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Programming Python (1996)

Tekijä: Mark Lutz

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760528,197 (3.36)2
If you've mastered Python's fundamentals, you're ready to start using it to get real work done. Programming Python will show you how, with in-depth tutorials on the language's primary application domains: system administration, GUIs, and the Web. You'll also explore how Python is used in databases, networking, front-end scripting layers, text processing, and more. This book focuses on commonly used tools and libraries to give you a comprehensive understanding of Python's many roles in practical, real-world programming. You'll learn language syntax and programming technique… (lisätietoja)

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Indeholder "Foreword", "Preface", "Part I. The Beginning", "Chapter 1. Introducing Python", " 'And Now for Something Completely Different'", " Python Philosophy 101", " The Life of Python", " Signs of the Python Times", " The Compulsory Features List", " What's Python Good For?", " What's Python Not Good For?", " Truth in Advertising", "Chapter 2. A Sneak Preview", " 'Programming Python: The Short Story'", " The Task", " Step 1: Representing Records", " Step 2: Storing Records Persistently", " Step 3: Stepping Up to OOP", " Step 4: Adding Console Interaction", " Step 5: Adding a GUI", " Step 6: Adding a Web Interface", " The End of the Demo", "Part II. System Programming", "Chapter 3. System Tools", " 'The os.path to Knowledge'", " System Scripting Overview", " Introducing the sys Module", " Introducing the os Module", " Script Execution Context", " Current Working Directory", " Command-Line Arguments", " Shell Environment Variables", " Standard Streams", "Chapter 4. File and Directory Tools", " 'Erase Your Hard Drive in Five Easy Steps!'", " File Tools", " Directory Tools", "Chapter 5. Parallel System Tools", " 'Telling the Monkeys What to Do'", " Forking Processes", " Threads", " Program Exits", " Interprocess Communication", " Pipes", " Signals", " Other Ways to Start Programs", " A Portable Program-Launch Framework", " Other System Tools", "Chapter 6. System Examples: Utilities", " 'Splits and Joins and Alien Invasions'", " Splitting and Joining Files", " Generating Forward-Link Web Pages", " A Regression Test Script", " Packing and Unpacking Files", " Automated Program Launchers", "Chapter 7. System Examples: Directories", " 'The Greps of Wrath'", " Fixing DOS Line Ends", " Fixing DOS Filenames", " Searching Directory Trees", " Visitor: Walking Trees Generically", " Copying Directory Trees", " Deleting Directory Trees", " Comparing Directory Trees", "Part III. GUI Programming", "Chapter 8. Graphical User Interfaces", " 'Here's Looking at You, Kid'", " Python GUI Development Options", " Tkinter Overview", " Climbing the GUI Learning Curve", " Tkinter Coding Basics", " Tkinter Coding Alternatives", " Adding Buttons and Callbacks", " Adding User-Defined Callback Handlers", " Adding Multiple Widgets", " Customizing Widgets with Classes", " Reusable GUI Components with Classes", " The End of the Tutorial", " Python/Tkinter for Tcl/Tk Converts", "Chapter 9. A Tkinter Tour, Part 1", " 'Widgets and Gadgets and GUIs, Oh My!'", " Configuring Widget Appearance", " Top-Level Windows", " Dialogs", " Binding Events", " Message and Entry", " Checkbutton, Radiobutton, and Scale", " Running GUI Code Three Ways", " Images", " Viewing and Processing Images with PIL", "Chapter 10. A Tkinter Tour, Part 2", " 'On Today's Menu: Spam, Spam, and Spam'", " Menus", " Listboxes and Scrollbars", " Text", " Canvas", " Grids", " Time Tools, Threads, and Animation", " The End of the Tour", " The PyDemos and PyGadgets Launchers", "Chapter 11. GUI Coding Techniques", " 'Building a Better Mouse Trap'", " GuiMixin: Common Tool Mixin Classes", " GuiMaker: Automating Menus and Toolbars", " ShellGui: GUIs for Command-Line Tools", " GuiStreams: Redirecting Streams to Widgets", " Reloading Callback Handlers Dynamically", " Wrapping Up Top-Level Window Interfaces", " GUIs, Threads, and Queues", " More Ways to Add GUIs to Non-GUI Code", "Chapter 12. Complete GUI Programs", " 'Python, Open Source, and Camaros'", " PyEdit: A Text Editor Program/Object", " PyPhoto: An Image Viewer and Resizer", " PyView: An Image and Notes Slideshow", " PyDraw: Painting and Moving Graphics", " PyClock: An Analog/Digital Clock Widget", " PyToe: A Tic-Tac-Toe Game Widget", " Where to Go from Here", "Part IV. Internet Programming", "Chapter 13. Network Scripting", " 'Tune In, Log On, and Drop Out'", " Plumbing the Internet", " Socket Programming", " Handling Multiple Clients", " A Simple Python File Server", "Chapter 14. Client-Side Scripting", " 'Socket to Me!'", " FTP: Transferring Files over the Net", " Processing Internet Email", " POP: Fetching Email", " SMTP: Sending Email", " email: Parsing and Composing Mails", " pymail: A Console-Based Email Client", " The mailtools Utility Package", " NNTP: Accessing Newsgroups", " HTTP: Accessing Web Sites", " Module urllib Revisited", " Other Client-Side Scripting Options", "Chapter 15. The PyMailGUI Client", " 'Use the Source, Luke'", " A PyMailGUI Demo", " PyMailGUI Implementation", "Chapter 16. Server-Side Scripting", " 'Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave'", " What's a Server-Side CGI Script?", " Running Server-Side Examples", " Climbing the CGI Learning Curve", " Saving State Information in CGI Scripts", " The Hello World Selector", " Refactoring Code for Maintainability", " More on HTML and URL Escapes", " Transferring Files to Clients and Servers", "Chapter 17. The PyMailCGI Server", " 'Things to Do When Visiting Chicago'", " The PyMailCGI Web Site", " The Root Page", " Sending Mail by SMTP", " Reading POP Email", " Processing Fetched Mail", " Utility Modules", " CGI Script Trade-Offs", "Chapter 18. Advanced Internet Topics", " 'Surfing on the Shoulders of Giants'", " Zope: A Web Application Framework", " HTMLgen: Web Pages from Objects", " Jython: Python for Java", " Grail: A Python-Based Web Browser", " XML Processing Tools", " Windows Web Scripting Extensions", " Python Server Pages", " Rolling Your Own Servers in Python", " And Other Cool Stuff", "Part V. Tools and Techniques", "Chapter 19. Databases and Persistence", " 'Give Me an Order of Persistence, but Hold the Pickles'", " Persistence Options in Python", " DBM Files", " Pickled Objects", " Shelve Files", " The ZODB Object-Oriented Database", " SQL Database Interfaces", " PyForm: A Persistent Object Viewer", "Chapter 20. Data Structures", " 'Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue; Lists Are Mutable, and So Is Set Foo'", " Implementing Stacks", " Implementing Sets", " Subclassing Built-In Types", " Binary Search Trees", " Graph Searching", " Reversing Sequences", " Permuting Sequences", " Sorting Sequences", " Data Structures Versus Python Built-Ins", " PyTree: A Generic Tree Object Viewer", "Chapter 21. Text and Language", " 'See Jack Hack. Hack, Jack, Hack'", " Strategies for Parsing Text in Python", " String Method Utilities", " Regular Expression Pattern Matching", " Advanced Language Tools", " Handcoded Parsers", " PyCalc: A Calculator Program/Object", "Part VI. Integration", "Chapter 22. Extending Python", " 'I Am Lost at C'", " Integration Modes", " C Extensions Overview", " A Simple C Extension Module", " Extension Module Details", " The SWIG Integration Code Generator", " Wrapping C Environment Calls", " A C Extension Module String Stack", " A C Extension Type String Stack", " Wrapping C++ Classes with SWIG", " Other Extending Tools", "Chapter 23. Embedding Python", " 'Add Python. Mix Well. Repeat.'", " C Embedding API Overview", " Basic Embedding Techniques", " Registering Callback Handler Objects", " Using Python Classes in C", " A High-Level Embedding API: ppembed", " Other Integration Topics", "Part VII. The End", "Chapter 24. Conclusion: Python and the Development Cycle", " 'That's the End of the Book, Now Here's the Meaning of Life'", " 'Something's Wrong with the Way We Program Computers'", " The 'Gilligan Factor'", " Doing the Right Thing", " Enter Python", " But What About That Bottleneck?", " On Sinking the Titanic", " So What's 'Python: The Sequel'?", " In the Final Analysis . . .", " Postscript to the Second Edition (2000)", " Postscript to the Third Edition (2006)", "Index", "Colophon", "Recommended for You".

