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How Lovely Are Thy Branches

– tekijä: Diane Duane

Sarjat: Young Wizards (novella, 9.2), Wizardry Universe (novella)

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214845,087 (4.3)7

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näyttää 4/4
It's one day before the Winter Solstice, five days before Christmas, and a wizards' holiday party is about to descend on the home of Juan and Marina Rodriguez.

The Rodriguez parents know that their two younger kids, Kit and Carmela, are wizards, but unlike Nita and Dairine Callahan's dad, they haven't previously experienced a full-blown wizard party at their home. Moreover, this time, the guest of honor is Filif, the Demisiv, who just happens to look an awful lot like the Christmas tree of your dreams.

Filif, having learned about Christmas and Christmas trees, wants to be decorated--tinsel, garlands, decorations of all kinds, and lights. When Marcus, coming in from Germany for the party, mentions that actual lit candles on the tree used to be traditional, and are still included in some places, Filif wants those, too. His friends wonder if that's going a little far...

Meanwhile, the biggest winter storm in decades is bearing down on New York City, and the Terror Twins, next door, are bent on their usual mischief.

This is a fun, warm, enjoyable Christmas novelette, canonical in the Young Wizards series. A nice little addition to your holiday reading.

I bought this ebook. ( )
  LisCarey | Dec 10, 2020 |
This side story is kinda weak on storyline and characters, but, OMG, the world building in the first few pages is just awesome. ( )
  2wonderY | Mar 21, 2017 |
In How Lovely Are Thy Branches, Carmela holds a Christmas party and invites all our favorite wizards. Carmela’s reason for the party is to finally get Filif dressed up as a Christmas tree, which he was interested in back in Wizard’s Holiday. This was a really sweet story and basically pure fluff. Character interactions were at the forefront. ( )
  pwaites | Feb 4, 2016 |
Fun. No major events, just a get-together with friends...some realizations, and new understandings (of course, it's a Duane). One sort-of confrontation, but not with the Lone One - just a couple of bullies, though according to Filif they're doing His work. Filif does greatly enjoy being decorated. We also get to see more of Kit's parents, which is nice - they haven't shown up much, nor have we gotten to see them dealing with Kit being a wizard and Carmela being...whatever she is (they manage just fine, thanks). And oddly enough, there's this big threatening blizzard - which plays basically no part in the story, aside from slightly limiting the time a few of the wizards can spend at the party. Not sure why it was mentioned at all. I do enjoy Duane's Young Wizards shorts - nice insights and sidelights on the main stories. ( )
  jjmcgaffey | Feb 4, 2015 |
näyttää 4/4
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Young Wizards (novella, 9.2)
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Four thousand years ago, when the Crossings Intercontinental Worldgating Facility on Rirhath B was in its initial stages of development, the populations of the Alterf star system were evacuated into near-Rirhait space secondary to their home star being irreparably damaged by a passing black hole. The four carbon-based species originally native to Alterf IV's giant moon Temalbar brought with them to their new homes an awesomely advanced sheaf of technologies that became the foundation of a cultural partnership with the Rirhait that has stood the test of millennia, and thrives to this day. Daily life in much of the modern Galaxy now depends on some of the devices and tech they brought with them - such as the Interconnect Project's worldgate management and deployment technology that makes it feasible to cluster worldgates together on demand without destroying the planet they're based on, and the far-famed SunTap limitless-energy capture system that satisfies the power demands of worldgate complexes in this galaxy and numerous others.
And that said... beings based on every sort and state of matter, and resident from this side of the Galaxy to the other, will swear up and down (if asked) that the very best thing to come of that ancient partnership is the concept of the multispecies shopping mall.
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...Believe it or not, however, not all the species who pass through The World's Premier Travel And Shopping Venue (SM) are interested in chocolate. Even dark chocolate.
Or not that interested.
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