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The Dancing Girls: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with nail-biting…

– tekijä: M. M. Chouinard

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815268,226 (3.42)-

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näyttää 5/5
Wow! This novel is very dark and twisted. I would fit this writer in with Chelsea Cain readers. She doesn’t hold any details back, but also gives bit by bit to explain the rational behind the motive of the killer. I love that she gave that psyche insight of that character. Then when you are wondering just how this is going to wrap up in the last chapter or two she leaves you reeling for more!

Jo Fournier has recently been promoted to Lieutenant and is still trying to get the hang of this new administrative role. She is used to being in the field, following leads, chasing down suspects, data and anything else that might creep up on a case. She is not sure she likes this new position stuck behind a desk, she still has the itch to be out there with the others.

A woman is found strangled in her hotel room, wedding ring missing and no other clues are found and Jo finds herself back on the detective side of things with this case. This is what she loved, what she strived for. But this case is becoming a challenge and Jo is being told to do her job as lieutenant and table it with the other cold cases that came before this one.

Then, when she is visiting her father down south, she comes across an article about a murder in the paper that mimics her case! Do they have a serial on their hands? Jo reaches out to this department and they work together to try and tie the cases together but they just are not convinced it is the same guy and the FBI can’t waste time on two murders with “coincidences”.

Jo is determined to solve this case, even if it means risking her lieutenant position, but will she be able to find the connection to the cases or is this just an isolated case? With her detectives behind her she leaves no stone unturned and just when they are closing in and narrowing down their suspects she gets a call from another department…. the wedding ring from her victim has been found in the drawer of a man… is this who they’ve been looking for?

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the free book, I will be looking up more by this author! I enjoyed the various character point of views, but this is not for someone who does not like details or the dark side of murder, as this author holds nothing back. ( )
  Chelz286 | May 8, 2021 |
The discovery of a woman’s body in a hotel room throws Lieutenant Jo Fournier into a disconcerting case that offers only paltry clues. As the investigation continues, a similar crime strengthens Jo’s belief that the culprit is a serial killer. But with little evidence, can she track down the murderer before another woman dies?

Told from the viewpoints of the investigator, the targeted soon-to-be victims, and the killer, the unfolding narrative creates a relentless sense of unease for the reader. The characters, although mostly unlikable, are believable and reasonably well-drawn. While the story takes some surprising turns, astute readers will figure out the final clever [but a tad unrealistic] plot twist before its reveal.

At times, the creepy narrative surrounding Martin is a bit too graphic, a situation that some readers may find particularly disturbing. Readers who are conversant with [or fans of or players of] World of Warcraft will find much to appreciate here; for those who don’t indulge in online role-playing games, there are pages of the game’s amphigory to slog through on the way to solving the crime. Readers, consider yourselves forewarned. ( )
  jfe16 | Aug 26, 2020 |
This was my first book that started a sort of series following one detective. Detective Jo Fournier was a decent character, but I feel like I might need to read the second book in this series to relate to her a bit more. The parts of the book where you really got into the mind of the serial killer were my favorite parts I think, definitely different from anything else I’d read so far in this genre (I’m still a newbie though!). With a twist that I did not see coming, I still feel like I would only give this one a 2.8/5 bubble baths. Maybe my opinion would change with the second book? Only time will tell! ( )
  BathtubBookworm | May 5, 2020 |
The Dancing Girls gave the story of a guy who was abused by his mom for years who ended up taking that out on women who he thought where unworthy to live. It was an interesting read with a twist at the end. For me there were a little too many details regarding the world of World of Warcraft but besides that I thought it was good. ( )
  BethPete | May 1, 2020 |
I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

Jo has recently been promoted to lieutenant, but misses being a detective. She investigates the murder of a woman in a hotel room, whose body has been posed and wedding ring removed. After a period of months with the case stalled, she discovers other women have been murdered in the same way. Unable to persuade the FBI that there is indeed a serial killer at work, she and her team continue to plug away with help from other police forces.

This was a very exciting book for the first half, but then it slowed down and (for me) included FAR too many descriptions of people playing and chatting on World of Warcraft. Oh my word - guildies and instances and ore and silversmithing and barking and whispering! It went on and on and confirmed for me that online gaming is really not my thing (and reading about it isn't either).

I had planned to reduce my rating to three stars, but then the ending redeemed it for me. It was clever, and while unrealistically coincidental, it was satisfactory. The novel clearly sets up a series, wth Jo applying to go back to being a detective and getting over the loss of her boyfriend (who walked out at the beginning and to whom she seemed not to give a second thought).

As long as the next one doesn't focus on Minecraft or Dungeons and Dragons, I'll be keen to read it. ( )
  pgchuis | Mar 7, 2019 |
näyttää 5/5
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