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Stay With Me (2017)

– tekijä: Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀

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8915418,110 (3.95)80
"A novel about a married Nigerian couple who must grapple with staggering levels of loss and betrayal in their quest to create a family for themselves" --

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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 54) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Except for ending ( )
  SBG1962 | Jun 27, 2021 |
This is a well-written novel and well-read audio edition. Thematically it is a tale about the adjacency of contemporary ways and long traditions in present day Nigeria. More specifically this is the story of a marriage of a young and educated couple. As such, I found myself getting tired of their inability to communicate or empathize with each other. That is, I think, a marker of my advancing age: some of the passions of youth are annoying, and make me want to smack the characters. It is an interesting story, but in the end I was unconvinced. ( )
  jdukuray | Jun 23, 2021 |
Non ero preparata alla dirompenza di questo romanzo: mi aspettavo la classica storia introspettiva sulla crisi di coppia e la sterilità, magari un po' più originale del solito perchè inserita in un contesto in cui la bigamia è possibile; effettivamente tutto ciò nel libro lo ritroviamo ma è solo la punta dell'iceberg, perchè la trama procede ad un ritmo serratissimo in cui non mancano colpi di scena e ribaltamenti di prospettiva. Mi sono immersa completamente nelle vite dei protagonisti e non riuscivo a smettere di leggere, è stata un'esperienza totalizzante; fin troppo forse, perchè la curiosità bruciante di girare pagina e svelare un' altra tessera del mosaico non mi ha permesso un coivolgimento emotivo profondo, né tantomeno mi ha dato il tempo di riflettere sulle tante tematiche che affronta l'opera.
D'altronde la scrittura è incisiva come un bisturi, dritta al punto senza perdersi in descrizioni e facendo molto affidamento sui dialoghi: uno stile che punta tutto sull'immersività e l'immediatezza e che io apprezzo particolarmente.
Non è facile rendere appassionante una vicenda incentrata sulla maternità mancata ed un matrimonio che si sfalda, ma Ayobami Adebayo ci riesce perfettamente e lo fa con grande sensibilità, senza mai sminuire l'importanza dei temi trattati: ottima scoperta, lettura consigliata a chiunque. ( )
  Lilirose_ | Mar 27, 2021 |
I'm really surprised this a first novel.
This was not at all what I expected. I opened it to get a feel for it for a possible co-read with a friend. Before I realized it I was 25% into the story and could not stop. I was expecting a story about jealousy but really this was about so very much. Love, loss, lies, family and community expectations, secrets, shame, such complex issues handled with care and respect.
This was beautifully done. ( )
  LoisSusan | Dec 10, 2020 |
When I was very young and just beginning to read some of my favorite stories were fairy tales, mostly from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. I mention this because at two points in this novel by the Nigerian author, Ayobami Adebayo, there are tales told by two of the characters that are important to the story as a whole; in a sense connecting two halves of the novel.

Told in the first person by Yejide and Akin (they narrate separate chapters, a choice that provides insight into their differing views of many situations), a married couple living in Nigeria, the novel explores their marriage and family relationships in a culture that seems very different from that in which I was raised (although the presence of the Anglican Church does provide one familiar institution while leading to a bit of cognitive dissonance when set beside the acceptability of polygamy in their culture). The two marriage partners are very much in love with one another. Yejide's mother is dead and her father’s other wives do not regard her with affection. Meeting Akin changes her life and she becomes happier as she is courted and marries him. In spite of trying for some time the couple fail to conceive a child, and Akin is forced into marrying another girl named Funmi to continue his bloodline. A major theme is the pressure to have children, primarily emanating from Moomi, Akin's mother. Above all, however, there are the different views of marriage and love that are held by Yejide and Akin, but also by the other family members.

Stay With Me presents the emotional trauma of the characters while, subtlely in the background, there is political unrest in the country. However, ever present is the expectation of having offspring. For Akin this seems to be the only way in which he will be accepted as a man by the society. Major themes include the experience of being childless, the guilt of not fulfilling societal obligations and the psychological impact of not getting pregnant; these are complicated by the deaths of two of Yejide's children. Through it all, the author also presents the question of the society’s expectation of a man. The husband, Akin, is under pressure to provide babies and he makes choices that raise questions about the nature and importance of the members of his extended family. Funmi, while acceptable in a culture that approves of polygamy, can still be seen as a shadowy figure whose very presence is disruptive from Yejide's point of view. One of the best parts of the novel was the relationship between Akin and his brother Dotun. Their difficulties and the impact on Yejide provided some of the best moments in the story.

Overall, Stay With Me was a moving and thought-provoking look at the challenges of married life and family relationships. The presence of cultural differences between generations added to the realism and beauty of the novel. I enjoyed the way that the author was able to balance disappointment with joy leading to a satisfying ending. ( )
  jwhenderson | Dec 10, 2020 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 54) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
Ayobami Adebayo’s sensitive, exposing first novel is about the lies and false hopes we tell ourselves to stay sane, and the cataclysmic impact the decisions we make can have on the people we love...The scope of Stay With Me is huge, and yet, the writing of it is painfully intimate, the problems and wounds so personal and tightly wrought that, at times, you want to put the book down and step away, as if, with every new revelation, you are further intruding, unforgivably, into this couple’s life.

Fortunately, the brilliance of Adebayo’s storytelling stops you.
In Nigerian society a childless woman is a tragedy, and considered to have probably brought it on herself. And it is not just her apparent inability to conceive that Yejide is up against. Her husband, Akin, has been coerced by his mother, Moomi, to take a second wife, in the hopes that he will get her pregnant instead. “You have had my son between your legs for two more months and still your stomach is flat,” Moomi tells Yejide when the new wife is also not yet pregnant. “Close your thighs to him, I beg you … If you don’t he will die childless. I beg you, don’t spoil my life. He is my first son, Yejide.”
Such animated dialogue is a delight throughout the novel, and Moomi’s voice is the loudest among the vivid, persuasive characters who bring this Yoruba community to life... though there is still room for growth, she has a thoroughly contemporary style that is all her own. Her clever and funny take on domestic life and Nigerian society is a welcome addition to her country’s burgeoning literary scene. Despite the intense sadness of her subject matter, she has produced a bright, big-hearted demonstration of female spirit, as well as the damage done by the boundlessness of male pride.

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Palkinnot ja kunnianosoitukset
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Epigrafi (motto tai mietelause kirjan alussa)
Tiedot englanninkielisestä Yhteisestä tiedosta. Muokkaa kotoistaaksesi se omalle kielellesi.
For my mother, Dr Olusola Famurwa, who continues to make our home a wonderland where every room brims with books, love and gratitude.

And in memory of my father, Mr Adebayo Famurewa, who left behind a library and a legacy, I miss you still.
Ensimmäiset sanat
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I must leave this city today and come to you.
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(Napsauta nähdäksesi. Varoitus: voi sisältää juonipaljastuksia)
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Tiedot italiankielisestä Yhteisestä tiedosta. Muokkaa kotoistaaksesi se omalle kielellesi.
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"A novel about a married Nigerian couple who must grapple with staggering levels of loss and betrayal in their quest to create a family for themselves" --

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