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Driving the Deep (The Finder Chronicles Book 2)

– tekijä: Suzanne Palmer

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223780,625 (3.88)1



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näyttää 3/3
I always prefer true critics rather than reviewers. The vast majority of pieces that pass for book criticism are actually reviews — the author telling you the plot and whether or not they were entertained. Whereas a critic shares with the reader the tools necessary to understand the medium and provides an analysis of the composition and aesthetic of the book. I lost much respect for some reviewers when they proudly proclaim that they only read a book once thereby tacitly admitting that they do not seriously consider SF an art form. Great art continues to enlighten and enrich after repeated viewings, hearings, readings, etc. Can you imagine boasting that you heard Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony only one time? Or states that there’s no need to read King Lear more than once? Idiotic.

The SF publishing industry has been plasticizing writers for a long time. Now the products from it are so terminally vacuous and venal, one wonders what to read —yes, there are few SF critics who make you think, but neither are there any books to speak of that do so coming out of that place. There's never going to be a generation like the one writing SF in this day and age again. The main reason? The 'don't be an asshole Mantra' of modern American SF. Assholery is much underrated. It gives a novel an edginess. I want to hear about indiscipline maverick types! But it's turned into a digitised world of commandments like 'This characters's current behaviour is what the world needs now' and 'we need to talk about'. It's horrible. I miss vintage SF and I wasn't even born in it. ( )
  antao | Aug 20, 2020 |
Palmer, Suzanne. Diving the Deep. Finder Chronicles No. 2. Daw, 2020.
In Diving the Deep, Fergus, the interplanetary repo man, has gone home to Scotland to retrieve a motorcycle, but he is soon in space again, trying to rescue some kidnapped friends below the ice on Saturn’s sixth moon, Enceladus. In the process he kidnaps a New York cop who thinks he murdered his daughter twenty years before. He is aided by an alien enhancement to his body that makes him able to zap you like a Taser if you make him mad. Diving is almost as much fun as Finder, the first novel in the series, but this time, Fergus spends a lot of time out of contact with the snarky Ais that run his spaceship and the space station near Pluto. Nevertheless, it is an entertaining read because Fergus is a character with oodles of personality. ( )
  Tom-e | May 31, 2020 |
I have been eagerly anticipating the second installment of the Finder Chronicles series and when I discovered that, in Driving the Deep, I was going to be introduced to the elusive Shipmakers of Pluto, I was thrilled! In book one, Finder, it was on behalf of the Shipmakers that Fergus Ferguson found himself in an adventure that changed his life forever, and I was very curious to understand why Fergus was willing to go to such lengths for them. Now, I understand completely. Fergus has a long history with the Shipmakers and I would definitely consider them a family of his own making. So, when they were threatened, of course he was going to do whatever it took to take care of his own.

What a thrill ride Driving the Deep was! I loved the writing because I was able to, as a reader, clearly see what was taking place both in front of me as well as in the background. I adored the setting of the story because it was so far out there to imagine. I feel that given the extremes that the characters of this story were living in, that the line between isolation and desperation was well met. Fergus, as always, was fun and adaptable – a regular MacGyver of the final frontier. He found himself in situations that no one could ever really plan for and yet he managed to do the impossible. His character grew in this story and he also came to accept a few truths that he had never truly wanted to face. The ending of Driving the Deep was more than I imagined and I absolutely loved it. I am thoroughly excited about the next grand adventure that Fergus will be undertaking and all I can say is the next installment in this fantastic series cannot come quick enough for me!!

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from NetGalley. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating. ( )
  TheGenreMinx | Apr 10, 2020 |
näyttää 3/3
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