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The Third Best Thing (Fulton U, #3)

– tekijä: Maya Hughes

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632,047,103 (4.38)-



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näyttää 3/3
My sweet, precious babies!! Both Jules and Berk have this strength in their vulnerabilities that made me love them as characters but also absolutely cherish them as a pairing. My favorite book in this series by far. By far!! ( )
  firesbrigan | Sep 13, 2020 |
I just finished this book and I literally couldn’t wait to review it – it was that good. This book was everything I was hoping for and more. Protective and humble hotshot football player? Check. A guy unafraid to share his emotions and bare his heart? Sign me up! Two people, who have been chewed up and spit out by life, overcoming their fears? Yes, please.

The third book in the Fulton U series gives readers a look into the lives of Berk, an attractive and goofy but surprisingly vulnerable football player, and Jules, a sweet-as-can-be baker who has been crushing on Berk for what feels like forever. Through a series of sexy letters and delicious baked goods, what starts as an anonymous pen pal romance turns into a beautiful relationship between the girl who doesn’t feel like she fits in and the boy who would give her the world.

Berk and Jules’ relationship is incredibly sweet and, as the book progresses, you get to see just how deep their relationship goes. Jules and Berk as characters are wonderfully developed and you can’t help but feel connected to their struggles. Their relationship never feels artificial or fake and though they avoid discussing some of the harder issues they each deal with initially (i.e., Berk’s life as a former foster kid, Jules’ secret identity as The Letter Girl, her mother’s cruel criticism), it still feels like they connected on a deep enough level that those details are just window dressing.

I think what I enjoyed most about this book (aside from the perfection of Jules and Berk’s relationship) is seeing how Jules’ struggle with her image and body confidence changed her. It was refreshing not only to see a female main character who wasn’t ‘model perfect’ but also one who acknowledged that loving yourself is a process. In the end, Jules emerges from it stronger and more confident than ever. I loved in the end that Jules could laugh at her insecurities and mean it. Berk has never made her feel anything less than beautiful and sexy and it feels so good when Jules finally sees it too.

I literally can’t say enough good things about this book. If you’re looking for a sweet and sexy romance between two perfectly imperfect characters, then this is it for you. This the first book in the Fulton U series that I have read but I plan to rectify that immediately.

*Thank you so much to Goodreads, Maya Hughes, and Some Kind of Wonderful Publishing for the giveaway copy that allowed me to read The Third Best Thing and give an honest review! ( )
  A_Ravenous_Reader | Apr 28, 2020 |
Berk, Berk, Berk...
I would like you not to be not so stupid ass wonderful.
You know how book boyfriends are blamed for ruining real-life chances with a potential mate. Let me give you exhibit A: Berkley Vaughn.

Seriously, he made me melt.

I mean he wasn't without faults. But even in his faults, you see through his vulnerability and just...
He deserves a HEA.

Jules, Jules, Jules...
You are every girl. You are the heroine we can connect with on any level. Through her faults - either real or perceived, the reader can connect with her feelings and thoughts.

MY GOD MAYA HUGHES... This is one of my favorite books EVER!

If you follow my reviews, you know. I yammer on about 'connecting with characters', 'understanding motivations', yada yada. It's important to me as a reader. Besides the fact I want to fall headfirst into a story that keeps me engaged and entertained, I want to connect in some way. Jules and Berk do just that.

Although it's been a while since my college days, you can relate to the cusp of leaving this world you feel comfortable in. But there are things set aside you need to deal with to grow up. Berk and Jules both have their hurdles to fly over. And what better way than in the arms of someone who gets you.

Maya Hughes' story weaves you in and sets you as an observer to a couple of friends you just want to push together. Because they are just the right amount of perfect for one another. Readers are hopeful and earnest that they find their HEA with each other. The pages magically turned and before you know it you reached the end.
Hopeful, happy and satisfied.

I have loved all the stories in the Fulton University series. You love seeing the connection and friendships bloom along with the love stories. You want to read them in order and read them you should.

Recommendation: Buy them all. But you'll fall the hardest for Berk and Jules.

Five Plus Stars from me! ( )
  karenhulseman | Jan 30, 2020 |
näyttää 3/3
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