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Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal…

Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal romance from Hallmark… (vuoden 2021 painos)

– tekijä: Teri Wilson (Tekijä)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut
1471,183,172 (4.71)-
Teoksen nimi:Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal romance from Hallmark Publishing
Kirjailijat:Teri Wilson (Tekijä)
Info:Hallmark Publishing (2021), 288 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):****

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Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal romance from Hallmark Publishing (tekijä: Teri Wilson)


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A lighthearted & charming story. ( )
  Sandyhumber | Jul 11, 2021 |
What I think you should know:
Once Upon A Royal Summer is a clean contemporary romance by Teri Wilson.

What you might need to know:
Henry lost his wife, Rose’s Mother.
Lacey lost her mother when she was a child.

What I think about this book:
This is such a super cute book, perfect for a light hearted Summer read. Lacey is a theme park princess, but to her it is much more than a job, it is a way to bring brightness into the lives of others. I adored her, she showed that who you are and how you treat others is so much more important than what others think of you. Her Princess Rules were perfect. Henry was so much fun to watch him grow closer to his spunky, but vulnerable Princess Rose and you have a wonderful dynamic. If you are looking for a feel good read, look no farther!

I received a complimentary copy of this book, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  DonnaC83 | Jul 8, 2021 |
Author Teri Wilson is a magical storyteller. Her contemporary romance tales have a special sparkle all their own. "Once Upon a Royal Summer" is a charming love story with a thoughtful royal single dad and a sincere pretend princess--and the irresistible little real-life princess who brings them together. Lacey Pope is a professional fairy tale star, and she takes her role as "Princess Sweet Pea" very seriously. Each performance she gives at the Once Upon A Time amusement park in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is filled with her heart and her dedication to the happiness of the children in attendance. As a young girl, Lacey had spent lonely hours in the hospital where her terminally-ill mother was a patient. Those dark days had been brightened by visits from in-character theme-park princesses who brought a bit of sunshine to the oncology ward. Grown-up Lacey's realization that her boyfriend Mark just doesn't get--and just doesn't approve--of her devotion to her job brings their relationship to an end. At one of her shows, she notices a dad and his adorable daughter sitting alone at a table meant for a group of ten--meaning they had reserved the whole table for just the two of them. While the little girl is a cutie-pie and completely into the performance, her dad is rather skeptical--but he does have amazing blue eyes and he can waltz like a fairy tale hero. Prince Henry of the kingdom of Bella-Moritz is trying to remain incognito while giving his daughter Rose a dream vacation. Being a widowed prince with a young child, Henry feels the pressures of his royal legacy and the sharp-eyed scrutiny of his mother, the Queen. Lacey becomes the theme-park guide for Henry and Rose during their visit, and they are both quite enchanted by "Princess Sweet Pea". Henry invites Lacey to visit his country and be his guest at the royal palace. Feeling an empathetic bond with Rose and an attraction to Henry, Lacey accepts, and her stay in Bella-Moritz is more compelling than she expected, and far more heart-tugging than she could have imagined. It's hard for her to resist Henry's "soulful blue eyes", but can he convince her to take a leap of faith and reach for a real-life fairy tale happily-ever-after? Author Teri Wilson writes wonderful characters and amazingly-detailed story lines that are filed with heart and hope--just perfect for romance lovers like me.

Book Copy Gratis Hallmark Publishing ( )
  gincam | Jun 16, 2021 |
This was a fun and sweet book. Lacey is a theme park princess, Princess Sweet Pea, who loves her work, especially the smiles on the faces of the children she meets. When Lacey was a little girl, her mother became very ill, and Lacey spent a lot of time at the hospital with her. The theme park princesses used to visit the children, and Lacey grew up wanting to be one of those princesses. The only downside is that Lacey's boyfriend and his mother aren't impressed with her choice. That comes to an end when Lacey calls it quits on their relationship after one too many put-downs.

Henry is the crown prince of a tiny Mediterranean country. His wife died four years earlier, leaving him the single father of a little girl. Henry struggles to give Rose as normal a childhood as possible, frequently over the objections of his mother, the Queen. Finally, with a critical royal event coming up and Rose fighting her part in it, Henry decides the two of them need to get away for a few days. Rose's seventh birthday is in a few days, so Henry takes her to an American amusement park. The first day they arrive, they go to the park incognito, pretending to be an ordinary dad and daughter.

