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A Lot Like Christmas: Stories

– tekijä: Connie Willis

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14813142,567 (4.07)28
"Holiday stories and traditions enchantingly reimagined--with an insightfully satirical twist. Featuring five stories new to this collection, plus seven previously published stories, now all collected together for the first time. From the award-winning author of Crosstalk"--

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A collection of SF-ish Christmas stories - from aliens arrive and react only to carols, to a sudden storm all over the world for a white Christmas, to...All of them are very weird, most of them are excellent. Good read. ( )
  jjmcgaffey | May 6, 2021 |
I really enjoyed this collection of Connie Willis' short stories. Some are more sci-fi than others, and a couple are downright fantasy, but they are all enjoyable. Though there were some I liked more than the rest, there wasn't a single one that I didn't enjoy. I also really appreciated Willis' explanation of her take on the Christmas-themed story in the Introduction.

This collection contains the Hugo-winning "All Seated on the Ground," which is one of my all-time favorite stories by Connie Willis. It combines aliens and science research and choirs. What more could you want? ( )
  ca.bookwyrm | Jan 15, 2021 |
What a sweetheart the author is. She gave us a gift because as she quotes from Little Women "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without any gifts." She said, as I'm sure we all do, she enjoys discovering a book in a book. For example, a book a character is reading is like a recommendation. So she gives us recommendations as a gift: "Great Christmas Movies to Watch", "Christmas Stories and Poems to read in bed" and some "TV shows that haven't succumbed to Very Special Christmas Episode syndrome". Thank-you, I love my gift!

-Now Showing • (2014) • novella 5* I read this in a different book: Rogues. It was my introduction to the author. I had great fun reading it.

-All Seated on the Ground • (2007) • novella 3* A classic Connie Willis story. This is exactly what you expect when you read a story by her. I liked this one but would never read again. Aliens visit earth and the MCs are trying to figure out how to communicate with them. They noticed the aliens react to "All Seated on the Ground" in a Christmas Carol so that is their starting point.

-Miracle (1991) • novelette
-All About Emily • (2011) • novella
-Inn • (1993) • novelette
-In Coppelius' Toyshop • (1996) • short story
-Adaptation • (1994) • novelette
-deck.halls@boughs/holly • (2001) • novella
-Cat's Paw • (1999) • novella
-Newsletter • (1997) • novelette
-Epiphany • (1999) • novella
-Just Like the Ones We Used to Know • (2003) • novella
  Seayla2020 | Nov 21, 2020 |
Connie Willis is really good at short stories, fascinated by Christmas, and clever at finding new ways of seeing that holiday and using it in fiction. I’ve read a number of these stories in other collections already, but I think I enjoyed those only slightly less for all that, and the newer pieces? Fun and thought-provoking. Some good social critique throughout too—a woman who smuggles Joseph and Mary into her church when the paster wants to call the homeless shelter, the aliens who make contact and then don’t respond to anything until they’re taken Christmas shopping, the madness of the holiday Christmas party, the girl who really wants to see the holiday heist film. I didn’t even have that Thing where every short story collection has a dud or two!

But … I’m also growing very aware that Willis has, like, one plot. The narrator always dithers or is confronted with mildly random, zany roadblocks that make them go almost in circles, there’s often a hyper-awareness of something like Christmas carols or classic Hollywood cinema, and everything turns out all right in the end almost despite itself. Don’t get me wrong, Willis is very good at that plot and equally good at making it different every time but … I wish she’d mix it up a little more, y’know?

Still, if you want funny, mildly science fictional stories appropriate to the season, you won’t go wrong with these at all.

Warnings: … nope? But it’s pretty White and straight.

7/10 ( )
1 ääni NinjaMuse | Jul 26, 2020 |
Connie Willis's Christmas stories are little symphonies of dialogue, disorganization, and conflict with the modern world in which optimism triumphs and romance succeeds. Her sadder writing is often incredibly powerful because she knows how to grab your heart and squeeze, but I prefer her comic work for the same reason. This is a delightful anthology with many original ideas, and the one that sticks with me best is the one about the visiting aliens who disapprove. ( )
  dmturner | Jun 29, 2020 |
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"Holiday stories and traditions enchantingly reimagined--with an insightfully satirical twist. Featuring five stories new to this collection, plus seven previously published stories, now all collected together for the first time. From the award-winning author of Crosstalk"--

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