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Just Like You: A Novel – tekijä: Nick…

Just Like You: A Novel (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2020; vuoden 2020 painos)

– tekijä: Nick Hornby (Tekijä)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioMaininnat
16610124,216 (3.64)2
"Just Like You is a brilliantly observed, tender, but also brutally funny new novel that gets to the heart of what it means to fall surprisingly and headlong in love with the best possible person--someone you didn't see coming"--
Teoksen nimi:Just Like You: A Novel
Kirjailijat:Nick Hornby (Tekijä)
Info:Riverhead Books (2020), 368 pages
Kokoelmat:Luettu, ei oma
Arvio (tähdet):****
Avainsanoja:read 2021

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Just Like You (tekijä: Nick Hornby) (2020)

Viimeisimmät tallentajatM.Bonus, elkiedee, belldm, Arina42, sayyid, Shannoncrumb, TLievens



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Nick Hornby is one my favorite authors. About a Boy and High Fidelity have been turned into excellent movies and in addition to novels he does non-fiction and has down successful screenplays for movies. His novels deal with modern life and relationships. What makes Hornby so good is his humor and insight into the psyche of his characters. In addition to main characters he is always able to create a cast of supporting players who help lend depth to his novels. This story is about Lucy and Joseph and their relationship. They are from North London and the time is 2016 during the Brexit vote and the American election. Lucy is an attractive(during the novel she is described at times as being "hot") white 42 year old teacher who is separated from her alcoholic husband. She has 2 sons(6 and 8 and very clear as youngsters always are in books and movies but not always in real life). She is starting to date and we are treated to her witty observations about that. Joseph is a 22 year old working class black man who holds many jobs and aspires to be a DJ. One of his jobs at a butcher shop creates the initial connection to Lucy. He also does babysitting which he does for Lucy and then their relationship proceeds from there. The joy of the book is the way Hornby deals with the real gaps of getting 2 people together. They need to deal with age, race, culture, economics and the backdrop of Brexit. Hornby weaves it all together in his usual entertaining way. If you have never read Hornby then this is a good intro. However I would recommend "How to be Good" as the place to start with him. You may find that once you read one of his books you may want to read them all. ( )
  nivramkoorb | Jan 30, 2021 |
This book asks how much two people need to have in common (age, race, political affiliation,class) in order to be attracted to each other and stay together. Every romantic relationship is temporary until it is not, so why not give it a try? The book is light on details but nonetheless entertaining. Recommended for all libraries. ( )
  librarianarpita | Jan 12, 2021 |
Lucy's soon-to-be-ex-husband is a recovering alcoholic who is (mostly) well enough to share some of the parenting of their two boys, but for Lucy the marriage is over. She meets Joseph at the butcher's, where he works on Saturdays, and asks him to babysit for the boys, who love him (he plays Xbox and FIFA). The babysitting gig turns into hooking up, which turns into a relationship of sorts, but one that neither of them is quite comfortable with; they are different races (she's white, he's Black), different education levels, and most importantly, the age difference - he's 22, she's 42. Somehow they make it work, more often staying in than going out, but eventually meeting each other's friends and family. There are hiccups and a break and a breakup and a getting back together, and in the background is the Brexit vote, with Joseph unsure which side he's on. All in all, an interesting exploration of a relationship with a significant age gap (where, for once, it's not an older man with a younger woman), with clever, quippy dialogue.


See also: One Plus One by Jojo Moyes


The absence of key negatives was much more important than any positive. (7)

But the weird thing about being his age was that you spent half your time dreaming about what might happen to you, and the other half trying not to think about it, and either way you were stuck living a life that didn't seem to count for much, somewhere halfway between childhood and whatever permanent adulthood might bring. (129-130)

His mother could sustain an argument forever, simply by switching sides right in the middle of it. (157)

Joseph was beginning to realize that whatever he ended up doing with his life couldn't involve strategy. He was a terrible strategist. Everything seemed like a good idea until the next idea, the opposite of the previous one, came along. (210)

Maybe when you got older, your body started listening to the rest of you. Like, no, this is weird. I'm just going to lie here until you sort it out. (221)

"White people are weird. It's like it's all they ever think about."
"That's because they never think about it." (Joseph and Lucy, re: race, 248)

This was a job interview, where you had to ignore what you might actually think, and suppress what you might want to say, in order to work out what the right answer might be. The trouble was, she didn't really understand the question. (Lucy meeting Joseph's mum, 313)

And could you only love someone who thought the same way as you, or were there other bridges to be built farther up the river? Could you just tunnel under the whole mess, even? (343)

Deciding to forgive, after all, was not the same thing as forgiveness. (343) ( )
  JennyArch | Dec 4, 2020 |
High Fidelity was one of my favourite books, I’m pretty sure in the mid 90s, despite Amazon.co.uk telling me it was first published in January 1790. I have read most of Nick Hornby’s novels since and was looking forward to reading Just Like You (Viking) when it came out this Autumn. It tells the story of a forty something white woman who is recently divorced who hooks up with a 22 year old black man that she meets in her local butcher where he works at the weekend. We look into their relationship - a balance of what brings them together with the complexities of their backgrounds which are very different. On top of that we are given a big dollop of North London debate on Brexit which personally I didn’t need right here, right now. Maybe I have changed rather than the author but I found Just Like You too saccharine and of the Richard Curtis stable for my tastes, though many will love his style of storytelling which has wit, insight and observation, as always. ( )
  davidroche | Nov 22, 2020 |
Pandemic read. ( )
  bookczuk | Nov 16, 2020 |
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"Just Like You is a brilliantly observed, tender, but also brutally funny new novel that gets to the heart of what it means to fall surprisingly and headlong in love with the best possible person--someone you didn't see coming"--

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