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Rilla of Ingleside (1921)

Tekijä: L. M. Montgomery

Muut tekijät: Katso muut tekijät -osio.

Sarjat: Anne of Green Gables (8)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut / Maininnat
6,115621,536 (4.11)1 / 142
Fifteen-year-old Rilla, the daughter of Anne Shirley Blythe, grows from a carefree, irresponsible girl into a strong and capable young woman during the war years, 1914-1918.
  1. 30
    Betsy's Wedding (tekijä: Maud Hart Lovelace) (Bjace)
    Bjace: Both were set during WWI and show the effect that the War had on the everyday life.
  2. 00
    The Two Mrs. Abbotts (tekijä: D. E. Stevenson) (atimco)
    atimco: Both are sequels in a series unconcerned, to that point, with anything much beyond the borders of a small village and its ever-interesting society. There is an undeniable charm about a story of people carrying on with life and their little affairs against the bigger backdrop of world war.… (lisätietoja)

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 Kindred Spirits: Rilla of Ingleside6 lukematonta / 6Aquila, lokakuuta 2020

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Note to self: own but unread
  libraryofemma | Oct 20, 2023 |
In the last book of the Anne of Green Gables series, Anne's youngest child is now 15 years old and ready to embark on a fun teen-aged life of parties, flirtations, and more. Unfortunately, the world is on the brink of war and Rilla Blythe's teen years are nothing like what she expects.

This book is an odd ending for this series, although that's not necessarily all negative. It jumps forward many years since the previous title, with most of Anne's children now in adulthood, heading off to college and/or war. Only Rilla remains at home, and she's a bit of an obnoxious character at first with not a care in her head and no ambition beyond being pretty, being flattered, and having fun. As the novel progresses, Rilla grows up and actually becomes a likeable person, so I enjoyed the second half of the book considerably more than the first.

Meanwhile, most of the Green Gables characters are barely mentioned except in passing, and Anne herself isn't seen all that much, although more so here than in the previous title. The author introduces two new characters -- Susan's cousin Sophia and Rilla's teacher-turned-friend Gertrude Oliver. I wasn't really over the moon about either but, believe me, I was sick of Miss Cornelia so I was glad to have some other folks about for Susan to gab with about the news.

While the rest of the series manages to feel carefree, even when difficult topics come up or sad scenarios happen, this one is so much concerned about World War I that the moments of levity feel few and far between. It was sort of interesting to have read this book about the home front during this time period after having read All Quiet on the Western Front about the war side not that long ago. It is strange to me to think that such a dark topic written from the perspective of teens and adults is still considered children's literature by many and that I myself read as a child.

As the last book in a series, Montgomery seems to want to pair everyone off, matching many of the Blythe children with their Meredith pals from their youth. Rilla ends up with a romantic entanglement of her own but with her beau away at war for years with little ever heard about him, the only satisfaction in the conclusion is that Rilla is happy with the events, not that the reader ever feels any real chemistry or romance between the pair. ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Sep 25, 2023 |
Anne's children were almost grown up, except for pretty, high-spirited Rilla. No one could resist her bright hazel eyes and dazzling smile. Rilla, almost fifteen, can't think any further ahead than going to her very first dance at the Four Winds lighthouse and getting her first kiss from handsome Kenneth Ford. But undreamed-of challenges await the irrepressible Rilla when the world of Ingleside becomes endangered by a far-off war. Her brothers go off to fight, and Rilla brings home an orphaned newborn in a soup tureen. She is swept into a drama that tests her courage and leaves her changed forever.
  PlumfieldCH | Sep 21, 2023 |
Digital audiobook narrated by Emily Durante.

Book eight in the “Anne of Green Gables” series focuses on Anne’s youngest child. Rilla is fifteen, starting to get interested in boys and dances, but needing to worry about her brothers and friends now that World War I has started.

I never read this series as a child or young adult, so am slowly working my way through them now. It’s hard to believe that this book is one hundred years old! Despite what TODAY is an historical setting, when written it was contemporary and it has that feel to it. There are young women today, going through many of the issues that Rilla experiences: first love, worry about a brother sent to fight overseas, grief over friends or relatives who’ve died too young. There are also the day-to-day relationships within a family: child to parent, or between siblings. These ring true today as they did when Montgomery wrote the story.

I love how Rilla rises to the challenges imposed by the war; she takes on leadership of a committee, and the raising of a war-orphaned child. I loved, too, how she put together a wedding on short notice for her friend. I see a lot of the young Anne in Rilla.

This is the last in the series, and I’m sorry it’s over. There is a collection of short stories (The Blythes Are Quoted), as well as a prequel authorized by Montgomery’s estate (and written by Budge Wilson) that I may yet read.

