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Dancing at the Pity Party

– tekijä: Tyler Feder

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1136186,621 (4.22)4

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Enjoy! ( )
  booklover3258 | Apr 4, 2021 |
Thus memoir will stay with this reader forever in my heart. I cannot say enough wonderful words to express the impact this book has made on me.

Reader, you have the rare privilege to view a tender memoir of a girl who is the oldest of three sisters in a close knit Jewish family. Tyler the voice of the memoir, is coping with her mother’s death. The author deftly and sensitively blends joy, anguish, and even whimsy into this unforgettable story. The author was just 19 when her mother, Rhonda, was diagnosed with stage-four cancer, with little chance of survival. Tyler Feder was often away at college while her family oversaw Rhonda’s treatment in Florida. Tyler has portrayed equal parts celebration, reflection, and mourning. This graphic memoir touches on the unpredictable path of grief. Feder shares her experience of navigating death with beauty and raw honesty. The powder soft pinks used in the illustrations celebrate Feder’s memory of Rhonda and emphasize Tyler’s youth. The chapters end with illustrated tips, lists, and other quirky yet informative extras.

The memoir is a tribute to a beloved woman as well as a meditation on losing a parent when one is teetering between childhood and adulthood. Much like grief itself, the book careens from deep despair to humor to poignancy, fear, remorse, and anger, mirroring the emotional disorientation that comes with such a significant death. By sharing many particulars about her mother—the foods she loved and hated, the silly in-jokes, her endearing (and annoying) quirks—Feder personalizes her loss in a way that will resonate with members of the “Dead Moms Club,” with whom she describes having an immediate bond.

Please note the tips Tyler shares when you personally encounter a situation like this... don’t ask how you can help, just do it anyway... Don’t say I know how you feel unless you’ve been through a much similar situation... don’t go into a litany of your own life and sorrows...

Grieving teens will find incredible solace in Feder’s story; all readers will be stirred by this wrenching yet uplifting musing.

Graphic memoir. 12-adult ( )
  jothebookgirl | Nov 13, 2020 |
I typically struggle a bit with graphic novels, but Dancing at the Pity Party by Tyler Feder worked for me. Her homey drawing style, emotional story, and sense of humor hit all the right notes in this memoir about her mother’s death. Throughout the book, she gives great advice and delivers plenty of laughs while examining her experience of losing her mom to cancer when she was still in college. A definite recommended read if you liked Good Talk, Hey Kiddo, and other memoir-style graphic novels. ( )
  Hccpsk | Nov 2, 2020 |
If you're feeling under the weather and need a picker-upper and one that does it under an hour or two, this is the book. It's not only good but also timeless.

Absolutely in love with the author and her talents. The blurb in a way states that she wanted to provide people a happy way to grieve. I'm so glad that she delivered.

The book takes us through the journey the author and her family went through with her mother and her struggle with cancer. She lists out everything so well and with such witty graphics that you don't even realise that you're hooked.

Interspersed with the story are a lot of fun elements like funny designs t-shirts for people who have lost their mother, stages of grieving, types of sadness and really good chapter names.

She humorously lists out several ways to cope and deal with such tragic situations and they all hit right in the heart.

The illustrations are A +, the story delivery is A + and entire feel the book gives is A+. Being the cry babe that I am, I managed to shed a lot of tears and I feel like a lot of emotional baggage has been lifted off of me.

The afterword which contained a 'whole bunch of photos' with funny recollections and captions had my tap going for so long. The dedication is funny, the words she uses to describe her family are witty and I'm just trying to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends.

For the light-hearted trip down the author's memory lane with exhuberant graphics, I rate the book a 5/5 stars.

What I liked about it:

- The graphics are so light hearted and on-point
- the talent and wit of the author is commendable
- the basic thought behind the book to help people cope in a happy way comes across
- touches your heart and a tear or two will escape
- reminds you to say 'I love you' to your near and dear every chance you have
- leaves with so much love and gratitude ( )
  AnrMarri | Sep 25, 2020 |
Tyler Feder was a freshman at college when her mom died of cancer at 47. It was pretty easy for me to identify with this tale of loss and grief as my father died at 52 just before my sophomore year of college and my mother died a decade later of cancer at age 54. I am now on the verge of living a longer life than either of them.

While there is nothing revelatory herein, it was comforting to recognize similar thoughts about mourning, and I welcomed the prompt to revisit the lives and deaths of my own parents, to touch on the sadness of our time apart and dwell on the joy of our time together.

If there is a fault in the book, it might be that it is so introspective I hardly got an impression of the impact of the death of Feder's mother on Feder's father and sisters. ( )
  villemezbrown | Jun 21, 2020 |
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for my mom (obviously)
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My mom used to tell me I had Minnie Mouse eyelashes.
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