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Tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä palvelujen toimittamiseen, toiminnan parantamiseen, analytiikkaan ja (jos et ole kirjautunut sisään) mainostamiseen. Käyttämällä LibraryThingiä ilmaiset, että olet lukenut ja ymmärtänyt käyttöehdot ja yksityisyydensuojakäytännöt. Sivujen ja palveluiden käytön tulee olla näiden ehtojen ja käytäntöjen mukaista.
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Float Plan – tekijä: Trish Doller

Float Plan (vuoden 2021 painos)

– tekijä: Trish Doller

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8713249,015 (4)3
Teoksen nimi:Float Plan
Kirjailijat:Trish Doller
Info:Publisher Unknown, Kindle Edition, 272 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):
Avainsanoja:adult, rom-com

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Float Plan (tekijä: Trish Doller)


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Anna has been grieving the loss of her fiance, Ben, for almost a year when she is awoken by a reminder on her phone that it is time for their sailing trip on the boat that Ben had been working on for a while. Once she gets on the boat and tries to sail it by herself, she realizes that she can't operate it on her own, so she hires Keane, who is a professional sailor that can't get a job because he has a prosthetic leg. As Keane shows Anna the Caribbean as only someone with experience can, Anna starts to think that she might have a future after all.

Float Plan is an uplifting story about a woman moving on from the loss of her husband due to suicide. The book is almost a travelogue with its descriptions of the ports of call where Anna and Keane stop, which is nice, however, the character development is lacking, leaving them somewhat unrelatable. The romance in this story is a slow burn which is appropriate considering the situation both Anna and Keane find themselves in. Overall, Float Plan is good story about moving on after tragedy. 3 1/2 stars ( )
  ftbooklover | Oct 12, 2021 |
Loved the setting of this book - woman spontaneously sets off in a boat she has inherited – the challenges in being on her own on the sea in a small boat ... in foreign ports ... in the Caribbean. What's not to like, so it's got 4 stars from me. And then there's the slow to torch romance between Keane and Anna... Despite the sad circumstances that have led to her journey, this is a pleasant little romance novel, great for digging you out of the doldrums...! I'm surprised I haven't heard of Trish Doller before.

That Keane faced his own demons with his disability added a lot of meat to the story and was beautifully handled.

(Spoiler alert) I might have given this 4.5 stars if the long awaited romantic evening between the two leads had not been skimmed over in record time, making for an unexpectedly wimpy ending. ( )
1 ääni Okies | Sep 27, 2021 |
Road Trip Island Hopping Mashup. At its heart, this is effectively a road trip tale of healing and finding oneself again after a tragedy. Even though it uses sailing a small sailboat through the eastern edges of the Caribbean as its primary vehicle, rather than some wheeled vehicle. And as with all good road tripping tales, you get a lot of heart and a fair degree of humor, and since this is a *romance* variant of the road trip, you get a bit of that (yes, including sex scenes) as well. Overall the suicide that spurs the trip threatens to drag the tale down at times, but Doller does just enough to keep that from really happening. Solid story, and a good escape that could provide a degree of catharsis for some. Very much recommended. ( )
  BookAnonJeff | Jul 11, 2021 |
This short, sweet book will make you want to chart a course for your own Caribbean adventure!

As Anna is still grieving her fiancé’s death, she decides to go on the sailing adventure he had planned for them. After a rather rough first day at sea she decides to hire an experienced sailor. Enter a devastatingly handsome Irish man named Keane. Along the way they meet many kindred spirits on the water and in harbor at the various tropical places they stop. Somewhere along the way Anna goes off course, that is the course her fiancé plotted, and started plotting her own course forward.

A fun read for a rainy summer weekend. ( )
  julesbailey9 | Jul 7, 2021 |
Thanks to Book Club Cookbook Giveaway and St. Martin's Publishing Group for an advance readers copy. All comments and opinions are my own.

Loved this book! Yes it begins with sadness, but the sadness is gradually overcome by main character Anna as we follow her on a sailing trip. A young man commits suicide before the book begins, and his grieving girlfriend impulsively decides to singlehandedly take the sailing trip they planned together, in the boat he bought and recently outfitted. The term "float plan" is an overview of a boat excursion that can give authorities a head start in looking for a boater if he or she fails to reach his or her destination.

I liked Anna from the start, and cared about her and the results of the decisions she made throughout the novel. While the premise sounds dark, and Anna's grief is realistically portrayed, the book is essentially a warmhearted second chance rom-com on a sailboat. Her love interest is professional sailor Keane Sullivan, who is conceived as that perfect guy who is struggling with a personal issue that, like Anna, changes the future he had expected. The various tropical locations sounded gorgeous, and the precarious sailing adventures kept me reading.

Author Trish Doller writes authentically about sailing, and notes that her husband provided her with accurate technical descriptions. But even if you don't know your jib from your jibe, it's the warm sunny days, salt water spray, and honest emotions of both the main characters that will have you turning the pages. ( )
  PhyllisReads | Jun 30, 2021 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 12) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
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