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Billy Summers

Billy Summers

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Teoksen nimi:Billy Summers
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Arvio (tähdet):****


Billy Summers (tekijä: Stephen King)


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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 36) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Once again, this Stephen King book is too long. It went along at a good clip for a while, then bogged down into kind of a convoluted mess. Things that bothered me: the easy way the female sidekick went from a naive young lady to a hardened partner easily capable of shooting somebody - not too believable; the use of the terms lappie and thumbie - I've never known anyone who talked like that; lots of people wearing "gimme caps" - again, never even heard the term before. Although I really like (or used to like) King's writing, silly stuff like that mars the experience for me. His short stories are really the best. ( )
  flourgirl49 | Dec 8, 2021 |
For a Constant Reader, I was excited to dig into a new Uncle Stevie production. This one hasn't been received as well as others, and I can see why. The writing is up to snuff, but the story stretches the boundaries of belief a little too far. I can swallow the Assassin with a Heart of Gold well enough, but the late entry of a victimized female character is a bridge too far. She behaves more like one of [[Ludlum]]'s vapid female heroines from the 1970's, which is one reason why I stopped reading the latter. She ends up being neither smart nor believable in the choices she endlessly makes.

3 bones!!! ( )
  blackdogbooks | Nov 28, 2021 |
“Writing is good. He’s always wanted to do it, and now he is. That’s good. Only who knew it hurt so much?”

In “Billy Summers” by Stephen King

Many eons ago I never had read a Stephen King book. I was aware he was very popular and wrote horror novels so I just skip those. One day I was in the local used book store and I came across “Different Seasons”. It didn't look like a horror book so I bought it. I just loved it (except the “Breathing Method”) and I especially liked “Rita Hayworth” and the “Shawshank Redemption”. Ever since then I made it a habit to get Mr. King's books that are NOT horror based and have never been disappointed like in “Billy Summers”. I wish he would write more serious stuff and leave the gore to someone else.

His horror novels are just as well written like “Later”. Has an uncanny ability to deliver the humanity of his characters front and centre regardless of genre. Truly is one of the great modern writers, who is often dismissed because so much of his writing is in the horror genre. In the end “Billy Summers” just seemed a bit uneven to me, like King ran out of steam towards the end. I knew something might be wrong when I had only a small amount of pages left, and they were heading towards getting the bad guy at last. I felt the same way about 11/22/63 which is a fantastic story, so thoroughly researched and intriguing - and remains one of my all-time favourite modern novels - but the ending was a little bit meh for me. Billy Summers was still worth reading though. Again, the research, the detail, the plotting, and the sheer adrenaline of the first half of the book was something else. Absolutely unputdownable. So maybe the endings just aren't meant to "do" what I expect them to do. But that’s just me. My least favourite books - and movies, and TV shows, for that matter - are the ones where all I'm doing is waiting to see how it all turns out. Where everything is written or said just to lead to the what-next. And once the last page is turned or the credits roll, there is nothing else left for me in it. Keep your neat bow I say to writers. Give me loose threads I can pull, tuck where I want, chew, tie balloons to. I may even make a bow. But don't make one for me. I like it when writers leave something at the end for me to hang a bow on. ( )
  antao | Nov 26, 2021 |
The first 400 pages were great. Beyond that, it just didn't do it for me. ( )
  Ashles | Nov 16, 2021 |
I wouldn't say that I've drunk the King Kool-Aid; there has been a decade or two when I've ignored his books. But I did become indoctrinated when Carrie and 'Salem's Lot were published, and I've been enjoying a renaissance of interest since Mr. Mercedes was released. I decided to try something a bit different with Billy Summers: listening to it on audiobook. I had fantastic success with Michael Connelly, so I figured another publishing powerhouse like Stephen King would have a first-rate narrator, too. I was right. Paul Sparks does an excellent job with the different voices, and his Billy Summers voice has just the right Clint Eastwood edge that's music to these ears of mine.

The character of Billy Summers drew me right in. He thinks of himself as "a garbage man with a gun," and thinks That One Last Job should be a literary subgenre. Billy is known throughout his world as the best assassin there is, but he's also thought of as being dumb. He has that dumb smile, that slow way of participating in a conversation, and he reads Archie comics, for cryin' out loud. But don't let him fool you. Billy Summers also reads Émile Zola, something the vast majority of us cannot say.

Billy rapidly gets a bad feeling about This One Last Job. It has him staying in place for months, for one thing. But the man he's being paid to kill is a very bad man, and Billy has given his word. Billy spends the time building his exit strategy, blending in with the people in the office building and his neighborhood, and... writing a book. In many ways, Billy Summers is an homage to writing, to the enlightenment and catharsis it can bestow upon the person who puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. As Billy writes his thinly veiled autobiography, readers learn about him and how he's survived one traumatic experience after another. He is, indeed, an assassin with a heart and a conscience.

Moreover, Billy doesn't carry the entire weight of his story solo. As This One Last Job unravels, a young woman named Alice joins him, and so does Bucky, a man Billy has relied upon many times. The three of them bring Billy's story to a satisfying conclusion. I even found myself reaching for the tissues by book's end and wondering what the mind of Stephen King will come up with next. ( )
  cathyskye | Nov 13, 2021 |
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Billy Summers sits in the hotel lobby, waiting for his ride. It's Friday noon. Although he's reading a digest-sized comic book called Archie's Pals 'n' Gals, he's thinking about Émile Zola, and Zola's third novel, his breakthrough, Thérèse Raquin.
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