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Teach Me – tekijä: Olivia Dade

Teach Me (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2019; vuoden 2019 painos)

– tekijä: Olivia Dade (Tekijä)

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445453,474 (3.97)-
Teoksen nimi:Teach Me
Kirjailijat:Olivia Dade (Tekijä)
Info:Olivia Dade (2019), 274 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):
Avainsanoja:ebook, to read

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Teach Me (tekijä: Olivia Dade) (2019)


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näyttää 5/5
I was ignoring Amazon's recommendations for another book in this series when I discovered that this series is mostly about high school teachers and been recommended by two romance authors I like (Lucy Parker and Kate Clayborn). .

Two experienced teachers in their forties. Rose is unimpressed that she must not only share her classroom with the new history teacher but that he has been given her Honors World History class.

I find something particularly satisfying about people who have been hurt and lonely, people no longer young, finding support and love in each other. I liked that they get to know each other over many months. I liked their other relationships, too -- Martin’s close to his teenage daughter, and Rose’s relationship with her former parents-in-law was so touching that one scene made me cry.

It was interesting seeing the US school system from the perspective of teachers and I appreciated all the details about their jobs.

A few times I rolled my eyes because something seemed a bit too didactic, but at the same time it was believable that these characters would hold such opinions and would say -- or think -- them so plainly.

Martin got hints. Martin was watchful. Martin could read and interpret body language.
Most well-off, cishet white men couldn’t do either. Didn’t need to do either, unlike the people in their orbit, because they held the power. They created the weather, while others languished in the rain or cringed away from the lightning.
Maybe he’d grown up poor like her. Maybe he’d learned empathy and watchfulness from his years of teaching. But the way he’d stepped back from a simple glare… she’d seen that kind of reaction before [...] And she wondered. About his childhood. About his marriage.
  Herenya | Jan 18, 2021 |
I was excited to read a romance about older characters. We need more stories like this one, where two people in their 40s are reaching for what they want both professionally and personally. I loved that Rose and Martin were both dedicated teachers. Their characters were written well and I was able to really connect with both of them.

I recommend this book to romance readers who want a book about more mature characters, but also want something a little fun without too much angst. There is a little bit of conflict, but it doesn't drag the story down. Enjoy! ( )
  sdbookhound | Dec 16, 2020 |
This featured an ice queen, composed heroine and an aware, sweet, tender hero. They were teachers, both history, lots of good stuff there.

But some of the romance felt artless, rushed, and ultimately, for me, unsatisfying. There were a lot of conversations-the type that likely do take place between two history teachers with a solid grasp of the implications and limitations of their field, BUT...it felt really forced. The conflict felt kind of silly-leading to a basic lack of climax-and a resolution that didn't feel effective or 'deserved.' Had this just been a quiet love story, I think it would have had more success. Given the fact that I was grinning like an idiot for the first 60-80 pages, I do think was ultimate sweetness--just for me the kind that leaves me feeling a little hungry.

I would never want to influence someone away from this author and book, however, because I'm sure not everyone will experience it the same way. And it's not your run of the mill love story-the protagonists in this story are 43&47 and incredibly self-aware. They felt real, but the story just didn't in that way that clicks for me.

I read a review that accused this book of racism-against cishet white males. That's not how racism works. And 'not all white men' was exactly the point of this story-the hero is a non-toxic man who understands his privilege and his impact. This is quite central to the connection between the characters. Further, even the most non-toxic men I know, in general, do not realize that someone might be hard to work with because they are dudes (that is, aren't confronting their privilege). Here's a conversations with my male boss from years back (who I adore, to this day, for the record)

B: I don't understand why you don't like working with Guy, he's always been great and super easy to work with for me.
S: Oh, well he questions everything I do and say and was very difficult for Gina (different, female boss) too. Very dismissive. Talks over us.
B: I wonder why he isn't like that with me
S: Yes, I...wonder. [Having witnessed Guy's dynamics a billion times over--let's say he is a mansplainer way outside his territory]
B gives me a puzzled look.
S: B, you are a dude. I am not.
*His jaw drops* B: I never...I...omg, I'm sorry I've never noticed that.

So, the moral of this semi-unrelated story is, my friend and boss listened to me. But he also was not aware that him working with random Guy was much easier b/c they both have dicks. Boss isn't a bad person, he just didn't realize, which is EXACTLY Rose's point in the book. This is usually the case. And I...I don't find that insulting. It's like...an observation of a general fact of a

you know what? I'm off topic. But this is why I'm sad to give this book only 3 stars... ( )
  samnreader | Jun 27, 2020 |
This book was delightful! I would call this a 'quiet' romance book. Which is a weird way to describe it, but it wasn't super in your face and red hot - there are some hot moments, but this was a story about adults who knew what they wanted and what they were worth. I loved how they talked through their issues - it was great.

Recommend for when you need a little slower pace book. ( )
  expatb | Jun 8, 2020 |
This book is wonderfully written, which is indeed a mark of distinction.

It is about mature adults who have created a new life out of the burnt ashes of a childhood of hurt and abuse. These are people who have tried for a lifetime to overcome shame, disrespect, gossip and ridicule.

The heartache is there but all the reader sees is the monumental stature of the people the characters have become.

"Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong people." Martha Graham

booksonlytruemagic ( )
  booksonlytruemagic | Sep 21, 2019 |
näyttää 5/5
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