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Irish Encounter – tekijä: Hope Toler…

Irish Encounter (vuoden 2015 painos)

– tekijä: Hope Toler Dougherty (Tekijä)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioKeskustelut
961,566,790 (4.67)-
Teoksen nimi:Irish Encounter
Kirjailijat:Hope Toler Dougherty (Tekijä)
Info:Mantle Rock Publishing (2015), 276 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
Arvio (tähdet):*****

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Irish Encounter (tekijä: Hope Toler Dougherty)



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Irish Encounter by Hope Toler Dougherty is a stand-alone contemporary older-couple romance. Trying to get over the grief of losing her husband, Ellen Shepherd travels to Galway, Ireland to help her daughter settle in for a year of study abroad. There she meets Payne Anderson, a fellow American, on vacation to attend a wedding. She helps him see his need for God and he helps her get over her grief. After a whirl-wind friendship they go their separate ways hoping to meet up again in the States. I’m usually not one for reading about older middle age couples and romance; but because this was set in Ireland and especially Galway, I took a chance. It was a great little story. I loved Payne’s sense of humor! Ellen was such a sweet person to get to know. All of the interaction was believable and down to earth. Just like real life! I truly enjoyed this book and being able to “re-visit” Galway.

I received this book from Celebrate-Lit for my honest review. ( )
  KimPotter | Aug 9, 2020 |
As I began reading this book, I was quickly caught up in the story. Ellen Shepherd, a widow of 3 years, has left North Carolina to come Ireland in order to see her daughter and also to acquire yarn for her shop. While sitting in a coffee shop trying to write, an elderly gentleman approaches her because she reminds him of his deceased wife. The interaction between Seamus and Ellen is touching.

But when Seamus leaves, a new man barges into Ellen’s life and it will never be the same. Initially, he lives up to his name of Payne. He proves to be a pain to Ellen. But she recognizes that sometimes God plants people in our path so we can share His Truth with them.

Payne and Ellen begin a relationship that becomes characterized by misunderstanding both on her side and his side. This book demonstrates how it is important to ask questions when we do not understand or like what we see.

It also shows how an appointment by God can change a person’s life forever.

Olivia, Ellen’s daughter studying in Ireland, daughter my attention. She obviously loves her mom and loved her dad and initially proves to dislike Payne, seemingly because he is not her father. But over time, he is able to win her approval.

Another part that really caught my attention was when Ellen’s other daughter and her son Scott called Ellen in Ireland and wound up talking to Payne as well. The love of the family for each other and the amazing group of friends they are surrounded by make this a story worth reading. So check it out for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from CelebrateLit, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own. ( )
  PattiP1992 | Aug 5, 2020 |
When they first meet, Ellen Shepherd tells a stranger that she believes in both prayer and divine appointment and remarks that "Maybe you're one for me today." Little does she know just how true this may turn out to be! Irish Encounter tells the story of two people who have known grief and disappointment but have chosen totally different paths to handle their situations. Ellen has turned to God and relied on Him and prayer to help during the three years since her husband's death and she is now returning to a place they had once visited together. Payne Anderson has chosen to nurse his anger and ignore his grief by turning away from God. It's apparent that they are drawn to each and their chemistry is very strong but is it possible for this attraction to be stronger than their differing beliefs?

Hope Toler Dougherty has chosen the wonderful setting of Galway for this sweet and inspiring romance that focuses on hope, forgiveness, and second chances. Reading this book made me feel like I was sharing Ellen's vacation with her. I was seeing the Irish countryside, visiting the yarn shops, and eating at some of the small pubs, but all vacations must end and many questions and doubts follow Ellen as she returns to the United States. Was her chance meeting with Payne truly 'God ordained'? Can her strong Christian witness be a positive influence in Payne's return to faith? Is it possible for Ellen and Payne to find a second chance at happiness, together?

Dougherty has written a lovely story and I am looking forward to reading more of her books. I recommend Irish Encounter to all readers who enjoy contemporary Christian romance.

I received a copy of this book from the author via Celebrate Lit. A positive review was never required. These are my own thoughts and opinions. ( )
  fcplcataloger | Aug 3, 2020 |
Give your anger and grief to God = PEACE

Be strong. Do not be terrified. The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Ellen Shepherd is visiting Galway, Ireland - a place she enjoyed a number of years earlier with her husband who has passed away. With all the memories a visit like that brings with it, strength was something she needed. What started out as a trip down memory lane became a most enjoyable visit that brought new life to her and those around her.

As a knitter and occasional crocheter, I loved all the detail surrounding the farms and yarn shops. For me, I expect that would be at the top of my list, should I ever have the chance to visit Ireland! The author’s attention to detail, especially when it came to describing all the gorgeous scenery and the multiple hues of green just added to the wish to someday travel to that country.

This ARC was received through Mantle Rock Publishing, Hartline Literary Agency and CelebrateLit. The thoughts and impressions are my own and were in no way solicited. ( )
  Eamace | Aug 1, 2020 |
I enjoyed this read, a rebirth, in a sense, having had the deep grief of loosing loved ones, and now being a bit older, can Payne and Ellen let go of their doubts and embrace this new relationship?
We begin this story in beautiful Ireland, and you see the country side through the eyes of this author. We also travel to shops and farms where the wool yarn is made, and you can almost feel it, and Ellen buys lots for her yarn shop in the States.
Payne is committed to a project in Africa, and these two may just be ships that past in the night. Will schedules and life permit these two a bit of happiness? Well. answers come, and you may be surprised at the ending.
A sweet read you don't want to miss!
I received this book through Celebrate Lit, and was not required to give a positive review. ( )
  alekee | Jul 31, 2020 |
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