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I Can Hear the Sun (Picture Puffins) –…

I Can Hear the Sun (Picture Puffins) (vuoden 1999 painos)

– tekijä: Patricia Polacco

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2099101,950 (3.77)2
Stephanie Michelle, who cares for animals and listens to the sun, believes the homeless child, Fondo, when he tells her that the geese have invited him to fly away with them.
Teoksen nimi:I Can Hear the Sun (Picture Puffins)
Kirjailijat:Patricia Polacco
Info:Putnam Juvenile (1999), Paperback, 40 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):

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I Can Hear the Sun (tekijä: Patricia Polacco)


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A homeless boy names Fondo met Stephanie Michelle, the keeper of the animals at Lake Merritt, and became unlikely friends. She let him help her feed the geese and he began to become acquainted with a blind goose that followed him wherever he went. Stephanie Michelle had a special gift that let her hear what the sun was saying and she figured out that Fondo had it too. Stephanie realized that Fondo was an orphan and he was about to be placed in special-needs housing. He left the park for the last time to be taken away. Stephanie Michelle was devastated; however, Fondo ran away from his orphanage so he could fly away with the geese. ( )
  sbizon16 | Jan 22, 2018 |
A woman who feeds geese in the park befriends a little boy who can hear the geese and can hear the sun like she can. After finding out he is homeless, she does everything she can to keep the boy safe and free like the birds. ( )
  aripley16 | Jan 22, 2018 |
I Can Hear the Sun is a story about a homeless boy who finds a family at a bird sanctuary with the birds and the caretakers. The boy and a blind goose become best friends and are inseparable. When it comes time for the boy to leave the city he's in he runs away and flies away with the geese instead. This is a heart warming and inspirational story that shows family can be more than your relatives.
  ejoy13 | Nov 17, 2015 |
High on my list of Polacco's wonderful children's illustrated books, this one address very difficult situations without over dramatizing.

When a sad, forlorn, lonely child is found sitting on the bench of Lake Merritt in California, Stephanie Michele, who cares for the geese who live on the shore and in the water of Lake Merritt, keenly observes Fondo's interactions with the geese.

In particular, one blind goose seems to be attached to Fondo and senses where he is and follows him.

In addition to Fondo, there are others who inhabit the lake. Living there, sleeping on the benches, are a Viet Nam vet, stuck in the past and the horrible memories that haunt, and a homeless lady who mumbles and talks sparingly while pushing a shopping cart throughout the park.

As the geese prepare to fly south for the winter, Fondo, an orphan, who lives in a home for parentless children, also must leave the lake. Failing all scholastic tests, he will be placed in another institution far away from his beloved friends.

In her infinite wisdom, Stephanie realizes the specialness of Fondo and pleads his case to the authorities. Realizing that as Fondo listens, watches and observes, she knows he is a very bright, kind, special soul who indeed hears the sun and communicates with the geese who embrace and love him. Unsuccessful, she grieves.

Listening to the geese, Fondo understands that the geese are calling him to fly away with them. And, one day he runs away to visit the lake yet again, spreads his arms and flies.

Part mythological, very spiritual, melding those whom society deems "challenging", Polacco touches the spirit and soul of the reader as we understand the power of friendship, of hope and of love.

Highly recommended.

Five Stars! ( )
  Whisper1 | Jul 2, 2014 |
I liked this book for many reasons. First, I liked this book because it had a lot of different multicultural aspects. While reading this book, readers will be exposed to homelessness, disabilities, and orphans. I liked that the illustrator left a lot of white space, and the reader’s eyes are instantly drawn to the most important aspects of the picture. For example, on the first page, the four main characters are colored boldly, but the background is mostly blank. I liked that the author did not include any characters that were not essential to the story, and there were never even any other characters drawn in the background. I liked that the author used a lot of dialogue between the characters and the reader is able to see how the relationships between the characters are formed. For example, “Who gave you that name?” “Don’t know.” “Your daddy?” “Don’t got one.” “How about your momma?” He didn’t answer. Just looked away. “Well, child, I’m glad you’re here. Looking at your face starts my day out just fine.” I liked that as I read the story, I could tell that the other characters genuinely care about Fondo, “As the day drew to an end, Stephanie Michele found herself on the bench with Will Jack and Mae Marie. Just sitting and crying and hoping things could be different.” I also like how these emotions are expressed well in the illustrations. The central message of this book is faith. The author wants the reader to realize that if you truly believe in something, with your whole heart, anything is possible. ( )
  kjacks26 | May 9, 2014 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 9) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
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Stephanie Michelle, who cares for animals and listens to the sun, believes the homeless child, Fondo, when he tells her that the geese have invited him to fly away with them.

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