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Beyond Surrender Series: Boxed Set 1

– tekijä: Nicky F. Grant

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116,142,660 (5)-
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I am always on the lookout for a good book or a new author. I have discovered that with this writer. Each of her stories is distinctly different in how they approach the BDSM lifestyle, yet, also have a familiarity about them. There seems to be a certain level of trust included in all of the characters. They are allowed to feel and act upon desires that are true and authentic to them. They are allowed to be authentic to themselves. In a world of cheesy BDSM romance (not shaming because I love some cheesy romance too) it is refreshing to see someone that not only cares about her characters but also paints a story that shows that it can be truly genuine. She creates that trust in me as a reader and it is one that I greatly appreciate.
I highly recommend this author. I have combined the reviews for each book separately in this review.

Beyond the Masks
4.5 Stars
Well Crafted

I have had to do a reread of this book after having just finished the third book not realizing that I had missed book two. Upon doing that, I have decided to redo this review because I do not think I put into words at how well done this book was. This goes beyond the idea that it was a well-done story. This is a DEBUT book which I had not realized when I read this the first time. A DEBUT BOOK. Unless I am writing an academic paper, I cannot string two sentences apart without looking/sounding like a village idiot. Yet, this author just wrote a whole story in which the characters came alive on the pages.

My initial go around I found myself liking it more than I had thought I would. I anticipated that it would just be another BDSM book, which rarely feels authentic anymore. The second time reading this I am still in awe. She penned a story with so much heart and the characters had so much going for them. This is not an easy choice and made me Glad that I wasn't Shane nor would I have to choose between Gavin and Jacob as the man that would ultimately win her heart.

The ending left me a little unresolved on my feelings as I felt the one not chosen deserved closure and a possible HEA too. That is the beauty in this author though because she penned these two amazing men, whom while endearing also were jerks at times, to the degree that I, as the reader, fell in love with them both. That speaks volumes. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Beyond the Truth
4.5 Stars
One of the things that I have discovered that I like the best about this author is her ability at drawing her audience in. She strives to set up a rapport with her readers that is much appreciated. I think that this is largely why her version of BDSM reads so authentic and relatable because much like a true BDSM lifestyle there needs to be trust and understanding. When she writes there is no pretense. She develops her characters with a specific vision and stays on the course throughout the book.

I will be the first to admit that I was torn by Gavin not being chosen in the first book. Largely because I liked both characters (while wanting to throat punch both him and Jacob in the first book). I wondered if Shane hadn't been too hard on trusting him after he made a mistake and owned up to something. I had a hard time picturing Gavin with someone other than Shane. Until. Jolene. This sweet broken and sometimes cooky (stalkerish) girl. There was something to her that I adored. She just wanted to feel loved. She had been adrift for so long, floundering to find her purpose as had Gavin. Together, they grounded the other and it was beautiful to watch.

This book reminded me of the importance of trust, forgiveness (of oneself and also others, and love. There is something magical in that. I did have a few issues in elements of the story that I felt weren't needed but in regards to the care and attention that this author gave to her characters, it was truly sublime.
( )
  MagicalRi | Dec 22, 2019 |
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