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Mum & Dad – tekijä: Joanna Trollope

Mum & Dad (vuoden 2020 painos)

– tekijä: Joanna Trollope (Tekijä)

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I went back to Joanne Trollope after my interest in her faded away, and my lack of interest seems to have been justified. This novel displays some strength, but mostly weakness, in her characterizations. Mum and Dad are Gus and Monica, grandparents who left Britain to start a vineyard in Spain, leaving behind three grown children and granchildren. When cantankerous Gus has a stroke, everything falls apart and the weak underlying relationships between siblings and parents, and parents and children, are all revealed. The shallow efforts to include the house servants and vineyard workers add nothing to the plot and they just seem to be around to take care of the couple, with no lives of their own - I would have cut them out. Sudden, unpredictable changes occur out of nowhere and although the ending is tied up in a perfect bow, that's not enough for 321 pages. ( )
  froxgirl | May 15, 2021 |
This is a three and a half, a solid read, but not exceptional. Interesting, well handled, but not one I would go out of my way to recommend. ( )
  thesmellofbooks | Nov 10, 2020 |
I remember reading Joanna Trollope’s novels in the Eighties – ‘The Choir’, ‘A Village Affair’, ‘A Passionate Man’, ‘The Rector’s Wife’ – and loving them. Somehow, I stopped reading her and I can’t remember why. These weren’t strictly her first novels, she’d previously published a number of historical novels under the pen name Caroline Harvey. So now I come to ‘Mum & Dad’. I devoured it in a couple of days, partly because it is set in a part of Spain I know very well, and partly because Trollope is a master storyteller.
When her husband Gus has a stroke, Monica’s three children descend to their parents’ vineyard in Southern Spain. Gus and Monica have lived near Ronda for twenty-five years; it is their home, but they are distanced from their children who have children of their own, busy lives and marital tensions. The eldest Sebastian runs a cleaning company with his wife, Anna, who has never got on with her mother-in-law. Katie is a lawyer who, with husband Nic, must deal with a bombshell dropped by one of their three daughters at an inconvenient time. And Jake, with partner Bella and toddler Mouse, seems to deal lightly with the truth and is oddly eager to move to Spain and help out his father.
The problem is, Monica is not sure any more what she wants. She loves her house in Spain but struggles with her irascible grumpy husband; she is terrified of what his stroke will do to his personality, and to their life. Their life there seems so settled. They run the vineyard and their house with the help of Pilar and a team of Spanish workers. Gus is proud of the awards his wines have won, and Monica loves her early morning cup of tea looking at the view south to Gibraltar. But now all this is under threat. Each of the three children arrives at the vineyard with their own ideas of what is best for Monica and Gus, and for themselves. What none of them anticipate is the way long-held resentments, jealousies and misunderstandings will affect what happens next.
Trollope is a master at showing the complexities of ordinary people, the things they don’t know about themselves, and the way families inter-act by sticking with good and bad habits ingrained by time as the normal way of communicating. When something happens, like Gus’s stroke, those habits are broken. Trollope turns a magnifying glass on petty jealousies, unrealistic expectations and lies told that are bigger than they first seem. She gets under the skin of how families react to challenges, how choices made by one member of the family affect everyone else, and where responsibilities lay.
The solution found at the end is perhaps a little too easy but this is a positive story about how lack of communication and the fissures this causes over the years, can be rectified with a little forgive and forget.
You can expect to read a lot more reviews here of Joanna Trollope’s books as I starting re-read them from the beginning.
Read more of my book reviews at http://www.sandradanby.com/book-reviews-a-z/ ( )
1 ääni Sandradan1 | Aug 20, 2020 |
Loved this book! First hardcover read in awhile because of selling, buying, packing and unpacking houses and it was a really good one! ( )
1 ääni Dianekeenoy | Jun 30, 2020 |
If I were looking for an adjective for this book, I’d use the word “comfortable”. It is a pleasant diversion to sit down with a cup of tea and read the trials of a modern family beset with the usual problems. There are teenagers, there’s aging parents. There are adult children who are working on their marriages and their relationships with parents and siblings. I wish I could have liked Monica better, but then at then end she did pull her weight in helping a granddaughter through a difficult time. ( )
1 ääni brangwinn | May 31, 2020 |
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