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut
946232,763 (4.17)-
The true story of Lore Baer who as a four-year-old Jewish child was placed with a Christian family in the Dutch farm country to avoid persecution by the Nazis.
Teoksen nimi:Hiding from the Nazis
Kirjailijat:David A. Adler (Tekijä)
Muut tekijät:Karen Ritz (Kuvittaja)
Info:Holiday House (1997), Edition: 1st, 32 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):*****
Avainsanoja:3-6, non-fiction, biography, World War 2, holocaust, Jewish


Hiding from the Nazis (tekijä: David A. Adler)


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This is a touching book about a girl, named Lore, who was living through WWII. When her family had to flee from their home, Lore had to hide from the Nazis and was separated from her parents at a young age and not knowing why. At such a young age, I could not imagine being separated from my parents and having to hide for my life. However, there is a happy ending. When the war was over, Lore was reunited with her parents, but not easily as she was unsure why they sent her away at first. It took her a while to trust her parents, but at least she was now safe and reunited with them. ( )
  GrantHebert | Apr 2, 2019 |
Hiding from the Nazis follows the early childhood of a young Jewish girl named Lore Baer as she is moved around Holland to avoid being taken by the Nazi soldiers. Lore is born in Amsterdam to her two loving parents and develops a wonderful relationship with her grandpa, Opa, and another Jewish family and their son Hans. When Nazi soldiers come to take Opa to a concentration camp, Lore's family goes into hiding and decides it is best for them to separate. Lore is moved to different families and eventually finds a home is Oosterblokker with the Schouten family on their farm. Eventually, Lore is reunited with her family after the war, but she is grateful for the time she spent in the Dutch countryside.

This story shares a beautiful message of hope. It demonstrates the compassion that people demonstrated during this time and the lengths they were willing to go to in order to protect their loved ones. It also has a central theme of family, and that just because you aren't born into a specific family, that does not mean that they will not treat you like they are one of their own. ( )
  MargaretStrahan | Oct 1, 2018 |
A book about Nazi's and the way they tortured a family. Yeah, I got depressed reading this book. It's beautifully illustrated in a pastel watercolor style by Karen Ritz and they add to the story with its drab colors, scenes of sadness, and a hard life lived by one little girl, Lore Baer, The story presented is a true story about a young girls life and how it changed during World War II. I don't know how to recommend this book to students. Its heavy material and there are things that she experienced that would be difficult to explain. There are teaching elements but i think they would be lost on such a heavy subject. This book could be used in a discussion on terror, WWII, and the plight of civilians during war time. I will try to avoid books like this in the future because I didn't expect to be impacted by the story on so many levels. Students should be exposed to this since this is such a big part of literature due to Anne Frank. The story presented here: war comes, she get separated from her parents, goes into hiding multiple times, gets reunited, and then deals with some PTSD issues. The language used is succinct and direct. Hiding from Nazis is serious and the book handles the situation with respect and dignity. Read this if you want a different perspective on how a child dealt with the worst of what man is capable of inflicting. Mr. Adler, I'm glad you made this book, I will never forget the life of Lore Baer. The horror of the war is amplified by, "this moving account of the Holocaust through the eyes of a child". I would use this book to explore WWII, tolerance, and hatred. A fifth grader could read this but it will take an adult brain to process all the issues presented. I commend the author for not sugar coating the reunion with her parents. ( )
  S.Johnson | Feb 5, 2017 |
I have never heard this story before. All of my reading I have done on WWII this child's account of surviving the holocaust was on the top of my list. When the Nazis invaded Amsterdam the Baer family knew they had to protect themselves. Ernest and Edith Baer had to give their daughter, Lore, to another family so that she would be protected from the Nazis. This 4 year old girl didn't know why she was being given away. She stayed with a family in the countryside of nearby Oosterblokker where her parents Edith and Ernest hid from the Nazis. Lore stayed with the Schouten family for 2 years until the war was over. When V-E day came Lore's parents came back for her, but she was scared of them because she didn't know why they had left her. She thought the country was her home. After getting to know her parents again they eventually moved to the United States. Edith scared of loosing her daughter again, made Lore promise to wave to her during lunchtime at school. Even though it took many years, Lore was able to trust her parents again. I would definitely use this book in my class to share with students a child's perspective of surviving the holocaust and having to learn to trust and love her parents again. ( )
  CasieBelaire | Nov 30, 2015 |
A little girl is born in Germany during World War II. Her family hides her at a family's house to keep her safe. The book documents her journey of fear, hiding, and refuge.
  elindseyziegler | Mar 14, 2015 |
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The true story of Lore Baer who as a four-year-old Jewish child was placed with a Christian family in the Dutch farm country to avoid persecution by the Nazis.

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