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The Autumnlands, Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw –…

The Autumnlands, Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw (vuoden 2015 painos)

– tekijä: Kurt Busiek (Tekijä)

Sarjat: The Autumnlands (1-6)

JäseniäKirja-arvostelujaSuosituimmuussijaKeskimääräinen arvioMaininnat
1866111,675 (3.83)1
"When the wizards of the Autumnlands reach through time to bring back a legendary hero, they don't get the savior they expected. But in a shattered, besieged city, he's their only hope of survival-and possibly their entire world's, as well" --
Teoksen nimi:The Autumnlands, Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw
Kirjailijat:Kurt Busiek (Tekijä)
Info:Image Comics (2015), 184 pages
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto, Comics/Graphic Novels
Arvio (tähdet):

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The Autumnlands, Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw (tekijä: Kurt Busiek)


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Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 6) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)

The world of the Autumnlands is one where various character who are anthropomorphic animals are in conflict with each other; the wizards of the steampunkish flying city summon an ancient hero who turns out to be a human, like you and me, and outwits the groundling enemy due to his superior human intellect. The one major female character is a sneaky turncoat. I'm never terribly comfortable with the resonances of stories like this, and although it's nicely illustrated, it didn't draw me in. ( )
  nwhyte | Dec 31, 2017 |
I quite enjoyed that. Not sure whether it was the art, or the snarky Champion dude... or the little blurbs at the beginning of each issue... am rather interested to see where this goes... if only comics weren't so expensive. Lel.

And I have to say... I remember Kurt Busiek's name from my comic buying days though I've never actually read Astro City. Reading Autumnlands did have a somewhat epic-ish feel to it though! ( )
  kephradyx | Jun 20, 2017 |
I love high fantasy. I love well crafted, plot driven comics. I'm not as much a fan of anthropomorphism, but damnit if The Autumnlands didn't turn me around on that one.

The story is classic high fantasy. Magic is draining from the world and the inhabitants are looking for a way to bring it back. They just happen to be animals, not humans here. There is an ancient legend about a Champion who brought magic into the world originally, so a group of wizards decide to try to bring him back, which leads to all kind of unintended consequences.

Preceding the main story of each issue there is a two-page spread with prose setting up the segment you're about to read. I loved this design choice, because reading the dialogue was no different than reading that in a traditional book. Not a lot of comics do that.

There are some heavy "good" and "evil" themes that are fun to try to tease apart. Especially the treatment of the land-dwellers by the sky-dwellers.

And overall the artwork is just BEAUTIFUL. I seriously don't think that there was one rushed frame in the while book.

If you're a fan of Mouseguard, I would say that you would love this. It's very similar in a lot of ways, but
The Autumnlands has a more traditional fantasy feel to it that I found greatly satisfying.

And with that cliffhanger, there is no way I'm not reading the next installment.

Copy courtesy of Diamond Book Distributors/Image Comics, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  GoldenDarter | Sep 15, 2016 |
A fantasy world, powered by magic and populated by talking animals, is running low on magic. Renegade wizards risk a summoning ceremony to call a great champion who turns out to be human . Politics, fighting, explosions ensue. The artwork is lovely, with interesting characters. I look forward to reading more. ( )
  questbird | Jun 7, 2016 |
I got into Kurt Busiek from his Astro City stories, which are unbelievable and amazing. But they are also kind of an anthology series, so I wanted to try this one out and see how Busiek handles the long form. He handles it very well. This is a sprawling epic that genre mashes scifi and fantasy.

The Autumnlands are a place where animals walk upright and wield magic. There are the sky people and the land dwellers. The problem for the sky people is that magic is dying out. A great wizardess convinces a team of wizards to help her cast a spell to bring from the past The Champion, who supposedly created magic as it exists in the Autumnlands. The spell, however, uses up too much magic, and their floating city, which is held up by magic, crashes to the ground. Land dwellers (bison tribes) attack and slaughter any who survived the fall. The sky dwellers are saved by The Champion, who is a human. He is from a past that looks very much like our future and has all kinds of neat technical tools. But the bison tribes are reuniting to take out the remaining sky dwellers and their Champion.

This is one of the longer graphic novels I've read, at 150 pages, and it was only Volume 1, so I feel like you get a good deal for the price you pay. There is a lot of great story in this book, and I am only touching on the broadest strokes. This one is worth reading. ( )
  DougGoodman | Apr 7, 2016 |
Näyttää 1-5 (yhteensä 6) (seuraava | näytä kaikki)
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"When the wizards of the Autumnlands reach through time to bring back a legendary hero, they don't get the savior they expected. But in a shattered, besieged city, he's their only hope of survival-and possibly their entire world's, as well" --

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