I loved Henry and his determination to give Rose as ordinary a life as possible. He remembers his childhood loneliness and wants something better for her. I enjoyed the scenes where he stood up to his mother and insisted on public school and again when he informed her of their trip.

I loved the first meeting between Lacey, Henry, and Rose. Henry took Rose to Princess Sweet Pea's tea party, and when Lacey made the rounds of the tables, she and Rose immediately bonded. Henry was a touch cynical and mocking and soon found himself called upon to dance with the princess. Lacey thought she'd show him up, and instead, he blew her away with his dancing skills, not to mention the electricity that zapped between them. Lacey thought she wouldn't see them again - until the following day when she discovered that Princess Sweet Pea would spend the next few days escorting them around the park!

The days at the park enhance the connection between Lacey and Rose, who bond over all things princessy. Rose is adorable in her enthusiasm and hero-worship of Lacey. There's a heartwarming scene where she sees Lacey interacting with a girl in a wheelchair and can't help reaching out herself. Meanwhile, Lacey and Henry discover how easy it is to open up to each other, and the sparks between them continue to grow. I loved how Henry shared his worry over Rose's new fear of riding her pony and the brilliant way that Lacey found to help. Henry didn't want to say goodbye to Lacey and impulsively invited her and her friend Ava to come to his country for the Flower Festival and Ball. His argument? "The royal ball?" she sputtered. "A real royal ball." Henry gave her a half-shrug. "We've danced in your castle. It seems only fair that we should dance in mine."

Lacey is equally excited and terrified to go to Bella-Moritz. She knows in her heart that there's no way a commoner and a prince can be anything more than friends, but that doesn't stop a tiny spark of hope. Henry and Rose are visibly happy to have Lacey there, though the Queen appears less so. Henry takes great delight in showing Lacey around, and it's easy to see where his heart lies. Lacey experiences a few awkward moments, especially around the Queen, but her enthusiasm remains high. Her innate kindness and ability to think of others lead her to a couple of terrific "Lacey to the rescue" moments. I ached for Lacey when a pre-ball disaster struck, leaving her heartbroken. Help came from an unexpected source, setting Lacey up for an incredible Cinderella-like moment. Henry's big moment was fantastic.

I enjoyed the secondary characters almost as much as the main characters. Rose was adorable. She wasn't too good, given her resistance to the pony thing, but her heart is just as big as her dad's. I loved how she connected with Lacey and the fun they had together. I also liked Henry's bodyguard, Ian. He is just as much friend as bodyguard, and he immediately notices the effect Lacey has on Henry. Lacey's best friend, Ava, was fun. I liked how well she knew Lacey and her support after Lacey's breakup. She was almost as excited as Lacey about their trip, and even more so once she laid eyes on Ian. Finally, the Queen was the biggest surprise. Her early appearances in the book made her seem stiff, cold, and autocratic, especially when it came to Rose's schooling. I worried a little at her first reaction to Lacey. But as the visit went on, I saw a different side to her. In the end, I thought that her heart was almost as big as Henry's. ( )
  scoutmomskf | Jun 14, 2021 |
ONCE UPON A ROYAL SUMMER by Teri Wilson is as lovely and sweet and charming as if you combined a fairy tale, Hallmark, and cotton candy. Which is what Wilson and Hallmark Publishers did. With a dash of Disney, sans naming Disney or anything close to copyright infringement.

Lacey Pope is a theme park princess, Princess Sweet Pea. She loves her job. She loves making children happy. She loves being part of a real-life fairy tale. Her fiance’ though, isn’t a fan, and is eager for her to move on to her “real” career. This is one reason they realize they aren’t right for each other and break it off. Lacey wonders why she isn’t more devastated.

Henry is a single dad to Rose. He also happens to be the crown prince of Bella-Moritz, a small kingdom off the south of France. He brings his young daughter to Lacey’s theme park for Rose’s 7th birthday. Rose falls in love with Princess Sweet Pea. As Henry and Lacey spend more time together, their attraction grows. But how can a fairy tale princess and a real life prince have a happily ever after.

Obviously, if you’re a romance lover, you know they’ll find a way.

This is a fun book, perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool. I enjoyed it and recommend it.

I received a free advance copy of this book from the publisher, but that did not induce me to review it, favorably or not. ( )
  cclpad | Jun 8, 2021 |
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