Tyk tung bog med programmeringseksempler i python. Ikke ret god. Til gengæld er der "morsomme" kapitelundertitler og citat fra dokumentationen for pythons sort at den har supernatural performance, men ingen diskussion af om det fx er en 'stable sort'. Dumpet. ( )
  bnielsen | Feb 4, 2016 |
What a disappointment. A very long, tedious and random collection of python programming examples with no rhyme or reason whatsoever. I think they were trying out a new idea for an authoritative language book which didn't end up panning out at all. A big pile of wasted paper. ( )
  wweisser | Jul 6, 2013 |

非常にためになった ( )
  k_ishikawa | Dec 2, 2011 |
Very disappointing. One of the worst O'Reilly books I've come across. Don't let the size deceive you... there is not much useful information here. The index is particularly shocking. I second the other recommendation for "Python Essential Reference". ( )
  kalafjj | Aug 23, 2008 |
O'Reilly is usually so good, but I found this book disappointing. It's too long and scattershot, and I end up never looking at it. I much prefer the Python Essential Reference by Beazley. ( )
2 ääni billmcn | Aug 6, 2007 |
näyttää 5/5
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1 So What's Python? -- "And Now for Something Completely Different..." -- This book is about Python, a public-domain programming language. In acronyms, Python is both a very-high-level language (VHLL), and an object-oriented dynamic language (OODL). As a preliminary definition, Python can be described as a new kind of language too. For many users, its -- support for object-oriented development -- powerful programming constructs -- extendible and embeddable architecture -- remarkably clear syntax and cohherent design -- make it almost ideal as both a scripting interface for modern systems, and a stand-alone rapid-development language.
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If you've mastered Python's fundamentals, you're ready to start using it to get real work done. Programming Python will show you how, with in-depth tutorials on the language's primary application domains: system administration, GUIs, and the Web. You'll also explore how Python is used in databases, networking, front-end scripting layers, text processing, and more. This book focuses on commonly used tools and libraries to give you a comprehensive understanding of Python's many roles in practical, real-world programming. You'll learn language syntax and programming technique

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