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Tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä palvelujen toimittamiseen, toiminnan parantamiseen, analytiikkaan ja (jos et ole kirjautunut sisään) mainostamiseen. Käyttämällä LibraryThingiä ilmaiset, että olet lukenut ja ymmärtänyt käyttöehdot ja yksityisyydensuojakäytännöt. Sivujen ja palveluiden käytön tulee olla näiden ehtojen ja käytäntöjen mukaista.
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Present Danger (Rocky Mountain Courage Book…

Present Danger (Rocky Mountain Courage Book #1) (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2021; vuoden 2021 painos)

– tekijä: Elizabeth Goddard (Tekijä)

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5343391,352 (4.41)11

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Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
In Present Danger, Terra Connors is a special agent with the Forest Service who has been assigned to work with Jack Tanner from the Sheriff’s department on a murder case. Then one murder becomes two and there is a link to an artifact smuggling ring. The danger continues to increase as the two exes try to unravel the complicated web of crime and secrecy all while trying to avoid becoming ensnared once again by their love for each other.

I was drawn in at the beginning of the book by the murder and mystery. But I had a hard time connecting with the characters. I had an especially hard time identifying emotionally with Terra, as the way she reacted in a lot of situations and especially towards her ex seemed a little strange to me. And I felt like I really didn’t know Terra and Jack very well and wanted more details about their pasts. The secondary characters didn’t have much development either, so I found myself either bored with them or wondering what purpose they served. For example, toward the end of the story, I wondered about Terra’s friends that had been in the story earlier. They took up enough time that I thought they would have some kind of significant role later, but they were never mentioned again. I also thought the pacing was off. The story dragged for a long time. Things that weren’t important went on way too long, like the whole first Bar Wars conversation, talking about Billy Dee and Boba Fett. But then all the action at the end is rushed and it’s all over. Also, characters who are barely mentioned in the whole book, and therefore have little development wind up being major players. In the end, when secrets are revealed and Terra and Jack both learn the truth they never knew and it’s supposed to be emotional, it really wasn’t for me because I just wasn’t emotionally invested. Having said all that, I appreciate authors who write clean romance. I appreciate that there wasn’t any language that I objected to in the book. The story did have a lot of action and excitement. And although there wasn’t a lot of talk about faith, it was clear to me that the major characters had a relationship with God throughout the story. So it missed the mark on some counts for me, but it hit on some others.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. ( )
  TCJRogers | Jun 7, 2021 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
Nothing gets my attention more than an explosive start to a book. A plane crash in the mountains opens up this fast paced story and gains momentum as each chapter unravels. I love how the author has characters that are determined, fierce and a little history between them. The action is chaotic at times and keeps me bolted to my chair. I couldn’t wait to see what mystery I would try to solve.

It is easy to like Jack because he is the type that takes charge and never gives up. There is something in his past that distracts him at times but that just makes him a little mysterious at times. Maybe it’s the job he does that causes him to be so intense at times.

Coming onto the scene is Terra. Now she is a little complicated as she has this thing about proving herself. Oh and did I mention that her and Jack have a past together. I really liked learning about artifacts and National Parks. It intrigued me to find out that there are people willing to go to great links to take valuable and historical items from their natural in-habitat.

With a possible smuggling ring going on, bodies piling up and danger everywhere this is one of my favorite books from the author. I don’t want to give much detail because then you will know the whole story. I do know that the author throws in twists that had me shaking my head. I just knew I had figured out everything and bam she kicks it up a notch. Be ready for a few hours of intense drama that will leave you looking for more books from this very talented author.

I received a copy of this book from The Librarything Early Reader Program and the author. The review is my own opinion, ( )
  Harley0326 | May 31, 2021 |
Most people dream about going to the beach, but I’ve always been a mountain girl. My favorite vacations as a child were in the Poconos, and I still dearly love any kind of forest or mountain setting. Add in some suspense and I’m there! So, I was eager to kick off the Rocky Mountain Courage series by Elizabeth Goddard with “Present Danger.” This novel has an assemblage of elements characteristic of the romantic suspense genre, yet it avoids becoming formulaic through the execution of the plot.

