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Christmas at Harmony Hill: A Shaker Story

Tekijä: Ann H. Gabhart

Sarjat: Shaker (5.5)

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1129240,092 (4.28)-
An expectant young woman turned away by her family at Christmas is taken in by the Shakers at Harmony Hill.

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Always a fan of Ann Gabhart I was excited to read this new book just in time for the holiday season.

Heather's husband Gideon tells his wife that she must return home during the waning days of the war. He does not want a child born in the midst of war and turmoil. However, Heather had been turned out by her family when she fell in love with Gideon - a northerner. Gideon is convinced that she will find open arms and forgiveness since she is with child and it is in the winter.

Traveling South Heather arrives home only to find that her two brothers and mother have died in the strife of the war and that her father's heart has been hardened by his great loss and that he actually blames Heather.

The hope - her mother's heart was turned to her daughter - whom she had hoped would return home. Before dying she wrote her daughter one last letter - telling her to seek refuge at a nearby shaker village. There in the midst of that village she delivers a child and learns about the grace and love of God.

I found this to be a sweet story. Short enough to read in one setting on a cold day with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Thanks to Revell for this review copy. ( )
  abbieriddle | Mar 1, 2022 |
This story pulled me in from the start. The characters are very realistic and immediately come to life. Lilith seems very one dementia all but I believe that is the characters personality and nothing to do with the writers ability. The story takes place during the Civil War. ( )
  wearylibrarian | Mar 5, 2016 |
This is a stirring story of healing, hope and home at Christmas time. In 1864 when the nation is torn apart by the Civil War, Heather Worth is with child and her husband is on the front line. She must seek help, in a Shaker village of Harmony Hill. Shakers have peculiar beliefs about family and isn't sure if this is where she should go.........
  SABC | Jan 7, 2014 |
Will Love Prevail?

Christmas at Harmony Hill is another great read by this author. I was immediately drawn into the storyline from the beginning. My heart ached for both Gideon and Heather. I worried about their future. Would Gideon survive the war and would Heather survive being turned away from her family home in her time of need.

As this story goes back and forth between what is happening with Gideon and what is going on with Heather the reader begins to wonder if a happy ending is possible.

War is not pretty and being lonely is not the ideal situation either.

Decisions have to be made, lives have to change, love must carry on, forgiveness must be extended, and faith in God that everything will work out must be there.

I highly recommend this book! ( )
  passionforbooks | Dec 9, 2013 |
Title: Christmas at Harmony Hill (A Shaker Story)
Author: Ann H. Gabhart
Pages: 208
Year: 2013
Publisher: Revell
Ann H. Gabhart is an established as well as prolific writer whose stories cross a wide field of venues. I enjoy the tales written for audiences to read and enjoy every time the opportunity presents itself. Here is another short, but poignant, writing set near the end of the Civil War. Woven into the story is a Shaker community.
I am not well versed on the beliefs of the Shaker community. My first introduction was my husband’s aunt who lived across from a Shaker Museum in Kentucky many years ago. What I can say is that some of what I know about their lives in that setting is presented with the love of Christ from the heart of the author.
It is about being courageous enough to ask questions, or extend forgiveness to an offender whether sought by the offender or not. A young woman named Heather works as a washer woman following her husband’s company from one camp to another until her husband begs her to go home until he joins her there. The dangers of the battle aren’t what compels Gabriel to ask his wife Heather to go home, but the drawing near of their child’s birth.
When Heather eventually reaches home, it is to a totally different reality than her dreams. From that moment on, readers will want to know what happens to Gabriel, how the Shaker community comes into the story and more. As I sat and read this wonderful tale, I didn’t even notice the time passing. All I wanted to know was what was coming next as I turned each page.
In the novel is a story of love, believing, hoping, expecting and moving forward as God leads the characters from one season in their lives to the next. I absolutely loved the book! Thanks Ann, this was a wonderful tale!
My rating is 5 stars.
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  lamb521 | Nov 25, 2013 |
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Shaker (5.5)
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An expectant young woman turned away by her family at Christmas is taken in by the Shakers at Harmony Hill.

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