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Autumn Bones

– tekijä: Jacqueline Carey

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Sarjat: Agent of Hel (2)

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2992068,749 (3.7)10
Daughter of a demon and supernatural liaison to the Pemkowet Police Department, Daisy Johanssen discovers that a high-ranking official in town is descended from sorcerers who want him back home in Jamaica or they will unleash their dire magic on the town.

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This story begins with Daisy being called to local gay bar to deal with a rutting satyr which is not the usual sort of thing done by a normal file clerk who works for the police department. But neither Pemkowet, Michigan, or Daisy Johanssen are normal.

Pemkowet sits about a haven for the eldritch and Daisy is the goddess Hel's liaison to the human world. Daisy is uniquely qualified for this job given that she is half-demon. Her eighteen-year-old mom inadvertently called a demon by using a Ouija board while on vacation with friends in Pemkowet. Daisy is determined not to realize her demon heritage given that it could bring Armageddon.

In fact, Daisy tries to be normal which includes dating a cute guy who runs a supernatural bus tour. Sinclair Palmer is hiding some secrets though. His mother is an obeah woman from Jamaica and she wants him to come back home and help her in her political career. She sends Sinclair's twin who excels in dark magic to convince him.

Between hexes and the promise to unleash a powerful duppy on the town, Daisy is kept very busy. Things get even busier when the bones of a local legend Tall Man Brannigan are stolen from his crypt and Daisy needs to find them and return his spirit to his grave before Halloween.

Daisy needs to enlist all her allies for this one. From the local coven who is teaching Sinclair about his powers to the local ghoul population led by Stefan who has a thing for Daisy, and Cody Fairfax an in-the-closet werewolf who also works for the Pemkowet Police Department, it is all hands on deck if the world is to be saved and Daisy's job as Hel's liaison is also to be saved.

This is an interesting world populate by all sorts of eldritch characters. I like the complex mythology and Daisy's desires to keep the peace and figure out her own life. Daisy isn't the usual kick-ass urban fantasy heroine but she is brave and determined and knows how to gather friends.

This is the middle book of a trilogy and I recommend beginning with DARK CURRENTS to get some of the backstory referred to in this book. I thought the narrator did a great job with Daisy amply demonstrating both her human side and her paranormal world. ( )
  kmartin802 | Jul 13, 2021 |
Two steps forward, one step back. A lot of the mature, healthy characterization/relationships have devolved, and the "consent good/rape bad" from the first book is seemingly gone.

The book opens with a literal orgy at a gay club, evoked by the pheromones of a satyr going into rut. (Dear other reviewers: Females go into heat. Males go into rut. Biology!) The pheromones essentially compel sex (it should be noted that none of this was protected sex) with whomever is 1) closest, and 2) desirable. The text re-iterates many, many times that desire can't be forced, as if the fact that the victims found each other attractive means its no longer a gross sexual assault for both parties. The event is mostly played for humor and as a catalyst to launch Daisy's relationship with Cody to the next level, which seems really lazy and sketch as hell. She then goes to see Sinclair while covered in 'satyr funk' and they have sex, with it never being clear if she goes to Sinclair while under the influence, and/or if the residual pheromones were enough to put him under the influence. Sinclair's father is revealed to have been coerced into a relationship with a love spell cast by Sinclair's mother, in a bid to have a family with the man she wanted. Again, Daisy 'refrains from mentioning that real desire can't be compelled' as if the man wasn't essentially drugged and raped into a relationship. Daisy just doesn't show more than a minuscule fraction of the compassion and concern from the previous books, and it makes her look like a monster.

Daisy also becomes much more catty, petty, and regressive. Her best friend's sister is constantly referred to as a skank and slut because she is with a vampire. Daisy's attitude towards her only barely improves when she discovers that the underlying motivation for everything the sister did was a desire to protect her family and have a support system. What a Stacey!

The book introduces Lee, a man Daisy knows from high school that was bullied constantly for being a nerd. Daisy admits (to herself/the reader) she was only nice to him to get him to do her homework and basically faked a friendship with him when it was useful and talked shit about him behind his back the rest of the time. In other words, she was a shit person to him. She mocks his clothing, mocks his profession, mocks his paranoia. Not saying the leather duster was a good fashion choice, but it makes Daisy look so superficial and, well, mean. For all that she hates her childhood bully, Daisy is not above being a bully herself when it suits her needs.

Daisy just turns into an asshole in this book. She is possessive about every man in the story, even those she’s dumped or otherwise rejected. She doesn’t think things through. She does own up to her mistakes, but doesn’t apparently learn much from them.

When you take away the humanity, communication, thoughtfulness, and compassion of the first book, all you’re left with is a hot young woman with magic powers fighting monsters and trying to decide between the hot-blooded sexy werewolf and the brooding sexy vampire. And that, friends, is about as bog-standard urban fantasy/paranormal romance as they come. ( )
  kaitlynn_g | Dec 13, 2020 |
Young woman (part human, part demon) has been appointed Hel's liason to the "normal" town in Michigan where many "eldritch" (magical non-human) live. She is responsible for maintaining peace or at least normalcy between human and eldritch in the town above the demesne of Hel (who is a Norse goddess.) Her short-termed boyfriend's mother and sister are "obeah women" and come to town to force the boy to return to Jamaica to take up his role as obeah and cultural leader. Daisy is forced to prevent that from happening and also capture and return a "duppy" with her ex-boyfriend to Jamaica.
  JohnLavik | Mar 29, 2020 |
This was a lot of fun. Possibly even more so than book 1. The story is good, the writing likewise, and though the romance angle isn't my favourite part, and none of them are Joscelin, I guess I like the Cody situation best. There is definite tension and chemistry there (never really got that with Sinclair), but I guess it's mostly because I like his character better than Stefan.

Anyway... Good read, looking forward to book 3! ( )
  Sammystarbuck | Nov 6, 2019 |
Trying to keep the peace between the Eldritcht community and the 'mundanes' Daisy tries to manage her attraction to three very different ment, while trying to save everyone from the drummy that was unleashed.
( )
  wyldheartreads | Jun 20, 2019 |
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Daughter of a demon and supernatural liaison to the Pemkowet Police Department, Daisy Johanssen discovers that a high-ranking official in town is descended from sorcerers who want him back home in Jamaica or they will unleash their dire magic on the town.

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