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Coreyography: A Memoir (2013)

– tekijä: Corey Feldman

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1137189,734 (3.51)3
"A deeply personal and revealing memoir and Hollywood-survival story by The lost boys and Stand by me star"--

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"Coreyography" by Corey Feldman was just heartbreaking. What he and Corey Haim went through in Hollywood...so sad. The drugs, the pedophiles. He has nice things to say about Michael Jackson, which makes me happy. I just feel so bad for him and Corey. It was heartbreaking in one other way, too: St. Martin's Press obviously decided not to waste money on a proofreader. The whole book was littered with spelling and grammar errors, the most egregious was misspelling Stephen King's name on p. 215. Good grief. I tried not to let that detract from his heart felt storytelling but man, it was tough. ( )
  bekkil1977 | Feb 9, 2018 |
Really good memoir. Makes me very glad I never had an interest in putting my kids into show business. ( )
  Traciinaz | Mar 17, 2016 |
This was an enjoyable, if light, read. If you grew up somewhere around the 70s-90s, then you know who Corey Feldman is. You probably liked one of his movies (Lost Boys), at least. You know about The Two Coreys, bad boy antics, etc.

It's all dealt with, including other elements that you might not have expected, like child molestation in Hollywood, bullying, drug abuse, and more. Basically, you get a bit of everything that you want in a Hollywood autobiography.

My major complaint is that this is more image, then exploration. He is situating himself (he seems to always want to be seen as a player in Hollywood) and only touching on some things and hinting at others. I suspect that his involvement in some "seedy" situations may have been greater, then he lets on. He comes out of the whole thing looking more victim, then participant. Things just sort of... happened around him.

All-in-all, a resource for some elements of The Two Coreys not covered in the reality series and also behind-the-scenes tidbits from various movies. Something for the beach or poolside. ( )
2 ääni James_Patrick_Joyce | Jun 14, 2015 |
(Actually 3.5 stars rounded up)

Like a great many others, I grew up watching Corey Feldman movies. He starred in three of my favorite films of all time: Goonies, Stand By Me, and Lost Boys. I've been quoted saying that, had Feldman played a role in Howard the Duck, cinematic perfection would have been accomplished. Howard the Duck is, after all, the greatest movie to ever grace celluloid. Add Corey Feldman to the mix and peoples' heads would explode as if they'd been set upon but a group of hyperactive Scanners. Unmitigated epicosity for all. Alas, this did not happen. That doesn't change the fact that I worshiped Feldman, and wanted to be just like that little gruffy-voiced badass. Then I read this book. I no longer wish to have been Corey Feldman. And I'm sure Corey Feldman wishes he hadn't been himself.

The introduction to Coreyography took me aback. I expected a Hollywood tell-all from the guy that played Teddy Duchamp, Edgar Frog, and Mouth, not a minute by minute breakdown of Corey Haim's death. Coreyography also delves deeply, and I mean Hell-deep, into the prevalence of pedophilia in Tinsel Town. Reading this book, one might think Hollywood, CA was Vatican City, what with all the grown men diddling preteen boys and whatnot.

So there I was, stumbling into a mess of a tale involving the Two Coreys, child molestation, and drug use on par with Keith Richards and Lindsay Lohan, wondering whether or not I wanted to continue on with what seemed to be one fuck of a dire read. I'd wanted to experience this book for nostalgia's sake. In the end, I continued on. Why? Because Feldman brings up his relationship with Michael Jackson. Once again, didn't see that coming. I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but their interactions alone make this book worth the reading.

The writing is excellent. Did Feldman have a someone write this book for him? Probably. I can't say definitely one way or the other, but if Corey Feldman can write this well he shouldn't be doing anything else. There were several scenes that drew my dangling bits up into my stomach; vivid descriptions of Feldman being raped, repeatedly, were perhaps written too well. I didn't need all that input. On top of everything else, I listened to the audiobook, which Feldman narrates himself, and, during these vile recollections, Feldman seems almost... wistful. You can sense the anger, sure, but there's something else there. Something too disturbing to touch upon. Or maybe it's just that he sounds like Carol Channing...

I settled on 3.5 stars because, though I enjoyed this biography as much as one can enjoy a graphic retelling of such abuses, the writing was a touch... elegant at times. It's almost as if Feldman thought he was penning the final book in the Gone with the Wind Trilogy. He becomes verbose and maudlin and flowery and just plain thick. Then you have moments when phrases like "almost always" occur. Or when Feldman describes a girl as both "gloomy and sullen," as if those two words don't mean the exact same thing. In other words, the author's prose is inconsistent.

One final thing and I will leave you be. I read several reviews that balk at how many names Feldman drops in his life's tale. What the hell did they expect? Corey Feldman is/was a movie star. He wasn't going to be hanging out with Timmy from the block or Hector from down the street. Of course he palled around with Drew Barrymore and Ricky Schroder and River Phoenix and Steven Spielberg. In fact, that's one of the more interesting parts about this book - the numerous interactions with big name stars who treat this poor kid with love and kindness while his home life is crumbling. And the part about Joel Schumacher cussing out a drug-addled Corey Feldman had me in stitches. Not because it's funny, per se, but because that's exactly how I would have reacted. With those very same expletives.

All in all, this is tough read. But certainly don't read it if you want a flashback to childhood. Read it for a little-seen glimpse of the dark fissures running through Hollywood's pretty veneer.
( )
2 ääni Edward.Lorn | Feb 13, 2015 |
The 1980s child actor Corey Feldman says that paedophilia ‘was, and is, and always will be’ the ‘number-one problem in Hollywood’ and that both he and fellow child actor Corey Haim were molested. Feldman revealed that Haim had been raped on the movie set of Lucas in 1985 when he was aged 14. ( )
  TonySandel2 | Mar 19, 2014 |
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"A deeply personal and revealing memoir and Hollywood-survival story by The lost boys and Stand by me star"--

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