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Persephone Station

– tekijä: Stina Leicht

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14014154,449 (3.67)6

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***DNF @3% for now on za 17 April 2021***
I can't follow the story but I do want to come back to it some day. It wasn't the easy read I expected but I do think that's a Me-Problem.

***before reading***
This book (and cover) really shows how easily influenced I am. I bought it because of the cover because a YouTuber showed it. Then it dropped down on my tbr list (voor zover ik dat heb want houd me er nooit aan) because another YouTuber explained why it didn't work for them.

But I need something easy and the cover is stuck in my brain so let's do this. I think it will be a ⭐3 read for me. Which means I'll like it but won't re-read it in the future and probably forget everything in a year.
  Jonesy_now | Sep 24, 2021 |
This was okay? It felt like it wanted to be longer than it was, which is something because it already clocks in at like 500ish pages. It just felt like so much was going on at once and so, so much of that was battle stuff that didn’t tell us very much about the larger plot or character relationships. It just all felt squished, which was disappointing because I think there’s a lot in here that’s actually interesting and could have been drawn out in different ways, but it was all compressed to make it fit into this single book—or maybe that the book couldn’t decide what it was about.

Some of it was still fun—many of the characters did feel somewhat compelling, if we could only Get Into It—but they felt pretty un- or underexplored. ( )
  aijmiller | Sep 9, 2021 |
If you loved “Journey to a Small Angry Planet”, “Gideon the Ninth” or “Star Wars” then there is something here for you, so put the kettle on and prepare to not wanna put this book down.
Genderqueer sci-fi space opera with honorable mercenaries, evil government/corporations, pew pews and everything you could want in a galactic adventure! ( )
  BookSnug | Aug 19, 2021 |
The idea that SF writing is a craft (or, if you prefer, an art) in any way subordinate to, say, 'literary' writing, or writing for children, or romance writing, is one that I would hope has long since exceeded its sell-by date. Any form of fiction has particular requirements and precepts; while these can be bent to the author's will, this reshaping is less often successful when the author does not have a solid grounding in what has gone before. Having not read some of Leicht’s's earlier efforts towards SF, I'd be greatly surprised if this one managed to rise to anything like the standard of Amy Thomson's “Virtual Girl”, or Chris Beckett's “The Holy Machine”, or Martha Wells' “The Murderbot Diaries”, or Phil Dick's “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”, or Asimov's 'Robot' stories, or... well, any one of numerous other works steeped in SF that have explored the commonalities and distinctions between humans and autonomous thinking machines (aka, in this case a “non-binary” character aka WOKE character).

This sounded really good until I found out as I read it that it contained large tracts of exposition. Exposition here, either intentionally or unintentionally, is handled in a drier, more academic narrative voice, making it stand out more, in a bad way, from the rest of the book. I do feel that some authors just can't resist telling you that they've done all the research and construction of their “universe” and it does put me off (there’s not much to it as well: the world-building is almost nonexistent and the SFional elements per se are laughable). By 20% the novel had told me that I was supposed to use the right pronouns for a non-binary character; after this, I was expecting something along the lines of “yes white people can in fact marry black people and that obesity is nothing to feel bad about as long as your happy with it and anyhow the problem is society in the first place” (fortunately Leicht spared me that!). How any author can write and publish a work like this is something of a mystery to me. Moreover, how can people read this tripe is beyond me.

I was brought up reading Biggles books, and characters were always blurting, gasping, interjecting etc.

I miss those days of innocence when a man could ejaculate loudly in front of his friends without it raising eyebrows. Makes me wonder whether the Amazonification of SF ("lash it out quick and cheap"), and the apparent demise of the role of the editor ("this is rubbish Stina"), have contributed to that. ( )
  antao | Jun 21, 2021 |
I guess the title suits the cast were every significant character is a woman, cis, or trans or non-human native or AI, though I'd prefer if I could have sensed something other than a story where all the pronouns could have been he/him/his without making a big difference. It's a fun, high action, high body count adventure, more shoot em up than suits me, and the characters are interesting enough, though they seem to come from a pretty standard play book. ( )
  quondame | May 24, 2021 |
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