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A Drop of Hope

Tekijä: Keith Calabrese

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Times are tough in the small town of Cliffs Donnelly, Ohio (sarcastically called If Only) especially for some of the kids at Rod Serling Middle School, but then an old dry well suddenly begins to grant wishes, or so it seems--three of the students, Ernest Wilmette, Ryan Hardy, and Lizzy MacComber, know what is happening (but do they really?), because sometimes a good deed can make magic happen.… (lisätietoja)

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I found the writing a bit awkward but did thoroughly enjoy the story. I loved the message about daily life and small acts bringing hope to a whole community -- an especially timely one during this time of "sheltering" and isolation.
I can see it launching a family or class service project. ( )
  deemaromer | Feb 23, 2023 |
Middle school classmates, a story-telling teacher, adults involved in children's lives and parents who negatively impact their kids are all thrown into the mix of small town life. Ernest is a smart kid without a clue, but because his father is the major employer in town other kids leave him alone. The bullies have no problem, however, picking on Winston, a boy with East Indian heritage. Ryan is a good kid, mowing lawn and other chores for an elderly neighbor. That neighbor lives across from Ernest's grandfather's house, who has recently died. Ernest promised his grandfather he would "take care of" the things left behind in his attic, but as he does so it seems to set off a chain of events that affects the lives of the whole town. Listening in at the town's wishing well, we see that everyone has their own private worries.
Mr. Earle, the teacher, sets the tone of the story in the early chapters during a class discussion about why we have folklore and legends: to "make sense of things people couldn't understand" (p.32), find a scapegoat when things go wrong, to scare kids to make them behave, and (later) "a shared history, a way to relate to each other." (p.298).
This is a book about hope, so of course all the problems we see are taken care of. And empowering our kids with hope that they can have a role in making the world a better place is not a bad thing. ( )
  juniperSun | Jul 26, 2022 |
Three friends, Lizzy, Ryan and Ernest find themselves caught up in the myth of Thompkin’s Well, a town landmark where people make wishes. After overhearing a few wishes made at the well, the kids find that those wishes are coming true, through their inadvertent actions and some antique toys. Plot lines of wishes and discoveries weave in and out, revealing the compounding effect of a kind act or gesture. An intertwining dance of kindnesses, heartfelt wishes and small miracles. A puzzle book like The Westing Game. A mystery with lots of flying loose ends waiting to be tied. ( )
  Salsabrarian | Mar 20, 2020 |
This is one of those young adult novels in which you know event after event all will come out right. The story primarily centers around three kids (two boys in a girl), a wishing well and an attic full of miscellaneous items. Wishes are made and the items in the attic are central to making the wishes come true. I figure that the novel will have an appeal yo junior high level kids. ( )
  muddyboy | Jun 18, 2019 |
I Received an ARC from the author to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Whenever I approach a new book to review for middle grade students and my shelves at school I look at it through two different lenses. The first is that of a middle school teacher. Is this something that I would recommend to my fellow teachers? Is it a book I would recommend to my students and put on my shelves? Most importantly, is this a book that I can talk about with students because the message within is important? The second lens I look through is that of a grandparent. Is this a book that my grandchildren will enjoy and thus pass on to their teachers, and class-mates. This book goes above and beyond what I would normally recommend.

I have often spoke of the school I teach in. We are an IB school. We have several “Learner Profiles” that are a major part of our teachings. One of them is being “caring”. We require our students to complete community service in every grade. So, the idea that you have a group of students who set about to change the lives of people in their town made this a worth-while book. The book takes place in a small town named Cliffs Donnelly. Many of the major businesses in the town are closing. Two boys out exploring a tunnel realize, by accident, they have walked underneath the city’s wishing well. When they hear a class-mates wish a decision is made to help make it come true.

I loved that this book is told from multiple perspectives. I know that this will drive many people nuts. This has been their number one complaint of my own book. There are many more like me who love the different perspectives. I felt in this case it made the issues and secrets in the story, that are discovered within the town, more well-rounded. We learn that we can’t always judge a book, or bully by its cover. Things aren’t always what they seem. We also learn what one act of kindness can do and how it can be carried forward. These are lessons that we as teachers, parents, and grandparents want our kids to learn. There is no better way to learn this than through a book. I believe that many students will be able to relate to this book in a variety ways. I place this up there with one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. I really can’t wait to see what this author writes next.

This book comes out February 26, just two days away. This is a must read book so get ready to get your copy. ( )
  skstiles612 | Feb 24, 2019 |
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Times are tough in the small town of Cliffs Donnelly, Ohio (sarcastically called If Only) especially for some of the kids at Rod Serling Middle School, but then an old dry well suddenly begins to grant wishes, or so it seems--three of the students, Ernest Wilmette, Ryan Hardy, and Lizzy MacComber, know what is happening (but do they really?), because sometimes a good deed can make magic happen.

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