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Star Rising: A Coastal Hearts Novel

– tekijä: Janet W. Ferguson

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333,229,786 (4.33)-
Viimeisimmät tallentajathes7, vintagebeckie, Suzie27

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näyttää 3/3
Contemporary readers, Janet W. Ferguson once again adds a story to her Coastal Hearts series that you do not want to skip.

In Star Rising, Star Youngblood and Paul Kelly come together because of the health of Priscilla Kelly—her boss and his mother. The situation brings out the need of both Star and Paul to lovingly protect her, but by no means does that correlate to them actually getting along with each other. Still, entertaining mishaps ensue, sparking great conversation, transformation, and romance.

The story between Star and Paul balances lighthearted moments with more serious ones well, making it easily engaging. I enjoyed seeing more of Star (find some of her backstory in The Art of Rivers), as well as the trajectory of Paul’s growth. It all proves fun and heartfelt and did not leave me disappointed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own. ( )
  hes7 | Apr 11, 2020 |
Janet Ferguson writes contemporary fiction with elements of romance and humor and settings that get the South just right. But don’t think that her books are fluff — her characters struggle with real-life serious issues. And the deep spiritual themes will definitely make you think. Star Rising, the fourth book in her Coastal Hearts series, is a great example and a recommended read!

Star Youngblood and Paul Kelly could not be more opposite — in their upbringing, their current economic status, and in their faith. They also rub each other the wrong way! Yet there is a definite attraction they can’t quite stifle. I liked how their relationship evolved from enemies to friends to something more. Star is a new believer whose commitment to God is unwavering, but Paul turned his back on God years before and resists everything Christian. I loved how Ferguson keeps Star centered on her faith first, before all else. And you will love how God woos Paul — breaking down pride, putting believers constantly in his path, and making miracles. Scars from past loss and abuse seem to dictate the main characters’ futures, until God intervenes. The book opens in St. Simons, Georgia, but quickly moves to Ireland. I had a trip planned to Ireland in May which is now put on indefinite hold. But I savored the scenes set in the historic and colorful Emerald Isle. Thanks to the author, I could enjoy a virtual trip right now!

Star’s story was first introduced in The Art of Rivers, but Star Rising can easily be read as a standalone novel. I look forward to catching up on the books I have missed and the ones to come in this great series.


Audience: Adults.

(I purchased the ebook from Amazon. All opinions expressed are mine alone.) ( )
  vintagebeckie | Apr 6, 2020 |
In her brand new release, Janet Ferguson takes readers on a trip to Ireland. A trip that doesn’t start out very promising for Paul Kelly. There are some fairly humorous moments (as long as they’re not happening to you).

Janet Ferguson delves into Star Youngblood’s difficult upbringing and Paul’s lack of faith while organically moving their relationship of contention to one much, much more amiable.

I adored Star. Her desire to do the right thing and listen to God’s voice in her new life (the one she’s spent the past year clawing her way toward) is inspirational. She’s a faithful friend and a warrior when the situation calls for a protector, yet vulnerable with a desire to find her place. All of those qualities make her the perfect person to challenge Paul.

Faith, family, falling in love, and gorgeous scenery are just a few reasons you don’t want to miss Star Rising.

Disclosure statement:
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own. ( )
  Suzie27 | Jan 1, 2020 |
näyttää 3/3
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