Reuniting under less-than-perfect circumstances, Detective Jack Tanner and Forest Service Special Agent Terra Connors enter into a work partnership years after their romance abruptly ended. Both have moved back to their childhood homes and matured in the intervening years, determined to put the past behind them. A strange case requiring both of their skill sets resurrects secrets from the past, however, and raises questions about their families and what their current investigation has to do with the events of those fateful years. Taking this journey with the characters is a poignant reminder of how one occurrence can shape a person’s life, or as Terra’s mother told her, “The direction your life takes can often come down to one decision, one moment in time.”

The trafficking of archaeological artifacts is a criminal market that I had never heard of prior to reading this book. It truly surprises me that in some ways this theft seems relatively easy to accomplish—which I absolutely do not recommend, by the way!—especially outside the U.S. I was initially drawn to the archaeological aspect of this story because it sounded unique and was an area of interest to me as a kid. I enjoyed digging in my yard and looking for arrowheads, and ancient Egypt has always intrigued me a bit. As such, I wish that there had been slightly more of that facet within the story. I found myself struggling with keeping the secondary characters straight, especially in the second half, although I understand the reasoning behind writing it this way. Aunt Nadine is my favorite character; with her endearing confusion and love for dogs, she reminds me of a great-aunt of mine who passed away nine years ago.

Perhaps the most touching facet of “Present Danger” is the tender grappling of the main characters with their failures, real or perceived, and the constant striving to prove themselves. This is so relatable in our social-media-driven culture, and yet the solution remains simple: “Cease striving and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Sometimes when it seems that things are falling apart, God is actually weaving them together into a tapestry more beautiful than the one we thought we lost.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  Stardust_Fiddle | May 16, 2021 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
Present Danger is a wow-I-did-not-see-that-coming kind of book. Having read one other book by Elizabeth Goddard, I kind of knew what to expect, and was not disappointed. The story starts out with a plane crash and the edge-of-the-seat action continues as the body count rises. The characters are colorful and riveting, as well as realistic and either likable, relatable, or despicable. Terra and Jack had been involved in circumstances previously, and things did not end well. I enjoyed watching their relationship begin again and evolve into more than colleagues looking for a murderer. The dialogue flowed seamlessly without sounding forced, and most of the book, with its non-stop action, was unpredictable. I like how the author revealed things layer by layer, keeping me wondering how scenarios were ever going to work out. Readers who love exciting, heart-stopping mysteries will not want to miss Present Danger. It keeps you eagerly reading until the very last page. It is the first book in the Rocky Mountain Courage series and I will be looking for the next to come.
I was given a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher and was not required to write a review. The opinions are my own. ( )
  Anne_Rightler | May 9, 2021 |
A suspenseful read. Jack and Terra must work together when a body is found in Montana. This book will keep you guessing as you try to figure out what all of the ties are and why the victim was killed. Jack and Terra find themselves in danger many times as they try to figure out what the victim was doing and if it is tied to trafficking. A great read and I look forward to the next one.

I received a copy to read, the review is mine . ( )
  polarmath | May 8, 2021 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 43) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Terra is a US Forrest Service Special Agent. Jack is former FBI now a detective for the Sheriff's Department.  Jack has moved home to care of his aging aunt who raised him.  Terra and Jack have history together and have gone their separate ways but when a murder in the National Forrest brings them together to investigate, they are both wondering what might have been.  An international theft ring of protected historical artifacts has the agents on high alert and fearing for their lives and those of anyone connected. 

I have read Goddard’s work before but I think this book is my favorite.  She does a wonderful job catching your interest in the very beginning and keeping you glued to the pages.  I couldn’t get enough of this book with the many plot twists along with a complete surprise towards the end.  WOW, just wow!  I’m am, not so patiently, awaiting the next book in this series. The book is filled with nail biting suspense, intrigue and wonderful characters struggling to trust themselves and God's design for their lives.  In order to move forward with their lives and this case, the characters must face their past hurts and mistakes and learn to forgive and love again.  Definitely one of the best books I've read this year.

I received a review copy of this book from the author. I am voluntarily leaving a review. 
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