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Antarktis (1997)

– tekijä: Kim Stanley Robinson

Sarjat: Science in the Capital (prequel)

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1,0802613,734 (3.67)59
Antarctica... Our last wilderness. But for how long? A topical future history thriller from the worldwide bestselling author of the Mars series.
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    Pelon ilmasto (tekijä: Michael Crichton) (PghDragonMan)
    PghDragonMan: A rebuttal to Michael Crichton's State of Fear.

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I quite enjoyed this novel about living and working in the hostile environment of Antarctica, but came into it with some wrong expectations. Having read a number of Robinson's other fiction works, I was expecting there to be some elements of fantastical or scientific fiction, and kept anticipating something along those lines to happen. ( )
  resoundingjoy | Jan 1, 2021 |
This is the most perfect novel by KSR that I've read. The Mars books and Galileo's dream were more ambitious and perhaps achieved more but at the cost of some flaws. That often seems to happen when writers really reach out and try to grasp something big and complicated but I would encourage them to try it anyway...however Antarctica tackles a fair bit and succeeds every which way I look at it: narrative drive, characterisation, subtext, prose style (apart from an occassional jarring line here and there).

Weird things are happening in Antractica: robberies, hijackings. Senator Chase's aide Wade is sent South to find out what is going on and so an adventure starts... As is usual for KSR, the story is told as a patchwork of perspectives from diverse utterly convincing characters. Sometimes this leads to problems of pacing and digression, but not here. A whirlwind tour of Antarctica, a cold weather adventure and some real surprises are mixed with tales of the (human) history of the continent and the usual concern for the environment, in a scenario that is all to plausible a view of the near future where the Antarctic Treaty has broken down and mineral exploitation is in the exploratory phase.

KSR went to Antarctica and saw much of what he describes first hand - he describes it vividly and with proper awe. Few people writing today can describe landscape and its effect on people who live in it as well as KSR consistently does let alone with as much appreciation of its fragility and importance or concern for its imperilled future.

And of course, here Kim is making the same points he does elsewhere with regard to ecology, sustainability, population, corporations, co-operation and self-interest. It's not subtle but it isn't detrimental to a good story, either.

One of the characters is a Chinese feng shui expert who wrote minimalist poems in response to a previous visit to the cold continent. Some of these appear at the head of chapters and they get better as one progresses through the book. My favourite is:

white white white
white green white
white white white

which, in context, is a delight.

I'm not sure how well known it is that this book precedes the Forty, Fifty, Sixty series: it's miles better than any of those and all of them taken together, too. Read this one if you like KSR, cold weather or survival tales. ( )
  Arbieroo | Jul 17, 2020 |
Almost every time I read a KSR book, I'm either awestruck, amazed at the scope, or I have to say something silly like, "Every time I read a KSR book, it's the favorite book I've read by him!"

Well, guess what?

Seriously, though, this one has the added distinction of KSR actually having been to Antarctica, and plot aside, the descriptions of the 60 below landscape, the problems associated with long hikes or just plain living there at all, makes this one of the most vivid novels he's ever written. This is quite aside from the Mars Trilogy, as good as it was. This one obviously hits closer to home, with all our crazy and screwed-up personages making yet another mess of things.

Because, let's face it, no nation or corporation has a good track record when it comes to reckless greed, fear of the upcoming energy crisis, or just not giving a shit because "things are bad everywhere". What does this mean for Antarctica? For those oil deposits? Or every nation capable of staging an end-run around the international treaty? A treaty unenforced and possibly unenforceable?

It brings up other familiar topics from KSR's other books as well. Ecology is a big one. Antarctica is the last clean place on Earth. It's rough on us and that's the main reason why, but you and I both know that where there's a will, there's a way. But there are also people willing to fight for the love they have for the place, and this is their novel. The fighting isn't really done with guns, but there *IS* ecoterrorism going on. There are also some rather awesome ways of living with zero-impact on the continent. Political and economic ideas that deal with the full problem. And characters that immerse us readers fully in this gorgeous, stark landscape.

I totally recommend this novel for anyone in love with cold adventures. It's full of history and the present and has a strong eye to the future, in every aspect. Now it's time to close my mouth. Snow is getting in. ( )
  bradleyhorner | Jun 1, 2020 |
Wow. It took me forever to get through this. Yes, there's some good description of Antarctica, but it's not great. As far as plot though- I mean, I'm 60% through the novel before a plot begins. And it always seems to be promising something significant...only to pull that away from you at the last moment to replace it with something incredibly boring. Yes, the author obviously did good research and even was in Antarctica to get everything accurate, but...

The Worst Journey in the World is mentioned numerous times in this book. If you want interesting reading about a harrowing story in Antarctica, with descriptions of what it's actually like there, read the original. ( )
  Carosaari | Jul 8, 2019 |
only read the first few chapters ( )
  Baku-X | Jan 10, 2017 |
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Antarctica... Our last wilderness. But for how long? A topical future history thriller from the worldwide bestselling author of the Mars series.

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