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Pint of No Return (Ice Cream Shop Mystery,…

Pint of No Return (Ice Cream Shop Mystery, 1) (vuoden 2021 painos)

– tekijä: Dana Mentink (Tekijä)

Sarjat: Ice Cream Shop Mystery (book 1)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut
1911932,115 (4.54)-
Teoksen nimi:Pint of No Return (Ice Cream Shop Mystery, 1)
Kirjailijat:Dana Mentink (Tekijä)
Info:Dreamscape Media (2021), Edition: Unabridged
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):*****

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Pint of No Return (Ice Cream Shop Mystery) (tekijä: Dana Mentink)


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If you want to read a book that includes an ice cream shop that makes the most incredible-sounding treats, you need to check out this book. Being the third ex-wife wife to arrive in this community, Trinidad wants to make her ice cream shop a success. But when she discovers the dead body of her neighbor, the Popcorn King, things heat up. Trying to clear the name of one of the other ex-wives of her ex-husband, Trinidad finds herself in danger and in the middle of the investigation.

I loved the characters in this book including Trinidad’s grandfather who shows up, along with Quinn and Doug (the local hazelnut farmers), the twin boys who help her in her shop, the police chief, and others. Oh yes, I must not leave out Trinidad’s dog who flunked out of service dog training. This canine creates fun and interest throughout the story while demonstrating the best characteristics a service dog should have.

The author did an excellent job of bringing the storyline and characters to life. I definitely want to read more books in this quaint town. So check out this book for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, but it in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  PattiPeanut1992 | Jul 8, 2021 |
What I think you should know:
Pint of No Return by Dana Mentink is a cozy mystery. It is the first in a new dessert cozy mystery series, A Shake Shop Mystery. Trinidad Jones has to restart her life in her ex-husband's home town. Unfortunately it is awkward to be one of three ex wives in a small town.

What I think about this book:
If you have read Mentink you know that you are in for a real treat. This may be the best cozy mystery I have ever read! Sprocket is such a charming small town with residents that bring it to life.I am not sure who is my favorite character. I LOVED Trinidad, her life didn’t turn out like she dreamed, however she is fighting to make the best of what she has. Carlos and Diego are so funny I enjoy their spunk. Noodles is so loveable, even if he is a service dog flunkie. Papa who showed up just when Trinidad needed him. Quinn who is so patient with Doug. The story was a great mystery that kept me guessing until the end! I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  DonnaC83 | Jul 5, 2021 |
I an so excited to read a new book from this author. She is one of my favorites and I can always count on her to deliver exciting stories. Her new series is a cozy mystery set in a small town. Opening up a new business for Trinidad is a challenge but I know with her skills she can do it. The new business, The Shimmy and Shake Shop sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy flavors of ice cream that bring a sense of fun and nostalgia.

A very intriguing town brings Trinidad face to face with several ex-wives of her ex-husband. I would be a little uncomfortable being around them. Would you want to be friends with them? Sweet Trinidad seems to be genuinely wanting to get to know them better. I loved that everyone seemed to know each other’s business in the town. It didn’t take long for the news to break that a murder has been committed. Poor Kevin the Popcorn King is found dead by none other than Trinidad.

Here is where we see the brilliant writing come into play. The author has introduced us to several characters who could easily be suspects. Who wanted Kevin dead and why? Did they not like popcorn and wanted to run Kevin out of town? The cast of characters in the book are funny, quirky and downright a gem to get to know. Trinidad is determined to prove her friend innocent and runs into twists along the way. Now I did try very hard to solve the case, but the author sure has some interesting roadblocks for me.

Get ready for a small town mystery with lots of fun and adventure, Noodles is perhaps my favorite character because after all having a cute, cuddly dog in the story brings happiness to everyone. Grab a ice cream cone, get comfy and enjoy the newest book from an author who delivers a first rate mystery.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. ( )
  Harley0326 | Jun 27, 2021 |
“Sometimes I feel like damaged goods like I have to pay a price forever just because I believed the wrong man.”
Unfortunately, not only has Trinidad Jones been married to a cheater and a liar, but life has also now forced her to start her new shake business in the same town where her ex’s other two exes live. Ooh, the gossip this starts. And the connections just get better or worse, depending on who you ask. First, Trinidad’s first friend is an unbelievable person. Then she has barely gotten settled when she finds a dead body. When she investigates with the help of the few friends she makes, the police chief is not a fan.
“I am still more than annoyed to find you popping up in this investigation at every turn. You’re like a human-sized whack-a-mole.”
I loved Trinidad’s special dog, Noodles. He is such an important part of the novel. And the relationship between brothers Doug and Quinn. What a joy to see that play out. Plus, Papa Luiz. Everyone needs a Papa Luiz in her life. Fortunately for us, we get to see more of Papa Luiz in the next book. Clean, no bad language, cute, prominent dog, quirky characters, special needs character, plus an amateur sleuth who honestly works her yummy business. Get Pint of No Return, #1 Shake Shop Mystery by Dana Mentink, now.
I wish to thank the author for a copy of this book via Celebrate Lit. I also purchased my own copy. No positive review was required. All thoughts were left voluntarily, and are solely mine. ( )
  Becky_L | Jun 24, 2021 |
Pint of No Return by Dana Mentink has Trinidad Jones moving to Upper Sprocket, Oregon where she is going to open the Shimmy and Shake Shop in a building deeded to her by her louse of an ex-husband. Trinidad is delivering nuts to Kevin Heartly, owner of Popcorn Palace, when she finds him dead inside his giant popcorn kettle. Juliette Carpenter, a new friend of Trinidad’s, is arrested for the crime. Trinidad with help from some of her new friend’s works to clear Juliette’s name. Pint of No Return is the debut of A Shake Shop Mystery series. This is a cute, lighthearted cozy mystery with a good cast of characters. I must admit that my favorite character is Trinidad’s dog, Noodles. He is a compassionate dog with many talents. I also liked Trinidad’s grandfather, Papa Luis. The author took the time to introduce the characters and describe the town. I enjoyed the vivid word images of Upper Sprocket. It sounds like a beautiful area with charming shops and homes. The mystery of who murdered Kevin Heartly, the Popcorn King, had several good suspects who had motive. I liked the tie-in to the auctioned off storage unit. The author did a good job of laying the groundwork from the beginning. The clues are evident, and they will lead readers to the killer’s identity. It is a well thought out whodunit. I just wish it were a little more challenging to solve (I like a good puzzle). There is some romance as well. Trinidad meets Quinn Logan and there is a spark between them. We shall see where it leads. There are mouthwatering descriptions of freakshakes which is what Trinidad is going to serve at her shop. They are over-the-top milkshakes that will have you heading to store to obtain the necessary ingredients to make your own frozen creation. There is a recipe for key lime ice cream at the end. Pint of No Return is a sweet treat with fantasy freakshakes, a departed popcorn king, storage shed disorder, an excess of ex-wives, a set-up suspect, and firm friends. ( )
  Kris_Anderson | Jun 23, 2021 |
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