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Silver & Gold

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These anthology features 6 short stories. They're all intended to be age difference romances, but I have to say, early 20's/late teens matched to mid-30's doesn't feel very "silver." (This might be because I'm officially in my 30's now, and dammit, that's not old! :D)

After the Dust - some heavy stuff here. Zev's brother has died, and Zev is left not only dealing with the loss and a raging case of PTSD, but also a street kid who's suddenly sleeping on his brother's couch. I really enjoyed it and the natural feeling progression

Coffee Boy - I've read this previously as a stand-alone, and it's great. Kieran is an unpaid intern at a political office, and Seth is his supervisor who's dealing with a massive crush on their boss. It's really fun, although deals with some tense stuff like Seth being a bit too strong on his drive to a be an ally for transguy Kieran. Just super cute and a blast to read.

One Last Leap - Definite love for this one. Philip is a retired dancer and Ivan is part of the construction team refinishing his house. Philip's carrying a wee bit of baggage thanks to an ex-lover (tw: domestic abuse) and also being just to damn old for the strapping construction worker. (I love some romance tropes more than others, and some I'm meh on, but this one manages that trope remarkably well - thankfully, considering what anthology it's a part of...) Very cute and enjoyable.

A Corgi Named Kilowatt - Ooh, okay, will admit, I didn't finish this one. I'm a vet, so if you're going to pull in something like dog training and behavior I am not going to be able to help picking it apart, so that was (obviously personal and individual) mark against it. It also felt slow and like it was going to be full of back and forth angst w/o any need for angst. As I said, romance tropes are hard for me and unless it flawlessly meets my hopes it's a quick pass for me so I moved on.

The Memory of You - I didn't finish this one either, for a very different reason. I was a bit disappointed here, because it's the only f/f romance in the collection, but I hated Claudia. It's probably because I've had those friends who have to tear everything down to prove their superiority. (And to be honest, I was that kid, and then I grew up and left high school and learned it wasn't punk rock to destroy harmless things other people like.) So the meet cute left me very annoyed and not exactly in love with one character, and based on their second meet up she wasn't going to be "gruff but secretly charming older half of couple" but rather someone I wasn't particularly interested in watching a cutesy redemption arc for. Disappointing, but your mileage may vary!

Runner - Ah, the werewolf story. We don't get much world building here which left me a bit confused. Werewolves are a known entity and there seem to be rules about traveling, pack membership, etc. but it's not fleshed out. Regardless, the author does a decent job filling Eden with a sense of urgency so that you understand what's a stake, even if you don't know why. I will say I don't get family dynamics, still. Your mother let your father drive you out and then didn't leave a forwarding address, but you want to find her and join back up with her? Mick is gruff and a bit lost but comes around. Overall an enjoyable story, but as I said, some confusion. The wrap was also unnecessarily long in my POV, with no real payoff. If you're going to drag it out, the end should not be deciding to drive further into the sunset. ( )
  lclclauren | Sep 12, 2020 |
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