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Dreamside – tekijä: Graham Joyce

Dreamside (vuoden 2001 painos)

– tekijä: Graham Joyce

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213595,995 (3.51)11
Finally available in America: the debut novel from the author ofThe Tooth FairyandDark Sister It began as an experiment in college--a seemingly harmless investigation into "lucid dreaming," the ability to control one's dreams. But they stayed too long on Dreamside, and now, ten years later, the dreams have returned--returned to upend their adult lives. The dreams of youth fade, if you're lucky. If not, they can consume you . . . and will.… (lisätietoja)
Teoksen nimi:Dreamside
Kirjailijat:Graham Joyce
Info:Tor Books (2001), Paperback
Kokoelmat:Oma kirjasto
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Dreamside (tekijä: Graham Joyce)


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näyttää 5/5
The first half of this book is similar to INDIGO. Both involve people who are trying to expand their mind or consciousness by doing some sort of experiment. In INDIGO it had to do with visibility and seeing. In DREAMSIDE it had to do with your dreams and controlling them. And in both, the methods given to reach the state of heightened awareness seem really probable for success. DREAMSIDE focuses on four college students who work on the power of lucid dreaming, the ability to control and be aware of your dreams while dreaming. This talent and their growth in using it is told in a flashback as something dangerous and unknown starts to play havoc with their lives in the present. In that regards the story follows the typical "something evil happens when younger and comes back to revisit when adults" theme. I'm not too sure why but halfway through the book, I lost my momentum to finish it. The story seemed fine and interesting all the way through and the ending wasn't totally predictable but I wasn't able to finish the book as quickly as I started it. Despite that I would probably recommend this more than some of his later works since this book has more supernatural or weird things happening than his later and more literary material. ( )
  dagon12 | Oct 16, 2020 |
Graham Joyce was not an author I was aware of until Neil Gaiman tweeted about his untimely death. So I sought out this book, his first novel, since he seemed to operate in an area of fiction I like.

This is a story about lucid dreaming, the ability to control one's dreams consciously and even interact with other dreamers. Focussing on four students, Ella, Lee, Honora and Brad, who take part in a study on lucid dreaming run by a professor Burns in the 1970's, we follow their struggles to gain and then control the ability to affect their dreams. Joyce's writing here (this part of the story is told in flashback) is wonderful, poetic even. The picture he paints of "Dreamside" is idyllic and the four are excited by the possibilities that lucid dreaming offers.

It is only when the experiment comes to an end, when they decide, rashly, to carry on without supervision, that things take a darker turn. The sexual tensions within the group ultimately lead to tragedy and they splinter.

Thirteen years later (which is when the book opens), the four are troubled by dark dreams again. Someone, or some thing, is stalking them. Something has crossed over from Dreamside and, led by Ella, they must return to undo what was done. The second half of the book is much darker, horror dripping from the page as they struggle to separate reality from dreaming.

Joyce is a good writer and the story rattles along but at one point you are asked to suspend disbelief in order for the plot to advance. And it's a big ask. Some will go with it, as I did, and some won't. But the whole latter part of the book hinges on that choice. For me, at the end, things are never quite explained properly, loose ends never quite tied up satisfactorily. But as a first novel its a million times better than some of the drek that clogs up the best seller shelves. I'll be reading more of Mr Joyce, and if you enjoy fantastical fiction with a dark twist, I'd urge you to do so too. ( )
  David.Manns | Nov 28, 2016 |
This book was an interesting look at lucid dreams and what happens when dreams invade reality. I like the interactions between the characters as they struggle to understand what happened years ago. ( )
  krin5292 | Nov 28, 2009 |
Graham Joyce is at the top of my list of most underrated authors. I am slowly making my way through all his works. His style is not branded horror, but he has a subtle way of chilling you through and making you wonder about what's really out there.

Dreamside centers around Ella, Lee, Brad and Honora. Back in college, they took part in a psychology research project. As the numbers dwindled down, they were the Professor's chosen. He took their talent and molded them to create worlds and matter in their dreams. When one of their group retreats and things in the real world become unstable, they put the dreams to rest. Thirteen years later, the side effects are starting again. Who is calling to them? ( )
  punkypower | Apr 15, 2008 |
Reviewer: Diana F. Von Behren

Ella, Lee, Honora and Brad are college students in the UK who participated in a seemingly harmless experiment whih asks the question: are dreamers aware that they are dreaming as they dream? As the experiments continue and the participants become more daring, they discover how to actually choose a "Dreamside" meeting place and "meet" there as a group. However, as in all these science-runs-amuck stories, the experiments are abandoned due to a horrendous side effect--nightmares in real time and the inability of the dreamer to consciously know whether he/she has actually awakened or has dreampt he/she has awakened. One dreamer in particular is effected so thoroughly that her life is ruined, changed forever. Twelve years later, the since separated foursome are still pulled together by the reoccurance of Dreamside's side effects and must band together to stop the snowballing consequences that threaten to destroy them all. Sounds good, huh? Well. . .
Read the first half of this book---it does not disappoint--the present day unwanted reoccurance of the dreams, the details of the college time experiments, and the decision of two of the dreamers to band together to correct the problem---fantastic! Dream reading ---- But, the ending--[heck], IT PUT ME TO SLEEP--so, make up you own. Anything is better than the author's less than perfect three snores and a beer can climax and conclusion. Better yet, [see] Dreamscape or Flatliners on DVD or VHS. ( )
Useat käyttäjät ovat merkinneet tämän arvostelun käyttöehtojen vastaiseksi eikä se ole enää näkyvissä (näytä arvostelu).
  gnewfry | Nov 24, 2006 |
näyttää 5/5
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Finally available in America: the debut novel from the author ofThe Tooth FairyandDark Sister It began as an experiment in college--a seemingly harmless investigation into "lucid dreaming," the ability to control one's dreams. But they stayed too long on Dreamside, and now, ten years later, the dreams have returned--returned to upend their adult lives. The dreams of youth fade, if you're lucky. If not, they can consume you . . . and will.

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