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Tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä palvelujen toimittamiseen, toiminnan parantamiseen, analytiikkaan ja (jos et ole kirjautunut sisään) mainostamiseen. Käyttämällä LibraryThingiä ilmaiset, että olet lukenut ja ymmärtänyt käyttöehdot ja yksityisyydensuojakäytännöt. Sivujen ja palveluiden käytön tulee olla näiden ehtojen ja käytäntöjen mukaista.
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Summerwater: A Novel – tekijä: Sarah Moss

Summerwater: A Novel (vuoden 2021 painos)

– tekijä: Sarah Moss (Tekijä)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioMaininnat
20822100,562 (3.87)59
Teoksen nimi:Summerwater: A Novel
Kirjailijat:Sarah Moss (Tekijä)
Info:Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2021), 208 pages
Kokoelmat:Aion lukea
Arvio (tähdet):

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Summerwater (tekijä: Sarah Moss)


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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 22) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
In my top ten ( )
  kjuliff | Jul 26, 2021 |
Goodness, this gets very claustrophobic. Starts as a set of isolated stories of each of the people who are staying in a wooden lodge set in a holiday park next to a Scottish loch. In the rain. A very very wet summer, with the rain almost being a character in its own right. In each story there is some dissatisfaction with life and some kind of underlying lie or supressed emotion that is not being shared. At times you hear from multiple members of the same lodge, and they often present a very different view of the position. At times they share the same dissatisfaction, at times it is a different uneasiness that underlies the narrative. The narrators vary in age from a child to an elderly couple. each comes equipped with their own world view and they view the park and the other inhabitants through their own lens. The violence, when it erupts, is somehow both shocking and entirely predictable.
Each chapter from the view of the people is interspersed with a short vignette almost form the point of view of the loch, the forest, the birds and animals that are present. And yet in this too, the weather is a pervasive force that is unsettling.
The gradually escalating tension does not make this a relaxing summer holiday read, but it does make it something you don't want to put down. ( )
  Helenliz | Jul 9, 2021 |
We’re told at the very beginning of the book that there will be deaths before the day is over.

And then author [[Sarah Moss]] details the activities for the inhabitants of a vacation camp on the shores of a Scottish loch, following them all for one specific day.

Each of the visitors, even the children, have weaknesses, foibles or anger that seem dangerous and make you wonder – is this the one? Is this the story? And the tension builds.

And yet when the end comes, when the thing happens that we’ve been told from the very beginning, it’s unexpected with a shocking, unforgettable final line.

Beautiful character building and world building – if a single day in one small tourist camp can be called a world.

Still, although I was not as taken by it as by her earlier novel [The Wall, I’ll be looking forward to more by Sarah Moss. ( )
  streamsong | Jun 10, 2021 |
Summerwater is set in a remote Scottish holiday camp where several travelers are trying to make the best of things despite the incessant rain. Most looked forward to spending a week off the grid without cellular service, until being cooped up in damp cabins with little to do but watch your neighbors’ comings and goings.

The novel unfolds over a single day, with each chapter one holidaymaker’s interior monologue. A woman goes for an early morning run, enjoying the solitude. Despite the weather, an elderly couple boards a ferry to visit one of their favorite spots. A teenage boy braves the elements in his kayak. Their narratives are both a commentary on the activity they’re engaged in, and observations about the people they see along the way. They speculate on the lives of their fellow travelers, never making direct personal contact. Haven’t we all done this?

And yet there’s an ominous undertone, a sense that all of this is leading somewhere. Sarah Moss has a gift for building suspense through spare prose. Small details dropped in each narrative build a composite picture of life at the holiday camp. Some of those details turn out to be important; some are red herrings. I enjoyed getting to know the couples and families stuck on a holiday gone bad, all the while wondering when the other shoe was going to drop. And when it did, the pace went from zero to sixty in a flash, and delivered a knockout punch that continued to haunt my thoughts well after I closed the book. ( )
1 ääni lauralkeet | Jun 6, 2021 |
A rainy August at a loch-side holiday park in Scotland. Stuck in the small cabins, the vacationers watch each other and the rain. Each chapter of this novel follows a different person stuck waiting for the rain to stop, from a girl and her brother annoyed by another girl interrupting their play, to the teenager so bored with being inside that he goes kayaking and discovers that he may have overestimated his abilities, to the young mother who jogs early in the morning to escape all the demands on her time. Moss is a wonderful writer, able to create complex characters in just a few paragraphs, and the picture she draws of this vacation site is one that appears stagnant, but that is teeming with life. This is a gorgeous and not entirely benign novel that is maybe just a touch shorter than it needed to be. ( )
1 ääni RidgewayGirl | May 13, 2021 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 22) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Everyone is hiding something and the rain won’t stop in the Ghost Wall writer’s nightmarish tale of a day spent holidaying by a loch...Moss’s ability to conjure up the fleeting and sometimes agonised tenderness of family life is unmatched, and here, as in The Tidal Zone in particular, she sketches so lightly the all-but-invisible conflicts and compromises that can make cohabitation both a joy and a living hell..... Observing the way we subtly edit ourselves and one another – the limits that puts on us, as well as the strengths it creates – is Moss’s metier....A great part of a novelist’s skill lies in the breadth of their sympathies and their ability to enter into the lives of people unlike themselves. Moss does this so naturally and comprehensively that at times her simple, pellucid prose and perfectly judged free indirect speech feel almost like documentary or nonfiction – there is an artfulness to her writing so accomplished as to conceal itself. In Summerwater, as in Ghost Wall, Moss’s politics are crystal clear; but it’s the messy complexities and frailties we all harbour about which she has the most to say.
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Dawn. There's no sunrise, no birdsong.
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