Emily Durante does a wonderful job performing the audio version. She sets a good pace and I loved the way she interpreted Rilla. ( )
  BookConcierge | May 21, 2023 |
This was the ending of the Anne of Green Gables saga. As with the last book, Anne was barely featured. I mean she was in it more than the previous, but she was still a background character. The tone of this book is remarkable different from that of any other book in the Anne series. It's WWI and tensions and feelings are running high. The book centers on Anne's youngest daughter Rilla, who is just a teenage girl when the war breaks out. She blossoms into womanhood through a series of twists and turns.

My heart felt very heavy as I read this, and I'm not sure I like that in an Anne book. By the way, L.M. Montgomery is awfully hard on pets. I just couldn't....dogs, cats, nothing is spared.

I'm glad I finished the series, but for me, this book could've been left out. ( )
  briandrewz | May 18, 2023 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 62) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Rilla of Ingleside is a war novel at times masquerading as a young adult historical romance. But it is far more than that; it is a detailed study of rural Canadian life during the First World War, written by a woman who lived through it and distilled it all with her trademark restrained emotion into a gem of a novel.
Montgomery writes beautifully and brings tears of both sorrow and joy on the turning of every page. I would recommend this book for anyone and everyone as it is a wonderful story and has all the elements needed for a good book.
lisäsi parlerodermime | muokkaaThe Guardian (Apr 21, 2011)

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Parry, CarolineAvustajamuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
Stahl, Ben F.Kansikuvataiteilijamuu tekijäeräät painoksetvahvistettu
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To the memory of FREDERICA CAMPBELL MACFARLANE who went away from me when the dawn broke on January 25th, 1919 - a true friend, a rare personality, a loyal and courageous soul
Ensimmäiset sanat
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It was a warm, golden-cloudy, lovable afternoon.
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We give more than them. They only give themselves. We give them.
This morning his mother saw him going out of the yard, with a very sorrowful and determined look, carrying his pet kitten. She didn't think much more about it until later on he came in, with the most tragic little face, and told her, his little body shaking with sobs, that he had drowned Stripey.

"'Why did you do that?' Mrs. Meredith exclaimed.

"'To bring Jem back,' sobbed Bruce. 'I thought if I sacrificed Stripey God would send Jem back. So I drownded him—and, oh mother, it was awful hard—but surely God will send Jem back now, 'cause Stripey was the dearest thing I had. I just told God I would give Him Stripey if He would send Jem back. And He will, won't He, mother?'

"Mrs. Meredith didn't know what to say to the poor child. She just could not tell him that perhaps his sacrifice wouldn't bring Jem back—that God didn't work that way. She told him that he mustn't expect it right away—that perhaps it would be quite a long time yet before Jem came back.

"But Bruce said, 'It oughtn't to take longer'n a week, mother. Oh, mother, Stripey was such a nice little cat. He purred so pretty. Don't you think God ought to like him enough to let us have Jem?"

"Mr. Meredith is worried about the effect on Bruce's faith in God, and Mrs. Meredith is worried about the effect on Bruce himself if his hope isn't fulfilled. And I feel as if I must cry every time I think of it. It was so splendid—and sad—and beautiful. The dear devoted little fellow! He worshipped that kitten. And if it all goes for nothing—as so many sacrifices seem to go for nothing—he will be brokenhearted, for he isn't old enough to understand that God doesn't answer our prayers just as we hope—and doesn't make bargains with us when we yield something we love up to Him."
Ken took the uncertain hand she held out, and looked at her. The slim Rilla of four years ago had rounded out into symmetry. He had left a school girl, and he found a woman—a woman with wonderful eyes and a dented lip, and rose-bloom cheek—a woman altogether beautiful and desirable—the woman of his dreams.

"Is it Rilla-my-Rilla?" he asked, meaningly.

Emotion shook Rilla from head to foot. Joy—happiness—sorrow—fear—every passion that had wrung her heart in those four long years seemed to surge up in her soul for a moment as the deeps of being were stirred. She had tried to speak; at first voice would not come. Then—"Yeth," said Rilla.
Una took the letter and when Rilla had gone she pressed it against her lonely lips. Una knew that love would never come into her life now—it was buried for ever under the blood-stained soil "Somewhere in France." No one but herself—and perhaps Rilla—knew it—would ever know it. She had no right in the eyes of her world to grieve. She must hide and bear her long pain as best she could—alone. But she, too, would keep faith.
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Fifteen-year-old Rilla, the daughter of Anne Shirley Blythe, grows from a carefree, irresponsible girl into a strong and capable young woman during the war years, 1914-1918.

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